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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Emerald EX


Date Reviewed: 06.06.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.25
Modified: 1.75
Limited: DNA

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Bullados Farfetch'd

Attributes: 70 HP is the magic number in Pokemon. It's the number where that Pokemon cannot be easily OHKO'd, and it appears to be the highest HP of normal Basic Pokemon. Weakness to Electric isn't a surprise from a Flying Pokemon, but it is a problem, as Zappy now can OHKO without discarding, and Zappy is widely played right now. Any resistance is good, and Fighting is about as good as you can get right now, with all of the Dark T-tar running around. Retreat of 1 is fair, but not stellar.

Attack #1: [C] "Spearhead"
Ahh, the classic filler attack of Collect. Unless you DESPERATELY need another card in your hand, you don't have the energy for Nosedive, or Nosedive would KO you and NOT the defending.

Attack #2: [CC] "Nosedive"
Ya know, they could've made this attack broken by simply removing the text. But, with the text in play, the attack is fair, if not completely underwhelming. 30 damage for 2 is always a good thing, you're getting more than you paid for, but you're still only getting a 20 damage turnaround with the 10 self damage.


Unlimited: Actually, this is not TOO bad here. Nosedive is powered by a single (extremely broken) energy card, making it almost as good as the old Erika's Puff card that could deal 40 on the first turn. It also OHKOs the annoying BAbys in the format, always a good thing. The 10 self damage is not really a problem when 100 damage is pretty easily handed out (Sneasel) and 60 damage is very difficult to get.

Modified: The DCE combo is gone, making this a turn 2 attacker that is SUBSTANTIALLY weaker than most turn 2 attackers in this format. It isn't even good as a Dragon TecH card, as 30 damage won't OHKO those massive Dragons. A new card that is better in Unlimited than in Modified, what is this world coming to?

Limited: If you played this thing in Limited, I'd DQ you on the spot. This card is not found in packs, only as a boxtopper, and boxtoppers are illegal for LImited play.


Farfetch’d (boxtopper)

Boxtoppers have never been the best cards in the game, but last couple at least were more usable then this, we even got an ex one in the last set. Let’s look at the stats anyway: 70 Hp, typical for Farfetch’d and average for a non-evolving basic, weakness to electric is to be expected as well as the fighting resistance, and it also retreats for 1 energy, so no surprises there. The stats are exactly the same as the Farfetch’d from FR/LG, that on also had better attacks, but lets look at them anyhow. Spearhead, for 1 colorless energy allows you to draw a card, nothing great and generally worse on a card like this as opposed to a Poke that evolves, like Slugma, or could end up retreating for free and reduce damage like Skarmory. The second attack does 30 damage for 2 colorless energy, which wouldn’t be bad, except it does 10 damage to Farfetch’d too. The ability to draw a card as an attack isn’t that great, and there are many better choices just within this set alone. And the previous Farfetch’d could do 30 damage to and evolved Poke, with no drawback, and that attack only took 1 energy. I don’t see any real great combos for a card like this, especially none that wouldn’t better served by the FR/LG Farfetch’d.

Unlimited 1.5/5 and I’m only giving it that score over a 1 because it’s resistant to Tyrogue and can OHKO it with just a DCE. Though in general the idea of doing 30 damage quickly with a DCE is served better by other cards, like the new Deoxys for instance.

Modified 1.5/5 pretty pointless and nothing special and it’s all around inferior to Farfetch’d from FR/LG, I guess this one can do 30 damage to a basic, but why anyone would use him to do that is beyond me. But it is Farfetch’d who I always thought was a cool idea for a Pokemon.

