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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Heal Energy - Deoxys


Date Reviewed: 03.09.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 3.25
Modified: 2.35
Limited: 3.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


If you think this review is too long to read, just skip straight to the Ratings and Summary sections! 


Hmmm… looks like a Yu-Gi-Oh player snuck into TPC and use Polymerization on Full Heal and Potion Energy


Name: Heal Energy

Set: EX Deoxys

Card#: 94/107

Type: Energy

Subtype: Special Energy

Symbol: (C)

Text: Heal Energy provides (C) Energy.  When you attach this card from your hand to 1 of your Pokémon, remove 1 damage counter and all Special Conditions from that Pokémon.  If heal Energy is attached to Pokémon-ex, Heal Energy has no effect other than providing Energy.


Attributes: Heal Energy is your standard Special Energy card: up to 4 per deck, provides a single Colorless Energy, etc.


Abilities: Heal Energy lives up to its name pretty well.  First, it removes a damage counter when attached to a Pokémon from your hand.  At the same time, it also removes all Special Conditions from that Pokémon.  Neither healing a single damage counter nor removing all Special Conditions is really worth a slot in your deck, even if you get to attach a Colorless Energy at the same time.  Doing both at once shows some promise though.  However, it only provides Energy for Pokémon-ex, which is better than many other recent Special Energies that couldn’t even be attached to them, but obviously not good as a whole.


Uses and

Combinations: Pity this didn’t exist when I built my first Gojira deck around Expedition Tyranitar and Auqapolis Espeon: it’d have been rather handy being able to “bounce” the Energy to my hand for re-attachment (via Espeon’s Poké-Power), repeatedly healing my Tyranitar (which I did with Potion Energy).  Oh well.  As is, any deck that fears Special Conditions and can make use of a Colorless Energy should consider it: just removing Special Conditions tends to be a waste, but providing Energy and removing a damage counter while doing it is worth a card slot.




Unlimited: 3/5-Plenty of Colorless Energy costs, Trainer denial being common, and Pokémon ex not being common mean that it’s not too bad here.  While you could also use Warp Energy to shake a Special Condition, that’s dependant on a Pokémon with a free retreat being available so you can get your former Active back up front.  Not for every deck, but it works for some.


Modified: 2/5-It just isn’t all that useful hear, unless there is a Pokémon that can return Colorless Energy to the hand for re-use (and get some benefit from doing just that).  Ever Pokémon I can think of that returns Energy to the hand can only affect Water and/or is a Pokémon-ex.  If it removed up to 2 damage counters while removing all Special Conditions, then I could see it working its way into any deck with a Pokémon that didn’t need a lot of specific Energy types and wasn’t a Pokémon ex.  Too be fair though, they’d probably need another restriction on it.  Still, it’s progress.


Limited: 4/5-I pulled one and it was great.  Sure, you have to draw into it for most decks, but removing even a single damage counter can ruin so much planning.  Plus, we all know that Special Conditions tend to be sick in how effective they are in this format.  Finally, most of us don’t get a lot of Pokémon ex and focus on Pokémon who have mostly Colorless Energy costs for attacks.



This is great in Limited and solid for Unlimited, but I just can’t see it playing a huge role in Modified.  I do think that in the end, it ends up being a tad under-powered.  It is a step in the right direction; maybe it needs some different fusion materials. ;)  Say, Super Potion (discard an Energy and remove up to 4 damage counters), Bounce Energy (provided (CC) but forced you to return a basic Energy to your hand and couldn’t be attached otherwise), this card… so that we had a card that forced the discard of an Energy to be played but supplied CC while removing up to 4 damage counters and removing all Special Conditions… and doing next to nothing for Pokémon ex. ;)


pokeguru Heal Energy
94/107 Uncommon
EX Deoxys

This is similar, if not just about the same, as the old Potion Energy from the original Team rocket set. The text on this card says:
"Heal energy provides (colourless) energy. When you attach this card from your hand to one of your pokemon, remove 1 damage counter and all special conditions from that pokemon. if heal energy is attached to a pokemon-ex, heal energy provides no effect other than providing energy"

So, let's look at the Strengths and weaknesses


It's pretty much like the old Full Heal, but it provides an extra energy as well. I find this card useful more in earlier parts of the game where most of my pokemon will only be using colourless attacks.
The advantage of removing the special conditions is good, plus removal of a damage counter could mean life or death with some cards depending on what your up against. Attacks like Pulverise with TM's Groudon and Damage Burn with Charmeleon in FireRed Leaf Green take advantage of your current injuries and this will improve your chances.


For starters, you just can't use this card to its full effect if you are using EXs. All it does is provide that bit of energy, possibly useful with Gardy ex decks, but apart from that, not helpful. It's also not good when you are using pokemon requiring all of a certain energy. colourless isn't used as much with evolved pokemon, with the exception of actual colourless pokemon.

Final marks:
Unlimited: 4/10: A mini potion and full heal in one go is ok, but not all that useful with the cards here.
Modified: 6/10: A little better as some cards can affect you worse in this format depending on damage counters, but I'm still sticking with Potions and Double Full Heal.
Limited: 7/10: I'm rating this higher as in Limited, it's less likely that you will get that many Special Energy or Trainers and if you do get them, you should use them as well as you can. This should come in useful here (learned it hard way at my Deoxys Prerelease :-( )

later. pokeguru. pokeguru@gmail.com


Hiya…that’s my second review. Oh my god Heal Energy…

Anyway this time I get a spoiler for you:

Heal Energy – Special Energy Card


Heal Energy provides [C] Energy.  When you attach this card from your hand to 1 of your Pokémon, remove 1 damage counter and all Special Conditions from that Pokémon.  If Heal Energy is attached to Pokémon-ex, Heal Energy has no effect other than providing Energy.


Remove 1 damage counter – really not too much. Remove all special conditions…a bit useless. But is there any hidden power in it? No…even if you attach it to Pokemon-exs, it will have no effect other than providing C energy.


The use of it:


Remove 1 damage counter – just skip it. We should move our focus to the words ‘remove all special conditions’. I can say it maybe useful if your active Pokemon is confused, burned or poisoned – you can attack when it’s confused! But it’s not good that it only provide C energy…I think it can be attached to RS Slaking if you want. I really have nothing to say…




Unlimited: 2.5/5 I think it’s better than potion energy and full heal energy but still useless.


Modified: 2.5/5 Really not very useful here.


Limited: 3/5 Not bad here since it’s quite good to pull out a special energy card in a booster draft event.


Overall: 2.5/5 It’s really – bad…


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