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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Mr. Stone's Project

EX Emerald


Date Reviewed: 05.12.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.89
Modified: 2.13
Limited: 3.42

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Johnny Blaze
Mr. Stone's Project – Who is this Mr. Stone anyway?  And what Project is he working on?  The answers to those questions may be a little more exciting than this card.  As a Supporter you may search your deck for up to 2 basic energy cards or search your discard pile for up to 2 basic energy cards and put them in your hand after you have shown your opponent. 
Sure this card will see some play in certain decks but I’m not sure if I want to waste a supporter when there are other non-supporter trainer cards that can do almost the same.
Unlimited: 1/5 – Way too many options here to list that you can use over Mr. Stone.
Modified: 2/5 -  Maybe in Flygon decks or multi-colored decks but then why don’t you just use Lady Outing and Energy Recycle System instead?
Limited: 4/5 – A biggie here.  Anytime you can search your deck and then determine what is in your prizes and obtain 2 energies is just too good to pass up.  I wish I had at least 1 of these at the Pre-release I attended.  Instead I pulled a big fat 0 of trainers and still managed a 3-2 record.


If you find the review is too long, skip straight to the Ratings and Summary! 

Name   : Mr. Stone’s Project
Set       :
EX Emerald
Card#   :
Rarity   :
Type    :

Effect Text: You can play only one Supporter card each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.

Search your deck for up to 2 basic Energy cards show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand.  Shuffle your deck afterward.  Or, search your discard pile for up to 2 basic Energy cards, show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand.

Attributes: Mr. Stone’s Project is a Supporter, and thus faces steep competition for use in Modified, though not so much for Unlimited.  The reason being that, as the rules text on all Supporters says, you can only use one a turn.  Obviously, you don’t want a lot since it’s rather lame to have a handful of cards you can’t use.  So basically, I am saying this card has to be pretty potent to warrant the restrictions put on it.

Abilities: Mr. Stone’s Project let’s you get up to two basic Energy cards from either the deck or the discard pile.  Honestly, I don’t find this that stellar an ability.  It is a hair more potent than a normal Trainer would deserve, but seems kind of weak for a Supporter.  After all, compare it with similar cards: Energy Recycle System may only affect the Graveyard, and it may only return one directly to hand, but it is a plain Trainer and also gives the option of sending as three basic Energy cards back to the deck.  There is also Team Magma’s Conspirator, which let’s you get up to two basic Energy or Basic Pokémon with “Magma” in their names, or a combination of both, from your deck.  So just doing two from deck or discard isn’t very special.

Uses and Combinations: Decks that can’t afford to run the Magneton from EX Dragons that had a built in Energy Retrieval effect (discard a card to return two basic Energy cards to your hand), and need more Energy directly to hand than Energy Recycle System usually provides, or can’t rely o it being specifically in either the deck or discard… then yeah, this is for you.


Unlimited: 1.5/5-Most Energy isn’t basic, and it tends to be easier to use a recursion card like Town Volunteers to send upwards of five Pokémon or basic Energy cards back to your deck then draw it out with a Professor Oak than mess with this.

Modified: 2/5-I can see maybe a few decks needing it, and in those, it’s a hair useful.

Limited            : 3.75/5-This thins your deck and makes running multiple Energy types easier.  Also, you probably won’t have a lot of other Supporters vying for deck space.


A good attempt that comes up a hair short, Mr. Stone’s Project needs to get just one more Energy, or affect Special Energy cards, to truly be worth it.


Bullados Mr. Stone’s Project

You can get up to 2 Basic Energy cards from your deck OR discard into your hand.  For most decks, this is a major bonus, as they can normally either attach more than one energy per turn or run very few amounts of energy.  Also, they can be of any type, unlike Lady Outing, which specifies 3 different types.

Supporter.  This is getting out of hand here.  Almost every single card that’s worth playing is a Supporter.  This isn’t even a GOOD Supporter!  If I’m gonna play a Supporter, I wanna get something that’s DIFFICULT to get, not something that I can just use Energy Search for (even though that’s a dreck card anyway).   I’d rather use Steven, CC, POR, or TV Reporter over this thing.


Unlimited: You’ll almost never need this, as draw power here is too advanced, and most decks rely on special energy anyhoo.  Blastoise might be able to make something out of this, but MIsty’s Tears does the exact same thing...

Modified:  Again, very little use for this thing.  The only decks that MIGHT use this would be any deck that can easily attach many energy cards from the player’s hand to that player’s Pokemon, such as Blastoise, TA Lanturn, or Parasect.  Rainbow Burn could use this, but Lady Outing is so much better for that purpose.

