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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Registeel ex

EX Emerald


Date Reviewed: 06.03.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.65
Modified: 2.50
Limited: 1.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


If you find the review too long, jump to the Ratings and Summary.  Since the three Regi-Pokémon are so similar, a lot of the text will be shared.

Name: Registeel ex
EX Emerald
Pokémon-ex Rule:
When Pokémon-ex has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
(C) Block Signal [10]
If Regice ex is in play, flip a coin.  If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Confused.

Attack#2: (MMC) Wide Laser
Does 20 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokémon.  (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)

Attributes: Registeel ex is a Basic Pokémon-ex.  This means we really want to be as close to 120 HP as we can be since a) that is the maximum we have seen so far for Basic Pokémon-ex and b) it is worth two Prizes when it is Knocked Out, so its almost like it has about half to two-thirds of its actual LP.  There is an exception though, and that is 100 HP because of Desert Ruins, a Stadium card that places a damage counter between turns on all Pokémon-ex with a maximum HP of 100 in play.  Due to it, 100 HP acts more like 80 or 90.  So Registeel ex’s 90 HP is as good as or better than 100 HP, and is a solid score, even for a Basic Pokémon ex.

Registeel ex is a Metal Pokémon, which is great.  Weakness sees some play, Resistance sees little play, and most important of all you can make use if actual Metal Energy cards to reduce the amount of damage you take.

Registeel ex is Fire Weak.  While not the worst, be aware that Firestarter decks are still widely played and a very solid deck.  It may no longer be the top deck, but it’s still strong.  Also, Magcargo is now widely played, and can hit you hard if the person running it was smart enough to include a few Rainbow Energy, Multi Energy, or Double Rainbow Energy so that it can use it’s big attack.  As stated, not the worst, but far from the best Weakness.  The Resistance is sadly non-existent.  The retreat is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.  It is two: high enough you don’t want to pay for it (especially a Pokémon that utilizes Special Energy cards), but low enough that you can if you must.

Abilities: Personally, I think the first attack shows some smarter thinking than on the other two “Regi”.  Why?  Because it is a simple support attack that gets stronger with Regice ex in play, but since it is a supporting attack, if you want to use this on its own, it isn’t a big loss: just a 50% chance at Confusion.

The second attack is pretty good.  The effect of Wide Laser is the same as the effect of Spinning Tail on Sandstorm Steelix and the pure Darkness-Type Dark Tyranitar.  On those Pokémon, a Stage 1 pays one more Colorless Energy, and a Stage 2 only pays a difference of a Colorless Energy requirement instead of a second Metal Energy requirement (which would be like a second Darkness Energy requirement for said Dark Tyranitar).  That is to say, you get the same effect for the attack costs (DCC) for Dark Tyranitar that you do for (MMCC) from Steelix and (MMC) for Registeel ex.

The second attack especially lends itself to the second attack, as Metal Energy cards used to pay for the attack will of course reduce damage taken by Registeel ex, which will allow that widespread damage to pile up.

Uses and Combinations: This card actually has a use, although like the rest of the Regi this week, the older Hidden Legends version works well already.  Unlike the others, the Emerald version of Registeel ex actually does the job of its predecessor as well, though in a different manner.  For those not following, the Hidden Legends version has the same stats with a protective Poké-Body that is basically not worth it and an attack for the same costs that hits the Defending Pokémon for 50 points of damage with 20 to each Benched Pokémon of the same type as the Defending Pokémon.  Problem is, most decks are not mono-colored, so the Bench damage isn’t very widespread.  So if you want the Bench damage as much or more than the damage to the Defending Pokémon, I’d actually go with this one.


Unlimited: 2.75/5-Like most big Pokémon we review and unlike the other Regi, Registeel ex could be reasonably competent in an Unlimited deck, albeit slow.  With Slowking to protect Energy, perhaps Healing Fields plus Gold Berry or Focus Band to stay alive longer, that 20 damage a turn would quickly KO most Pokémon played in this format.  The main problem is that even with 3 Metal Energy cards attached, several Pokémon in this format can OHKO Registeel ex, and let us face it, Slowking would be what really makes the deck viable.

Modified: 3.5/5-Obviously, this rating is for a specific deck.  “Heavy Metal”, which utilizes both Metagross and Metagross ex also likes the old Registeel ex since they can power up something else, drop Registeel ex into play, and begin doing widespread damage… which this version arguably does better.  Note that it functions as a Cleaner here.

Limited: 1/5-On it’s own, it’s nearly useless.  If you do manage to pull two Metal Energy, which is in this set, it’s pretty sick so long as you can send it up before your opponent sets up anything big… or that is a Fire-type.


Registeel ex is a solid Pokémon that is reasonably well made.  It works well in a very specific deck.  That being said, looking at all these cards, they really should have just been “plain” Pokémon instead of Pokémon-ex, adjusting costs… well, really, probably only adjusting the “price” of Wide Laser and Emerald Regirock ex’s HP down a tad, and even that is uncertain.


