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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Medicham ex

EX Emerald


Date Reviewed: 05.17.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.38
Modified: 3.39
Limited: 3.97

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Johnny Blaze
Medicham-ex – To my surprise, I saw quite a smattering of these decks at the North East Regionals. I think one even made the Top 16 cut. It’s Wise Aura Poke-Body is great to shut down all those non-ex Poke-Powers that are out there.

Its 1st attack Pure Power lets you place 3 damage counters on any of your opponents Pokemon that you like. So if your opponent has 2 Pokemon that are 10 hp away from dying on the bench then Medicham can ko both of them. Plus since you are placing damage counters it gets through stuff like Resistance and Metal energy.

The 2nd attack Sky Kick is a real cheap attack that for 1F and 2C can do either 60 or 100 damage to the Defending Pokemon you attack has Fighting Resistance. Take that Dusclops-ex.

Unlimited: 3/5 – It can ohko babies on the bench and Fighting resistance is prevelant in many Pokes such as Scyther, Articuno, and Rockets Zappy. Its 2nd attack is wicked cheap with DCE energy.

Modified: 3/5 – Has great potential here and has not yet been exposed to its fullest capabilities. Greatest fear here is the Psychic weakness. But Medicham-ex is a very splashable Pokemon indeed with its cheap attack costs.

Limited: 4/5 – The ability to inflict bench damage in this format is a great option. Just watch out for a 2nd turn Grumpig that can inflict 80 damage to due to Medicham’s weakness.
Bullados Medicham ex

Attributes: 110 HP is usually very good, but this is a Pokemon-ex, and it really should have more than this considering that the Legendary Birds ex from FRLG each had 110 HP. With that being said, however, this is good enough. Psychic weakness is not exactly the best to have right now, as Psychic is seeing a resurgance due to Gardivoir now being viable and Deoxys decks springing up all over the place. A retreat of 1 is good for an evolution. I’d pay this, given the choice between that and Switch.

Poke-BODY: Wise Aura
This is nice. Keeping your opponent from using Poke-Powers is always a good thing to have. No more Firestarter, Quick Search, or most other Powers currently played. Unfortunately, this does NOT include Poke-Bodies, meaning that those still work. It’s still good enough, though.

Attack #1: Pure Power
3 damage counters for [CC] is decent, and they get to be spread around. Unlesss you can KO 2-3 Pokemon with this attack, or 10 damage would be enough to KO something and you need to damage something else, use Sky Kick over this thing. This is a backup attack.

Attack #2: Sky Kick
Straight 60 damage, up to 100 with Resistance, given that Magnetic Storm is in play. Very nice for the energy cost, but not really enough in today’s environment, where 100 damage seems to be the norm, not the exception.


Unlimited: There are no Poke-POWERs running around here, and 60 damage is 10 shy of the magic number of 70 which would OHKO almost anything. Also, this is fairly energy intensive for the format, even WITH DCE hanging around. It could be used, but not very effectively.

Modified: Not much better here. It stops Poke-POWERs, but there are better options for that, and it does NOT stop Poke-BODYs. Again, 100 damage is the norm, not the exception, and 110 is not too difficult to obtain, a OHKO against Medicham. There are ways to use it, but don’t expect this to win any tournaments any time soon.

Limited: Very nice in here. It has a big attack, very little specific energy costs, and pretty high HP for a format where 30 damage is considered pretty good. If you get any sort of line with this guy, use it, he will do nothing but help you.




Review too long?  Skip straight to the scores and summary.

Name: Medicham ex
EX Emerald
Pokémon-ex Rule:
When Pokémon-ex has been Knocked Out, your opponent
takes 2 Prize cards.

1 (Evolves from Meditite)
Wise Aura
As long as Medicham ex is your Active Pokémon, each Pokémon (excluding Pokémon-ex) (both yours and your opponent’s) can’t use any Poké-Powers.

Attack#1: (CC) Pure Power
Put 3 damage counters on your opponent’s Pokémon in any way you like.

Attack#2: (FCC) Sky Kick [60+]
If the Defending Pokémon has (F) Resistance, this attack does 60 damage plus 40 more damage.