Limited:  This card was MADE for this format.  Anything that can draw cards is automatically good, plus, this thing can recover lost energies, something that happens very often in the retreat-happy world of Draft and ESPECIALLY Sealed.

Jaeger Today's Card of the Day is Mr. Stone's Project from Emerald.

This card does not have a terrible effect, but not a good enough effect to warrant it being a Supporter. Early or mid-game I would not want to waste my supporter for the turn on this, maybe late game when my hand will full, but by that time I would probally just use Pidgeot to Quick Search for anything I wanted. If your looking for a card to get energy back from the discard I would recommend Energy Recycle System its a under played card (at least in my area) with alot of potential. I've played it and I like it, early game I will just use someother Suppoter to get an energy from the deck like TV Reporter or Steven's Advice and late game its great to put energy back into the deck and then just grab them with Pidgeot or the above mentioned Supporters.

Unlimited: 2/5
Modified: 2/5
Limited: 2.5/5
Joshua Mr. Stone’s Project:

One of only 2 new supporters introduced with the Emerald expansion and in my opinion the more powerful of the two. At first glance the card seems kind of weak, it’s basically 2 energy searches or 2 energy recycles or 2/3 of a lucky energy restore (assuming all heads would be flipped for the energy restore), but the versatility it offers is what makes the card strong. Take the analogy of Super Scoop Up and Mr. Briney’s Compassion, sure Super Scoop Up may look stronger and better at first, but it relies on a flip, Briney’s offers consistency, and ultimately that’s what Mr. Stone’s Project offers too. In the right deck this card can be vital, the ability to get 2 energies with no luck involved is better than hoping with other supporters.

So what kind of decks really benefit from this card? Immediately Blastoise decks come to mind, considering this card guarantees the most amount of energy one can receive without leaving anything to luck makes this card necessary for Blastoise’s Rain Dance. Also decks that discard a lot, i.e. Salamence ex decks can benefit from this card. The nice thing about this card is that is can be helpful in every stage of the game since it pulls from both the deck for early game setup and from the discard for late game endurance, so it doesn’t become obsolete like some other supporters.

Not every deck will need this card, in fact most that pull energy from the deck or discard directly benefit little from this, and the fact that the energies have to be basic dilutes its power some, but the energies selected can at least be the same type unlike when using Lady Outing. If you’re having issues getting energy when you need it, and you’re using mostly basic energy, try this card out, it has the power to turn a game around, especially if most of your energy is in the discard when you get it.

Final Verdict

Unlimited: 1.5/5 better cards in unlimited to get energy, and more potent combos to get them

Modified: 3.5/5 Most top tier decks right now (well top tier before Emerald) either use special energy or pull energy directly from the deck/discard, but this card can help those ever so popular rogue decks

Limited: 4.5/5 In almost every limited match a player can use more energy, especially if you’ve already used all 5 of your water energy for example, this can get them back.
Mr. Stone's Project
Trainer: Supporter
This card is basically an energy search or an energy retriver, but it guarentees 2 energy and is a supporter. It is also limited to basic energy to instead of special energy, like Dark. This limits its abilities, but is good for decks that make use of multiple energy.
Modified: 2.5/5: Its playable, and if there were more decks like Flygon out there, I would give it a higher rating. However, since decks like Rock-Lock and Blaze (more mono-type energy) are popular, you are better off using another suporter like TV reporter
Unlimited: 2/5: Better than energy search, but you can only play one a turn.
Limited: 2.5/5: Since many limited decks are loaded with energy anyways, its usefulness is limited, unless you play multiple types of energy. But once again, many decks here are loaded with energy.
dkates Hello, all! I'm dkates, and I'm just starting out as a CotD reviewer.
I've been playing this game for a few years now, and while I don't play much in tournaments, I have been keeping an eye on the metagame.

Today's card is Mr. Stone's Project. Its effect is pretty simple -- get up to 2 Basic Energy cards from your deck or discard (but not a combination). The card is a Supporter; as you should know, only one Supporter can be played per turn.

When you get the Energy from your deck, you basically got two Energy Searches for the price of your Supporter for the turn. Sounds good, right? Not really. There's a reason Energy Search has never been played much. Since Basic Energy are the only cards in this game that are NOT limited to 4 per deck (well, other than Shining Pokémon and Pokémon [star]), it's easier to just put in a draw card or another Basic Energy. Since you only get one free Energy attachment per turn, the fact that you get 2 instead of 1 doesn't really help incredibly much in most cases. Lady Outing, also a Supporter, gets you 3 basic Energy cards from your deck (although they have to be different types), and it isn't played much either.