Jaeger I know I've haven't done a Card of the Day in a while but since it was the end of the year I was busy and I had finals, I just finished with my last one yesterday.
Anyway on to the card.

Today's Card of the Day is Registeel EX

Hit Points: I think 90 hit points is way to low for a EX even a basic unless it has excellent attacks but the good news is it's unaffected by Desert Ruins.

Weakness: Blaziken is still going strong and with Battle Frontier being played, alot of decks have made the swich from Pidgeot to Macargo and a Macargo with Scramble can one hit KO Registeel EX

Retreat Cost: A retreat cost of two for a basic EX is about what you would expect.

Attack1(Block Signal): Ten damage and a flip for confusion and you have to have anothor EX(Regice) in play, thats terrible.

Attack2(Wide Laser) It hits all your opponents pokemon for 20 but the attacks overpriced and not even close to what I would expect from an EX.

Summary: The attacks are overpriced and don't do enough damage to make this card worth it. Just leave this card in the binder.

Unlimited: 1/5

Modified: 2/5

Limited: 1/5 Unless you actually pull two metal energy.
Bullados Registeel ex

Attributes: For a basic Pokemon-ex, 90 HP is pretty nice. Safely slides you under Desert Ruins, and is also enough to survive a couple of hits. Fire weakness is not so nice, as Blaze is still a force, and Cargo is very popular as a searcher who can deal SOME damage, OHKO'ing this guy with the weakness. It can't even be taken away with Tomb, as that doesn't work on Pokemon-ex! The retreat is decent, but I would never pay that with this guy. Metal is a precious energy source, and you NEVER wanna pay that for an attack cost.

Attack 1: [C] "Block Signal"
Another novel attempt at specific card coordination, but ultimately this falls well short of the mark. You can only confuse when Regice is in play, and ONLY on a coin flip, which is virtually none of the time. 10 damage is also subpar for an ex.

Attack 2: [MMC] "Wide Laser"
I don't particularly like the attack, but I don't like ANYTHNIG that requires more than 1 Special Energy in order to be used. 20 damage to all of your opponent's Pokemon isn't going to do much unless they are already near KO'd, and the resources you have to pay for that spread out damage are too much.


Unlimited: Too special energy oriented to be of any use here, as ER and SER will just destroy any hope this card has. Also, the attack is blindingly weak. No way for this to survive here.

Modified: A little better, there are more opportunities to attach the Metals and keep em on there, but Dark T-tar and Steelix do the same thing much more cheaply. If you wanted spread damage, it's better to dump the energy on one of those two. They have more HP and don't give up 2 prizes when taken.

Limited: I'd laugh if you tried to play this here. There is no way to power it up, as Metal isn't in Emerald. 10 damage isn't going to get you anywhere, and 90 HP, while good, isn't great. Do NOT play this here.

Registeel Ex:

Registeel, like the other 2 new Regis benefits from having one of its brethren in play to power it up fully; but unlike the other 2 its main or “big” attack isn’t the one that gets the benefit. Initially I didn’t think the card was all that great, but upon further examination and rumination its power became more apparent. Let’s get the basics out of the way, it’s a metal type, so it gets the benefit from metal energy, it has 90 hp, so desert ruins isn’t a problem, it has an expected weakness to fire but no resistance to grass, and an unpleasant, but not exorbitant retreat cost of 2. The first attack, which benefits from Regice’s presence, deals 10 damage and has the effect of possibly confusing, nothing special. The second attack needs 3 energy, 2 of which need to provide metal, and does 20 damage to all of your opponent’s Pokemon. Now the Registeel ex from Hidden Legends as you may recall did 50 damage do the defending Pokemon, and 20 damage to all your opponent’s Pokemon of the same type. This may seem more beneficial, but the problem arises from multi-type decks. Basically the new Registeel can be somewhat of a wall and always deal 20 damage to everyone, very helpful for ATM rock too.

Essentially in certain cases where the original Registeel ex was helpful, i.e. in Metagross decks and such, this card has the potential to replace the old Registeel. The problem arises from more and more Pokemon ignoring effects or placing damage counters to deal damage, making metal energies useless. Not to mention the increasingly popular Magcargo and other fire types can easily OHKO this Regi, even with the metal energies. Still, while I at first thought this was the worst of the new Regis, I shifted my position to thinking he’s the best out of the 3, especially since he works well of his own.

Unlimited 1.5/5, in the land of ER and SER Registeel is in trouble, especially when it comes to losing those precious metal energies, plus it doesn’t even have resistance to Vileplume ex like the previous one.

Modified 2.5/5, as I said it has potential here, especially if one can avoid fire decks and other such obstacles.

Limited 1/5, unless you somehow get this and at least 2 metal energies and are able to get the all in play, then I’d be willing to raise his score as constant bench damage is lethal in limited. Otherwise it’s pretty pointless here.

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