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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Emerald


Date Reviewed: 06.21.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.5
Modified: 1.6
Limited: 2.7

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


I like Zangoose a lot, but for some reason the creators don’t seem to want to make them very playable (except for the TM one). He has all the expected stats, 70 Hp, fighting weakness, and retreat cost of 1. His first attack does an automatic 10 damage, and 30 to an ex Pokemon. The second attack does a solid 20 damage for 2 energy with a possibility of 30 damage. There’s nothing really exceptional about this card, he’s average at best, and the only possible use he has as opposed to another card is that he does 30 damage to an ex easily. Doing the quick damage to an ex to can set up an easy KO, if you are unable to OHKO the ex already or would suffer badly for it. There’s also the outside chance that you could start with him, and your opponent could start with their ex, i.e. in a Blaze deck your opponent could be unfortunate enough to start with their Rayquaza ex, and you could slaughter the Rayquaza before it’s even able to do anything. Unfortunately there’s no way to now if that will happen, and it’s pretty rare when it does. His low Hp makes it difficult to keep alive more than 1 turn to use his first attack more than once, but you could use a buffer piece in the hope you be able to use the attack twice. Ultimately he has the potential of being an annoying surprise card, but Zangoose deserves better than this.

Unlimited 1.5/5 Well at least he’s colorless and easy to power up, but there’s little point, and ex’s are pretty rare in this format.

Modified 1.5/5 I’ve basically outlined what usefulness he has in the main paragraph. The only reason I would recommend using him is if you like Zangoose, as I do.

Limited 2.5/5 He’s colorless so he can fit into any deck. And I found that his first attack is more potent in this format. Using an ex in limited can help immensely, but if your opponent can turn around quickly and KO it after you’ve done your damage it becomes more dangerous to use and ex, and Zangoose allows this quickness. Also his second attack is a little better in this format since there is such a high level of luck involved in the first place.

EX Emerald - 21/106 - Rare
This Pokemon shares similarities with its Sandstorm cousin, in the fact that it can do extra damage depending on the Defending Pokemon. Its attack, "Extra Claws" does an extra 20 damage to EX Pokemon. Its other attack, "Quick Attack" can do 20 damage + 10 if you get heads on a coin flip. Now, usually I see both the advantages and disadvantages of a card, but today, I feel rather demonic, so I'm going to point out explicitly all the disadvantages of this card =P
- Like most Colourless Pokemon, this one has weakness to fighting. Any good RockLock, Medicham or, in fact, ANY fighting deck could OHKO this thing.
- 70 HP is ok for a Basic, but I've seen more before. Play against Zapdos ex...GG.
- Always remember that unless you are facing a Dragon deck, like Rayquaza or DragTrode, the most you can do with this card is 30 damage.
Of course, I wish to create the illusion that I'm fair and even handed, so I'll point out some of the advantages.
- Only 1 Retreat Cost...not bad.
- Can start hitting quickly for only 2 energy tops.
- If worst comes, it could always be used as Swoop! Teleporter or TV Reporter fodder.
Unlimited: 1/5
Due to its lack of power, I don't see this card being played often.
Modified: 2/5
Might have a chance against DragTrode, but not much else.
Draft: 3/5
Quite a quick hitter; might come in useful early in a match.
Later, PokeGuru
Scyther 21 Today we are looking at a card that has not seen very much play but is not a bad card.


Zangoose has a HP of 70 which is pretty nice. Keep in mind however this is because it does not have a evo. line. Thus he is the last.

His first attack is Extra Claw which does 10 damage that can do 20 more if the defending pokemon is an ex. The possibility of an ex hurting from 30 is slim. However, do keep in mind that more and more basic ex are appering and most have an HP of 80-110 meaning 30 does hurt them especially since there attacks will not do alot until turn 3. If nothing else this card is an easy 10 points on first turn.

The next attack is Quick Attack which deals 20 points for two colorless energies. This move can do 30 points with a sucessful coin flip. This move can eaisly be used second turn. Obviously, you would always choose this move over Extra Claw unless you are facing an ex. In short these attacks are cut-and-dry.

The weakness of fighting is expected with normal pokemon, as is the lack of a resistance. With a retreat cost of 1 this card is cheap.

Overall this card is at its best first turn. A 70 HP starter that can deal 10 (30 if ex) on turn one and on turn two have the possibility of doing 30. Since all of his moves are colorlessly generated he is splashable and a retreat of one strenghens this cards ability, of course late in the game this card has no purpose except MAYBE a two turn wall.

Unlimited: 2.0, this card is just not that great and when you have other basic pkms out there it gets overlooked
Modified: 1.7, you should not play this card in your deck unless you simply have no othere better cards
Limited: 2.6, this is the format he would do best in, it can be splashed into any draft deck, and does not require an evo. line to play.

Scyther 21 out

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