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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Battle Frontier - EX Emerald

Date Reviewed: 05.10.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Unlimited: 2.00
Modified: 4.00
Limited: 1.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Johnny Blaze
Battle Frontier – Ah yes the much anticipated Stadium trainer card that will put a stop to all the Rock-Lock, Dragtrode, Sally-ex, and Pidgeot based decks, etc, etc.   Yeah right.  The reason I say this is because with the exception of Vileplume-ex and Hariyama-ex, which are both weak to Psychic, (see my next featured deck on Blaze’s Banter this Friday) which essentially lock out Stadium cards, all one needs to do is to play Friday’s card Scott and then presto you have a replacement Stadium ready to counter Battle Frontier. 
Granted there will be those times that you will be hurt by Battle Frontier if you play any of the above mentioned decks that rely on Colorless, Metal, or Dark Evolved Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies but by no means will this Stadium card be that devastating.  As long as one prepares for this Stadium, look at all the other ways to get Stadiums into or out of play: 1st turn Pidgeot with Rare Candy and get your counter Stadium, Magcargo’s Smooth Over + TV Reporter or Ludicolo, Scott, and even there are attacks such as Knock Over that discards Stadiums.
Unlimited: 2/5 – Not that much of a factor here.  Imagine if Slowking was affected by this though?
Modified: 3.5/5 – The verdict is still out on this until this upcoming weekend Regionals.  Will Battle Frontier stop Pidgeot based decks in the cold?  How about Rock-Lock or Dragtrode? Stay tuned.  In any event players that plan on stopping those deck will definitely be playing Battle Frontier.  So expect to see this card popping out everywhere.
Limited: 1/5 – Pretty much useless here.  It would have been great if this card came out in the Team Rocket Returns set though.


If the review is too long, skip straight to the Ratings and Summary!

Name   : Battle Frontier
Set       :
EX Emerald
Card#   :
Rarity   :
Type    :

Effect Text: This card stays in play when you play it.  Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play.

Each Players (C) Evolved Pokémon, (D) Evolved Pokémon, and (M) Evolved Pokémon can’t use any Poké-Powers or Poké-Bodies.

Attributes         : Battle Frontier is a Stadium Card, a sub-type of Trainer.  Stadiums are a Special kind of Trainer that remains in play until discarded by another card effect.  Nearly all Stadiums have a global effect that affects both players equally, and said effect remains until the Stadium is discarded.  This makes Stadiums fairly powerful tools, in that the easiest way to get rid of one Stadium is to play another.  Remember that you may only play a single Stadium on your turn, and while they are hard to get rid of, you shouldn’t play one unless it benefits you in some way before your opponent’s next turn to make sure you get something out of it.

Abilities           : Battle Stadium prevents each player’s Colorless-, Darkness-, and Metal-Type Pokémon from using any Poké-Powers or Poké-Bodies.  To describe this, one word immediately comes to mind: incredible.  One third of the Pokémon-Types, and he ones most rewarding to “splash” into other decks (Colorless being easy to run with another Type, and both Darkness and Metal usually needing a second type plus their own Special Energies)… and Darkness-Type Pokémon are more common since they’ve chosen to use it to represent a “corruptive” influence on Pokémon… e.g. the big “gangs” in Pokémon, Team Aqua, Team Magma, and Team Rocket.  Several Pokémon from those sets belonging to those teams get shutdown.  True, it affects any Pokémon you have of that type as well; obviously, this is a bane if your decks normally involve an Evolved Pokémon of those three Types, unless they have a “restrictive” Poké-Power or Poké-Body.

Uses and Combinations  : Battle Frontier looks to be a card that many will either over- or underestimate.  Why do I say that?  Like Desert Ruins before it this card hurts Pokémon found in most competitive decks, and takes the top two and really hammers them.  Pidgeot from Fire Red/Leaf Green has become a commonly played supporting Evolution line.  Liberal use of Rare Candy allows people to toss in two Pidgeot, two Pidgey, and sometimes a Pidgeotto so that it’s not only dependant upon Rare Candy to Evolve.  Obviously, Pidgeot is shut down by this card.  Normally, Pidgeot renders Stadiums fairly moot: you include one or two so you can counter your opponent’s Stadium, and just Quick Search them out of your deck.  Obviously, that doesn’t work when an opponent has Battle Frontier already in play.  Now, many, many decks need Pidgeot (or another affected Pokémon) to work.  Those two top decks it hammers are of course Dark Ampharos/Dark Tyranitar and Dark Dragonite/Dark Electrode, where most or all major Pokémon in those decks rely heavily on Poké-Power/Body use.  Said decks will still be played and likely heavily: they appear to win frequently.  What will change is that the decks will require more skill to win with: net-decking is not advised.

