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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Emerald


Date Reviewed: 06.08.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.5
Modified: 1.75
Limited: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Johnny Blaze
Chimecho ? A card named after me (Chimento) lol. Looks like we keep the theme of BBP?s with Chimecho. It has 70 Hp and 2 relatively cheap attacks. The 1st attack is another 1C to draw a card. Plain and simple there. Chimecho?s 2nd attack is for 1C and 1P and deals 20 damage and then deals confusion if the Defending Pokemon is evolved.

Unlimited: 1/5 ? Similar to our other card this week, the attack Draw, is not powerful enough do to all the options of Draw Trainer cards in this format. As for its 2nd attack Warp Sounds it is not even enough to ohko a baby Pokemon.

Modified: 1.5/5 ? Even though there are plenty of Psychic weak evolved Pokemon played in this format, Chimecho is not powerful enough to win you the game. Confusion is just to easy to get out of under the Nintendo rules. Now if you had to flip a coin to retreat that would be a different story.

Limited: 3/5 ? Collect is always a must in this format and confusion with 20 damage is ok too since there are plenty of Psychic weak evolutions in this format.


Chimecho continues to the trend of average Ex Emerald Pokemon. It has the expected stats: 70 Hp, psychic weakness, no resistance, and retreat cost of 1. The nice thing is that this version has a higher amount of Hp then the previous Hidden Legends one. In some regards this card is more powerful than its previous incarnation in that it doesn’t rely on your opponent and what they are doing, so it’s consistent, but it also isn’t that good. It joins the ranks of a whole slew of new cards that do collect, or some variation of it to draw a card. A good attack for opening, and it can be good in limited, but it’s random and therefore not that strong of an attack. The second attack does a solid 20 damage, with a possible confusion effect if the opposing Pokemon is evolved. Ever since confusion became weaker by allowing your opponent to retreat normally I think it has become less effective. Certainly it can be powerful if you opponent is forced to use the confused Pokemon, but many times they can just retreat and do something else. All around average card that really only be used by Chimecho lovers. The card art is really cool though, continuing another trend in Emerald of cool card art.

Unlimited: 2/5 For a new card to work well in unlimited it would have to be pretty unique and special. There’s nothing really holding this card back per se, but there’s also no real reason to use it.

Modified: 2/5 Again nothing special here, Otaku mentioned on Monday that people are experimenting with Pokemon that have the collect ability to wean themselves off of Dunsparce, so this card could work as a starter in some psychic decks, and possibly punish your opponent if they evolve early.

Limited 2.5/5 Basically if you’re using psychic Pokemon in your limited deck use this too. Collect can be helpful, cause even in Emerald with all its trainers, draw power is still good to have in any form. Plus the status condition is harder to get away from in this format, but it still isn’t as strong as others, i.e. poison.


Name: Chimecho

Set: EX Emerald

Card#: 12/106

Rarity: Rare

Type: Psychic

Stage: Basic

HP: 70

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: (C)

Attack#1: (C) Collect

Draw a card.

Attack#2: (PC) Warp Sounds [20]

If the Defending Pokémon is an Evolved Pokémon, the Defending Pokémon is now Confused.


Attributes: Chimecho is a Basic Pokémon.  This is nice, since it means it is easy to include in a deck and can be put into play with ease.  The downside is that it a) lacks a Pre-Evolved form and b) has no Evolutions.  That means that Chimecho is “all alone” and must rely entirely on itself; no Evolving into a bigger form with better attacks.


Psychic is a good type to be.  The Weakness exists, and I see it popping up more often again, where as the Resistance doesn’t seem to be showing up.


Chimecho has 70 HP.  This is fairly solid for a Basic Pokémon: it should let you survive several early game attacks, and usually one attack mid- to late-game.


Chimecho has a Weakness to Psychic Pokémon, as is common for Psychic Pokémon in the TCG.  It isn’t a good thing in that most Psychic Pokémon can easily OHKO it thanks to the Weakness.


As there is no Resistance, I’ll just make known my annoyance at the lack of it and move onto the Retreat Cost: one.  This is low enough that you only have to worry about it when you don’t already have an Energy attached.  It is usually quite easy to spare on Energy.


Abilities: Collect is a simple attack, but drawing an extra card is reasonably nice.  It is a fair attack.  Warp Sounds is also a fair attack, but leaves this card relatively weak: Warp Sounds only hits for 20, though it will auto-Confuse an Evolved Pokémon.  You get what you pay for.


Two attacks where you get what you paid for (in Energy costs alone) aren’t bad, but for an isolated Basic like this, it isn’t great.


Uses and

Combinations: When Wynaut rotates out of the Format, especially if the other Chimecho is also cut, this becomes a decent opener for mono- or mostly Psychic decks.




Unlimited: 1.25/5-Slightly annoying to a Slowking if you can Gust of Wind said Slowking up.  Not particularly useful otherwise.


Modified: 2/5-While the bits and pieces that went into it are fine, there seems to be no synergy.  What uses it has are performed by better cards, at least for now.


Limited: 3.65/5-A good pull here.  It has enough HP that if you open with it, you can collect multiple times.  If it shows up late, the attack is still useful since it automatically confuses Evolved Pokémon.



Chimecho is one of those cards that isn’t the worst choice, but definitely isn’t the best either.  If you run it, it shouldn’t cost you the game; just don’t expect it to win you the game either.



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