Name: Meditite
EX Emerald
(C) High Jump Kick [10]

Attack#2: (FC) Fake Out [20]
Flip a coin.  If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

Attributes: We have a Stage 1 Pokémon ex.  So it is worth two Prizes when it gets KO’d.  That means high HP, but not too high; in this case, 110 feels about right.  It’s not the best score available, but it’s pretty good.  Being a Fighting-type is fairly good: there are multiple ways around Resistance, and Weakness isn’t too uncommon.  We haven’t seen a real break-out Fighting deck since Monarchy, possibly Magma.  Still, there are some nasty ones out there when they see play.  Speaking of nasty types that aren’t at the top but see a lot of play, we come to a Psychic Weakness.  Personally, I think Gardevoir/Gardevoir ex might make a comeback, but even if it doesn’t, you run into Psychic Pokémon just enough to be trouble.  Better hope they aren’t out of date and running Wobbuffet from Sandstorm.  There is no Resistance, which is a bit of a cop out-this is a half Psychic Pokémon in the GBA games, after all, so something should work out okay.  Thankfully, it’s a common problem, and usually not a disadvantage so much as a lack of advantage.  The last bottom stat is the Retreat for just one Energy.  This is great: it’s not free, but it’s so low you’ll rarely need to worry about it.

Now, before we go on, let’s take a look at the Meditite from EX Emerald.  Like the other Meditite, the one from Emerald doesn’t seem to combo with the Evolved forms.  Like the others, this one has balanced attacks.  Pick this one if you want to be able to fall back on Paralysis.

Abilities: Medicham ex will most likely be played for its Poké-Power, so let’s look at that last and the attacks first.  I’ll start with Sky Kick.  Why?  It influences my evaluation of the first attack.  Sky Kick gives pretty decent damage return based on Energy alone: (FCC) should yield 35 points of damage.  Of course, then you realize it is a Stage 1, so a little more should be added, boosting it to 50 or maybe even 60 to be fair.  As such, the effect, as compensation for being a Pokémon-ex is somewhat mixed: if the Defending Pokémon is Resistant to Fighting Pokémon, you do 40 more points of damage.  On its own, this doesn’t seem like much, but thanks to combos it is better than doing 10 more damage and ignoring Resistance.  It is also nice that a Boost can let it go off when you only have one Fighting Energy card on it.  On its own it’s solid, neither making nor breaking this card.

So, why does this affect my opinion of Pure Power?  It places damage counters, three total, as you wish.  In Unlimited, this is actually… good?  A Double Colorless Energy would let you snipe a benched Baby Pokémon.  Unfortunately, it hits some snags.  It can be powered by a single Boost Energy… but that would be true if it costs another Colorless Energy.  Also, since a Double Colorless Energy is a prime target for Energy Removal, it means that the benefit of using is less significant.  It is still there (they expend a resource), but it’s a small gain in Unlimited that wouldn’t be equal to, say, (CCC) if it gave another counter, and especially if it gave a full five.  Probably the best option would be to have made it cost (FF) and given more counters of damage… or just (F) and given less.  As is, it is still useful though, and excellent for sniping, especially since it gets around Metal Pokémon with Metal Energy, something I have seen used in a fairly sturdy, but not widespread, deck.

So the attacks aren’t going to make me play this card.  The Poké-Body will though.  Wise Aura shuts down the Poké-Powers of all other Pokémon in play except Pokémon-ex and only works when Medicham ex is Active.  This is a mixed blessing, since as long as you have this in play with any other Pokémon than itself, especially if it is the only one you have in play, there are a lot of ways to bench Medicham ex and thus shut off its Poké-Body.  As a whole it is a fantastic ability, as an active Medicham ex will slow down most decks, hurt most of the big decks, and shut some of the best of the best down.

As a whole, the Poké-Body makes this card, while the attacks do a decent job of supporting it.

Uses and Combinations: Okay, the big combo is with Crystal Shard.  Drop shard and Sky Attack does 100 points damage to Fighting Resistant Pokémon.  That isn’t too big a deal against, say, a Rayquaza ex, since you’re already scoring double damage since you just became Colorless.  Against a few cards, most notably Pidgeot from Fire Red/Leaf Green, it becomes a perfect OHKO, in addition to over 50 other Pokémon that have less than 100 HP and are OHKO’d by this trick.  You can also use Magnetic Storm if you wish.

As for building a deck around this, I am just not certain.  I wonder if perhaps it should be a more or less “mulligan” design.  That is, get a Medicham ex into play, and pray for a second.  They can’t get rid of Medicham ex except by winning… or running Muk ex which kind of defeats the point.  The obvious risk being that if they set up first some how, or just set up eventually despite lacking the use of most Poké-Powers, you’re almost guaranteed a loss.  You could also look for Pokémon Powers you want shut off on non-Pokémon ex Evolutions (I didn’t find any), that only work when active (and are meant to be a lose/lose proposition), or perhaps a Pokémon that can bench itself with its attack so that Medicham ex is just a “meat shield” with a perk.


Unlimited: 2.25/5-Like most Pokémon ex, its raw power might be enough to compensate a lack of higher order strategy.  That is, most Pokémon played will be OHKO’d by the second attack or sniped by the first.

Modified: 3.5/5-I think we could see an interesting deck made with this.  Not sure though.

