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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Professor Cozmo's Discovery
- EX: Deoxys


Date Reviewed: 03.16.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.35
Modified: 3.2
Limited: 4.45

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Johnny Blaze
Prof. Cozmo – I can anticipate this card being played by the Japanese players. Why might you ask? Well a lot of US players are dismissing this card as just a cheap substitute for TV Reporter. But it is also a mini Underground Expedition/TV Reporter that the Japanese Magma players played at the 2004 World Championship.

Unlimited: 2/5 – Probably wont make the cut here. Too many other draw options that are way better.

Modified: 3.5/5 – I actually like this card. I have it in some of my decks that have absolutely no room for discard (TV Reporter) and if you have ever played me, my luck is that the cards I need are on the bottom of my deck. Even though it is flippy, you never fail on a tails as it will net you 2 cards from the top of your deck.

Limited: 5/5 – Draw power such as this is an absolute must in this format. You are either drawing 3 or 2 cards with really no drawback whatsoever.
pokeguru Prof. Cozmo's Discovery
Trainer (Supporter)
90/107 Uncommon
Text: Flip a coin. If heads, draw the bottom 3 cards from your deck.
If tails, draw the top 2 cards from the deck.

First off, NEVER, i repeat, NEVER try to use this card in Apprentice.
It just doesn't work at all. You can't get cards from the bottom of your deck there. :-(

Right, that's the random shouting fit over. Here's the advantages and disadvantages.

+ It's always difficult to get the bottom cards from your deck and
they just might be the ones that you need.
+ Good to get more cards in your hand.
+ Combine with Pokedex Handy 909 and it's ok even if you get tails.

+ If you get tails, it's just like Bill from Base Set, only you can
only use it once a turn!
+ It relys on coin flips. Don't trust luck, it never comes your way in
a Tournament (well, it doesn't for me...)
+ There are much better supporters to get the cards you need. You need
to rebuild a hand, use Prof. Oak's Research, you need more cards in hand, use Bill's Maintenence or TV Reporter.

Unlimited 2/5 Much better ways to get cards from your deck are available, so don't use this.
Modified 2/5 See unlimited.
Limited 4/5 This is the only place I'll Rate it high, because you need all the cards you can get at Limited tournaments, so keep it if you get it.

later, pokeguru. pokeguru@gmail.com
Jaeger Today’s Card of the Day is Professor Cozmo's Discovery from the Deoxys Set.

This card is harder to review then other cards because it depends a lot on what type of deck you are playing. For example if you are playing Magcargo(20/107) your probably going to want TV Reporter since your guaranteed to draw from the top of your deck, instead of only a 50 percent chance with Professor Cozmo's Discovery. It also depend on how easily you find stuff to discard most FireStarter decks or decks that run Magnaton for example find it pretty easy to discard an energy or something else, but there are other decks that find it nearly impossible to discard or decks that want to draw cards from the bottom of there deck.

Summary: I find this card to be pretty good but not as good as TV Reporter but a close second, which one people should play depends a lot on there deck.

Unlimited: 2/5
Modified: 3.5/5
Limited: 4.5/5

Hey guys!

Today I’ll have the review of Prof. Cozmo’s Discovery, from EX: Deoxys…let’s read the spoiler:

You can play only one Supporter card each turn. When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon. When your turn ends, discard this card.

Flip a coin. If heads, draw the bottom 3 cards of your deck. If tails, draw the top 2 cards of your deck.

Pretty good yeah? Many players are interested in this card after DX was released…reason? Because it should be the first card which allows you to draw cards from the bottom from the deck. Mmm sweet. I’m sure it’ll be a card likes Copycat – it’ll be in every deck. True. To me, there’s no different between drawing from the bottom of the deck and the top of the deck, unless you’ve used something like Pokédex…OK let me to compare it with other draws.

Prof. Cozmo VS TV. Reporter

Each of them has their majors. First of all, we can’t say TV Reporter’s bad because you have to discard one card. It is useful if we’re using Blaziken decks (discard fire energies). And about Prof. Cozmo, you can only draw 2 cards if you get tails. The use of 2 cards may not be great, but it’s different if you can draw 3 cards :P

Prof. Cozmo VS Steven’s Advice

Steven’s Advice wins. Usually you can draw at least 2 cards, or sometimes 6 cards!

Prof. Cozmo VS Bill’s Maintenance

Prof. Cozmo wins this time!! Why? I’ll choose to flip coin to judge should I draw 2 or 3 cards rather than shuffling a card back to the deck. The major of shuffling a card back to deck? It may be the only one – Archie.

Lol stop here. Rankings:

Unlimited – 3.5/5 I’ll choose it rather than Bill or something.

Modified – 4/5 It should be in every deck ‘cause you can draw cards from the bottom of your deck – it can be useful if you get bad draw. ;)

Limited – 4/5 I’d say that draw cards are always good in draft events.

Overall – 3.3/5 A very nice – put the focus onto ‘drawing cards from the bottom of your deck’!!


Name   : Professor Cozmo’s Discovery

Set       : EX Deoxys

Card#   : 90/107

Rarity   : Uncommon

Type    : Trainer

Sub-type: Supporter

Effect Text: You can play only one Supporter card each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.


Flip a coin.  If heads, draw the bottom 3 cards of your deck.  If tails, draw the top 2 cards of your deck.


Attributes: This is a Supporter.  Since Supporters are the back bone of the game’s Trainer side right now, this means this card must compete against fierce competition to see play.  Since you can only use a single Supporter per turn, you want to run just the right amount: too many and you will always have a bunch of “dead cards” in hand after you use a Supporter.  Too few and you aren’t really optimizing your deck’s performance.  After all, you can’t “save up” your Supporter usages from turn to turn.  Like your normal Energy attachment from the hand or your attack for the turn, either you use it, or you lose it.


Abilities: This card fits into the “Bill+” (read as “Bill Plus”) category.  This card has two different drawing effects, but you only get one, based on a flip of the coin (or roll of the dice, etc.).  If “heads”, you get to draw 3 cards from the bottom of your deck.  This is a bit odd, and both creates and destroys some combos.  If “Tails”, you get to draw the top two cards, which is less in amount, but easier to combo with.  So at worst, you get at least the effect of the Bill.


Uses/Combinations: Since I am really not feeling so great, I am going to have to be rather thrifty here.  Drawing, in general is very useful.  Drawing two cards from the top of your deck without having to lose any cards from hand, or mess up your deck order, let’s you combine this with effect’s like Smooth Over from the rarer version of Deoxys Magcargo.  If you flip Tails, you just scored a double Computer Search.  If you do get Heads, you don’t mess up the top cards, so you can draw them later. ^_^  Otherwise, the only real thing is a 50% chance of more or less negating a few effects seen in Modified that let an opponent bottom deck a card of yours, like Hidden Legends Shiftry.




Unlimited: 1.5/5-No combo really worth it here, where you can play Bill for the first effect reliably, and that combined with Oracle would be a double Computer Search.  Discards from hand are more manageable here, so between most other Supporters being a better source for shuffle-less draw power and several non-Supporter options, I just don’t see using it here.


Modified: 3.5/5-Here, it is another story.  For those who hate shuffling away their hand or discarding, they have something more reliable than Steven’s Advice.  The combos also matter slightly more here.


Limited            : 4.5/5-Draw.  Power.  In this set, few cards could top this as a pull, especially on their own.  There are a few though.



Professor Cozmo’s Discovery won’t revolutionize the game, but it is a nice addition that could be useful for potential future combos, and it fits in a small niche as is.


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