Limited 1.5/5 I’m not even sure if it is possible to get boxtoppers in packs anymore. If it is then I guess he useable to some degree, and it’s the only card with a collect ability that can also do 30 damage, but the others don’t hurt themselves and many can cause special conditions, so they get the nod over this one.
Farfetchd ? Here is the boxtopper from Emerald-ex.  I wish this was a playable card in Limited because this one is actually decent in that format.
For 1 C energy you get to draw a card and Farfetchd?s 2nd attack does a solid 30 for 2C with 10 damage back to itself.
Unlimited: 2/5 ? Drawing cards is what Unlimited does best and Farfetch?d gets that accomplished through it?s 1st attack.  Unfortunately there are too many better ways to draw cards than waste an attack on it.   Farfetch?d can ohko babies and is resitant to Tyrogue so that is a couple positives.  Boy how I wish this card was around during the ol Haymaker days of Hitmonchan and Electabuzz.  It fits in so well with those two as a BBP.
Modified: 1/5 ? Nothing but a free prize here.  Sure you may get off a quick 30 but then you are going to lose 2 energies and a prize when Farftech?d gets ko?d.
Limited: 4/5 ? Everything you want for in Limited play except for the fact that since it is a boxtopper no-one can use it. 0/5

Name: Farfetch’d
EX Emerald
Secret Rare
(C) Spearhead
Draw a card.

Attack#2: (CC) Nosedive [30]

Farfetch’d does 10 damage to itself.

Attributes: Farfetch’d is a Basic that lacks either an Evolved form or a “pre-Evolved” form.  As such, it needs a lot of breaks so that it can prove useful.  It is a Colorless Pokémon, which is solid: Resistance is almost non-existent, but Weakness is found on some popular Pokémon.  Of course, thanks to Crystal Shard, any Pokémon can take advantage of Colorless Weakness, but not having to rely on a Pokémon Tool is useful.

Farfetch’d has a good 70 HP.  This is what a non-Evolving Pokémon tends to need to be competitive: it takes a good, strong attack to OHKO it, so you usually only need to worry about blows from Stage 2 Pokémon, or from its Weakness, Electric-Types.  Electric Pokémon are popular enough, so be aware: Dark Ampharos, Dark Electrode, Manectric ex, and Zapdos ex are all common sights, albeit in their own decks.  Since there is no… be still my beating heart, there is a Resistance!  The very appropriate Fighting Resistance is a welcome sight.  Granted, this is one of the easier Resistances to get around, but at least it is there.

Farfetch’d has a Retreat Cost of one.  This is nice an easy to pay.  While not as useful as a free retreat, it is low enough that if you already have Energy attached to Farfetch’d, retreating will be no problem.

Abilities: Spearhead is a simple, but solid attack.  It lets you draw one card, which makes it a decent opening move.  Many players are trying to wean themselves off of Sandstorm Dunsparce in anticipation of it rotating out of Modified, and thus are using more alternative set up methods, like Lanette’s Net Search and Great Ball.  It may not be a huge set-up advantage, but then again you have more HP and a Resistance, something Pokémon like Dunsparce lack.

Unfortunately, the second attack isn’t so great.  It’s a fair attack mind you: you pay for 20 points of damage via the Energy and another 10 points by doing 10 points of damage to yourself, for a respectable 30 points of damage.  At least, if this wasn’t the cards “top” attack.  If it was more like the Fire Red/Leaf Green Kangaskhan has two similar attacks, but also a third capable of bigger damage with no draw back.  This would be a suitable “warm-up” attack for maybe a Stage 1 or 2, but as the “big” attack for Farfetch’d it is not quite enough.

Uses and Combinations: This card does still have some use.  The best I can think of is if you want to go with a FTKO deck in Unlimited.  You need to watch out for things like Rocket’s Zapdos, but Tyrogue can’t touch you, and your base damage is enough to OHKO a “Baby” Pokémon on a successful Baby Rule check.  Since you can use Double Colorless Energy to be ready turn one, two or three copies of Plus Power will let you snag some OHKO’s.  Erika’s Jigglypuff is of course better at it, but is vulnerable to being “rogued” itself, so more back up is a good thing.


Unlimited: 2/5-FTKO might be able to use this, but that deck-type isn’t as popular as it once was.

Modified: 2/5-Okay in a few decks that want something reasonably big up front, providing extra draw power.

Limited: N/A-You shouldn’t be using this, but if it gets reprinted or you are doing something just with your friends, it’s killer: draw power and a decent attack.


Farfetch’d is a bit of a disappointment: it just lacks the “oomph” it needs to really be effective.  It seems it needs to either be a little better at drawing, beefed up its second attack, or possess on a simple but useful Poké-Power or Poké-Body.


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