Limited: 4/5-Pokémon ex just tend to be really good here.  It doesn’t shut down many Powers, but it has good HP, solid active Damage, and it can hit the bench.


Medicham ex is a solid card looking for a good partner.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if one is available.


Medicham EX (Stage 1 Pokemon)

Medicham EX is the newest fighting ex. With 110 HP, it'll live through a Blaziken Ex's Volcano ash, but not much else. Weakness to psychic (Gardevoir, Grumpig, Metagross, etc. threat.) 1 for retreat cost, no resistance.

Poke-Body: Wise Aura: As long as Medicham ex is your Active Pokémon, each Pokémon (excluding Pokémon-ex) (both yours and your opponent's) can't use any Poké-Powers. Its ok, good for stopping Blaze and Pidgeot.


Pure Power (2 colorless): Low cost and the ability to put 3 damage on any pokemon in any combination is cool.

Sky Kick (1 fighting, 2 colorless): Now this attack is neat. For 3 energy, it deals a solid 60. BUT, if your opponent has colorless resistance, it deals 60+40=100 minus the resistance (30) = 70 damage total. A cool trick here is to play Magnetic Storm. This would allow you to deal the 100 damage anyways since it allows Medicham EX to bypass resistance and deal the extra 40.


Unlimited: 2/5: Weakness to psychic isn't good, and the nasty 2 prizes loss if it is KO'ed is bad. Plus, there are better fighting types, such as Hitmonchan. Also, not many pokemon are resistant to fighting that are widely played.

Modified: 3.5/5: Add a strength charm, and Medicham EX can take out Pidgeot. Also OHKOs Dark Tyranitar 19.

Limited: 3/5: Ok if you can grab some Meditite, deals solid damage.

Medicham ex:

Medicham is given ex status in Emerald and it seems he has potential to be a great card. Since it’s an ex your opponent gets 2 prizes for knocking it out, thankfully it has 110 Hp, so the only Pokemon likely to OHKO it are Psychics. Being weak to psychic can be a problem for Medicham, but thankfully his second attack helps to make up for his weakness. Medicham does 60 damage automatically, but fighting resistant Pokemon get 10 damage more done to them, and with a Crystal Shard or Magnetic Storm in play that bonus shoots to +40. The attack is called Sky Kick and I believe it is the first of its kind, and personally I want more of these kinds of attacks, they are great to combo. The point being before I get too off topic is that “ghost” type psychics, that is those that are usually weak to darkness, are usually resistant to fighting, so Medicham can hurt them as much as they can hurt him.

Too look at the card more closely; his Wise Aura shuts off all Poke-Powers except for ex Pokemon. This is generally one of those things that are usually more helpful than hurtful, since you get the chance to build a deck around this, while your opponent will have to deal with his Poke-body. His first attack for 2 colorless energies allows you to place 3 damage counters on your opponent’s Pokemon any way you want. This is another interesting attack and can be very annoying for your opponent. The second attack was already discussed in the first paragraph. The only thing left mention is that he retreats for 1 energy, which is great, considering very few Pokemon ex retreat for 1 energy.

Ultimately Pokemon live and die by their ability to be comboed with something, and generally ex Pokemon need to KO at least 2 Pokemon to be worth using, and most great ones do this by pure speed and high amounts of damage, which is ultimately where Medicham Ex weakness lies, he rarely KO things quick, except for the aforementioned Pokemon resistant to fighting, using Magnetic Storm can be good to deal a quick 100 damage to those Pokemon, especially since Medicham only needs 1 fighting energy and can be boosted for the other 2 required. Crystal Shard will also make quick work out of any dragon pokemon weak to colorless. He can also be used for stalling, turning off Poke-Powers early game and placing damage counters to use ATM Rock later. I’m sure more and more will be discovered on how to use him well, he has 3 very unique and powerful abilities and people just need time to discover how best to use them together.

Unlimited 1.5/5: just not well suited for the environment and he’s an ex, making him easy prize bait here.

Modified 3/5: Like I said I think he has the potential to be great, and with time, or possibly the new modified later this year he’ll become more effective. But as it stands he is a little too slow, and not effective enough against enough. Just remember he’s a potential Pidgeot killer.

Limited 4.5/5 He’s much faster in this environment and his Poke-body and attacks come in handy, especially Pure Power, the ability to damage the bench is awesome. Plus his weakness isn’t a big deal since half the psychic Pokemon in the set either ignore weakness or place damage counters.
dkates dkates

Today for your reviewing pleasure, we have Medicham ex. OK, let's take a look.

Type: Fighting. Not terrible. Medicham ex COULD have been Psychic, as its GBA types are Fighting and Psychic. This one seems to act more like a Fighting type than a Psychic type, though. It does mean that there's a lot of Resistance to you, but as you'll see, that's not as much of a bad thing as usual.