Getting the Energy from your discard is only marginally better than getting it from the deck. If this were the only Trainer we had for Basic Energy recursion, that would be one thing. Thing is, we have plenty of cards that can bring back discarded Basic Energy. Energy Restore, which also isn't played much, can get up to 3 Basic Energy from the discard (although its average is 1.5), and isn't a Supporter.
Energy Recycle System, also a non-Supporter and also not played much, gets you either 3 Basic Energy back to your deck or 1 back to your hand.

My point? Cards that simply move Basic Energies to your hand don't help much. If this card were also capable of grabbing Special Energies, then it would see play, because Special Energy cards are relatively difficult to search out and get into play as compared to Basic Energies. They're also harder to get back from the discard pile. Alternatively, if this card somehow put the Basic Energies into play, it'd be not only playable, but probably broken.

Modified: 4/10. It's pretty good at what it does, it's just that what it does isn't all that good.
Unlimited: 2.5/10. There's even better cards that do the same thing, and even they aren't played. Plus, not much Basic Energy is played here.
Mr. Stone's Project

Supporter (You can only play 1 Supporter each turn. When you play this card, place it next to your Active Pokemon. Discard it at the end of the turn.)

Search your deck for up to two basic Energy cards, show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand. Or, search your discard pile for up to two basic Energy cards, show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand.

REVIEW: A Supporter from Pokemon ex Emerald. Hmmm, seems nice. Of course, being a Supporter, you can only play 1 per turn. This is basicaly a pumped-up Energy Search that can be used as a better Energy Retrival, without the discard. A good situation is any situation for this card. Short on basic energy? Slap this down! Need energy that was just discarded? Slap this down! I feel this is a good Supporter. I would use it any day.

Casual: 4/5

Unlimited: 4.5/5

Draft: 5/5(a good way to get back that important basic energy!)
Warrior Mr. Stone's Project
Trainer [Supporter]

You can play only one Supporter card each turn. When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon. When your turn ends, discard this card.

Search your deck for up to 2 basic Energy cards, show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward. Or, search your discard pile for up to 2 basic Energy cards, show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand.

This card could work well in a few decks actually.Blaziken is obv gonna be one of them and the other is Gardevoir.Energy recycling is important ever since Town Volenteers got rotated out.So give this one a try.

Unlimited:0/5 Give me Base Set Diglett over this =/
Artwork:2/5,Eh it's OK

5-12-05: Mr. Stone's Project
Name:Mr. Stone's Project
Special Effect:You can play only one Supporter card each turn. When you play this card, put it next to your Active Poke'mon. When your turn ends, discard this card.
Effect: Search your deck for up to 2 basic Energy cards, show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward. Or, search your discard pile for up to 2 basic Energy cards, show them to your opponent, and put them into your hand.
    Hey all! As you can guess, I'm a new reviewer. My name's Zap, and, well, I like Poke'mon and Yu-Gi-Oh, play lots of video games, and I like to go on my computer. But enough about me. Today's card is Mr. Stone's Project. IMHO, this card is both good and bad. It fits very well in Rayquaza EX decks, since you have to discard lots of Energies to power his attack. It also fits nicely into Blaziken decks, supporting Blaziken EX and the FireStarter Blaziken.
    Like every card, this card has its downsides. For one, you can only play one Supporter each turn, so this effect may not be good compared to other Supporters you may use in your deck. Also, a big downside to this card is that it only affects Basic Energy cards, so no bringing back your Boost, Rainbow, or Scramble Energies.
    Overall, this card can fit nicely into a lot of the decks played today, but also may not fit in most because most decks run Special Energies as well as their regular Basics.
    Unlimited: 1.5/5 - Not so good here, although fits well into Feraligatr and Blastoise.
    Modified:   2.5/5 - Alright here; can help the Blaze and Rayquaza Decks.
    Limited:    3/5 - Many Basic Energies are used here, even though Specials are used as well.
Scyther21 Finally a member of the card of the day crew thank you everyone I will do as

Many reviews as possible so lets get this show on the road.

This card is a nice one lets see now.

This card is 2 energy searches or gets 2 energy from the discard.

Catch is it s a supporter but I recommend this card for poorly energy decks were they stick in energy searches take

Out the searches put in 2 of these.

Pretty good card put power charge out and energy searches out this helps you get

Out the energys out for your pokemon.


1) Energy searches put out the deck duh.

2) 2 basic energys in one card.


1) Supporter.


1) Azumarril s drizzle.

Overall I give this card a 3.4.
Scyther 21 -

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