Those decks shouldn’t run this card.  Decks that can get by without Pidgeot, and don’t have anything else that would be needed, should strongly consider it, much like decks that don’t either run or rely heavily upon Pokémon-ex that have 100 or more HP should strongly consider running Desert Ruins unless they have something more useful to their deck.  There are two decks I can think of that should strongly consider running this deck: Vileplume ex, whose power will prevent it from being removed, thus forcing an opponent to rely only on Supporters for setting up and manipulation.  No Pokémon Reversal.  No Rare Candy.  No other Stadiums.  The other deck is SAM: Sableye/Armaldo/Magcargo.  Never heard of it?  Not surprised.  I tried its predecessor, SAP (Sableye/Armaldo/Pidgeot), and opposing Pidgeot just killed me.  I could lock down Supporters, but Pidgeot kept helping people set up.  SAM is untested, at least by me; I hope to soon though.  I figure that by mentioning it, it should inspire all people named SAM to help me. ;)


Unlimited         : 2/5-This isn’t a bad card here, just not much for it to affect, at least at the moment.  Pidgeot is seeing some play here, and it is rather nasty; once it does set up, it is big enough that it is hard to OHKO and prevents Mind Games from shutting you down.

Modified          : 4/5-It doesn’t belong in every deck, but those that should use it, it is a life saver.

Limited            : 1.5/5-Filler, for the most part, unless you expect Altaria ex to be a big problem.


I believe this card will cause a split similar to that caused by Desert Ruins: at first, every deck that isn’t hurt (or hurt badly by) Battle Frontier will be running four, but as time progresses it will be less important to those decks and decks that are hurt by it will adjust.


Hi. Yes, Ash is back, after TONS of tests and I'll keep on doing COTD until June (final exam). I'm so sorry that I left here for a few months.

Today our COTD is...BATTLE FRONTIER. Manyone should be surprised when they got it in Emerald PR...yeah I did. Why? Let's see the spoiler.
(I'm at school so I type the spoiler roughly.) Battle Frontier - Stadium, EX: Emerald Ignore all Poke-powers and Poke-bodies of the Colorless, Darkness and Metal evolved Pokemons.

Woo. What the earth. I tell you, it can change EVERYTHING. It can change the metagame...1st. it destroys Rock Lock (D Tytar and Amphy).
Think about it, it stops Dark Ampharos and Dark Tyranitar (Sand Damage)'s power. Before you may say, 'just use Pidgeot to search for a R Tricky Gym and counter it. But now, Pidgeot is also BLOCKED. You can use Sand Damage when your turn --- > opponent's turn. But afterward, your opponent use a Battle Frontier and stops all until your turn. So?

See ya, Rock Lock. Why it may not affect DraggyRode very much? Well, Dark Draggy and Electrode's power will only affect your own, but not your opponent. So you can counter it and use it normally, but not for Rock Lock. Yes, BF does slow down it, but it may not destory Draggy decks. It will affect: Salamence decks, PIDGEOT AND DELCATTY, Rock Lock, DraggyRode, many many more...(lunch time is almost over)
Combos: Hariyama ex. Yeah, this combo is pretty good...I faced a deck like this on last Saturday.

Unlimited: 2/5 can't see that manyone use Darkness and Metal Pokemon in unlimited.
Modified: 4.5/5 you may hate it very much...but I tell you, the BF fever has been started!!
Limited: 2/5 there's not many (or NOT) C, M and D Pokemons that have powers/bodies right?
Overall: 3.1/5 it will change the metagame very much. And more decks like Gorebyss or even Magma can come back.

At last, thanks for reading my review.
Suggestions: ash.van.je@gmail.com AIM: AshVanJe
Jaeger Today's Card of the Day is Battle Frontier from Emerald

I really don't need to point out how this is a good card since almost every deck runs Pidgeot and it destroys Dark Dragionite and most Rock Lock decks. Personnally I think this card is going to be like Desert Ruins and ran like crazy when it first came out and after a few months come down in popularity a little bit but still be played in some decks and remain enough of threat for people to run counter Stadiums.

I personally played tested this with Gardevior to see if I liked it. The main problems I found was I could not keep it in play long enough and everytime I played it my opponent would get a counter Stadium within a few turns. I also could not seem to get it when I really needed and to play cards that would search for it would cause me to have to drop down my precious draw power. Now keep in mind I only ran three copies becuase I could not find room for it and I was already run low amounts of energy and the basic Pokemon line.

Summary: Is this a bad Card? No, no it is not, but it also is not as great of card as everybody thinks it is. Once again I think it will be like Desert Ruins extremly popular for a while and then it will die down but will remain popular enough for deck that are hurt by it to run counter Stadiums.

Unlimited: 2/5

Modified: 4.5/5

Limited: 1/5
Warrior Battle Frontier:
Trainer [Stadium]

This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play.
Each player's {C} Evolved Pokémon, {D} Evolved Pokémon, and {M} Evolved Pokémon can't use any Poké-Powers or Poké-Bodies.

Alot of potention here.No poke-powers or poke-bodies for Colorless,Dark and Metal but the problem is not many decks run on just metal,dark or colorless so playtest this one in your area before decking it permanently.

Artwork:2/5 Nice themepark.


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