110 HP: Not counting Wailord ex, the HP range for Stage 1 ex's is from 90 to 130, so Medicham ex is basically middle of the road. It means Medicham ex is vulnerable to Desert Ruins, but extremely hard to OHKO, which is always good.

Weakness: Psychic. Makes sense, since this is a Fighting Pokémon. It renders Medicham ex vulnerable to such Pokémon as Mewtwo ex, Metagross, and a number of others. Not the best weakness to have, but hey, it had to have something, and this made the most sense.

Resistance: None. Well, not much to say about a Resistance that isn't there.

Retreat Cost: 1. This is better than average, and means that you shouldn't need to use Switch or Warp Point if you want to get Medicham ex to the bench.

Poké-Power: Wise Aura. Now where have we seen this before? Ooh, I know! Muk ex! There is one key difference, though. While Muk ex does affect other Pokémon ex, Medicham ex does not. The good news is, that difference only spares a very small number of Pokémon ex right now -- the various Deoxys ex's ability to switch off, Rayquaza ex's coming-into-play Power, and Rocket's Raikou ex's forced-switch ability. Being able to turn off your opponent's Poké-Powers can often shut down their entire strategy.

Attack1: Pure Power. Cheap attack, and it basically puts 30 damage wherever you want it. The potential for multiple KO's with one attack is alluring, but this isn't the kind of attack that makes a good ex.

Attack2: Sky Kick. For a Fighting and 2 Colorless, you get 60 damage.
Sounds about right to start, for an ex. Now, add in the fact that if the Defending Pokémon is Resistant to you, 40 is added to the base.
But wait a minute. Resistance takes off 30, right? So you're getting 70 damage for 3 Energy. Not bad, but 70 damage isn't what it used to be.

Medicham ex doesn't exactly lend itself to combos, but here's what I could come up with.
- Magnetic Storm/Crystal Shard/RS Beautifly. All of these allow Medicham ex to get around Fighting Resistance, while still getting the bonus. 70 damage may not be as impressive as it used to be, but 100 is still usually an OHKO, and when it isn't, it leaves the opponent weakened considerably.
- Dark Ampharos/Milotic ex/TRR Kingdra. All of these have Poké-Bodies that work while their owner is on the bench. Note, though, that these Pokémon don't necessarily work well with each other.

Closing notes: Medicham ex is an interesting card, but it really seems to have been created for only one purpose -- to kill Pidgeot.


Unlimited: 2/5. 60 for 3 Energy really isn't all that impressive here, and Wise Aura doesn't affect older Pokémon Powers. The high HP and the fact that some Fighting Resistance is played in Unlimited give it the extra point.

Modified: 4/5. You could make a good deck with Medicham ex, but I don't really see it becoming tier 1.

Limited: 5/5. This is assuming you're actually lucky enough to draft this card. The attacks are easy to pay for, the HP is higher than a lot of the rest of the set, it's only a Stage 1, and there's not a lot of Psychic Pokémon in the set.
Scyther 21 Well lookie what we have here.
MEDICHAM EX is getting it down.
With moves like PURE POWER for 3 damage counters.
and get rid of DEOXYS.
Or get a Mt. Moon. WISE AURA is more effective so what ever floats your boat.
Then get SKY KICK to do 60 damage and if they have resistance
we will use the FDC for damage.
If you don't know what it means it means.
F= Find.
D= Damage.
C= Calculation.
This method says screw math in school but in pokemon just do it.
60-30+40=70. 70 damage that freakin rocks.
Come on you can not go wrong with this card in a medi-deck
this card is awesome this card can kick butt theres nothing to it.
So lets make the grading happen captain.

Unlimited 3.4
Modified 3.7
Limited 3.3

till next time peace.
- Scyther 21

Medicham ex [F] 110 HP
Stage 1 Pokémon

Poké-BODY: Wise Aura
As long as Medicham ex is your Active Pokémon, each Pokémon (excluding
Pokémon-ex) (both yours and your opponent's) can't use any Poké-Powers.

[C][C] Pure Power
Put 3 damage counters on your opponent's Pokémon in any way you like.

[C][C][F] Sky Kick - 60
If the Defending Pokémon has {F} Resistance, this attack does 60 damage plus
40 more damage.

Weakness: [P] | Resistance: NONE | Retreat Cost: [C]

This card is very interesting. The poke-body has amazing potential. Think
about shutting down Blaziken, Gardevoir, Swampert and so many more .It has
potential but im not completely sold on it, heres my ratings.

Modified: 3/5 It has potential
Unlimited: 2.5/5 Has potential here too (Slowking :D)


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