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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Regirock ex

EX Emerald


Date Reviewed: 06.01.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.3
Modified: 2.35
Limited: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Bullados Regirock ex

Attributes: 110 HP is always nice for a basic, even for a Pokemon-ex. This should keep you alive long enough to do some damage. Water weakness is a bit of a problem, as Swampert/Suicune and Blastex varients have playability, but they aren't seen as much as I'd like to see. Retreat of 3 is pretty hefty. I wouldn't pay that unless it would save me the game.

Attack #1: "Mend"
Ah, a very nice attack there. Reminds me of Mewtwo ex's Absorb attack, but better. This one removes a damage counter! Not much, but better than nothing!! Use this only when Metal Crush isn't ready yet.

Attack #2: "Metal Crush"
The standard 3 for 40 attack, pretty subpar for an ex. Even if Registeel ex is in play, 3 for 60 isn't gamebreaking either. Also, Registeel is best played alone or in a devoted Metal deck, not as second fiddle to this guy.


Unlimited: Too much water to be effective here. Blastoise/Suicune varients are quite popular, dispite the evolution problem. Also, this thing is ER bait, even with the extra attachment. 3 for 40 just isn't enough for the format either.

Modified: Not much better, but there's less water. BBPs with low attack strength tend to do somewhat better here, but not much so. There just isn't enough damage and its not fast enough to really be a threat in the current environment. Plus, it's weak to both Desert Ruins AND Dark Tyrannitar.

Limited: This thing's best format, but really not by much. It's an energy hog, and only really good getting out late game, when it can absorb up all your discarded Fighting energies. Water is always a good Limited type, so you'll have to watch out for that. The HP and the quicker attacks are what make it playable here.

Regirock EX

The new set brings new Regis. To be blunt, none of the new Regis are impressive, but of the bunch this is probably the best one. It has a healthy 110 hp and it has a weakness to water which is to be expected, an average weakness to have usually as far as its danger. While its attacks aren’t great, they are still probably the best of the bunch. The first, Mend, makes for a fast set-up and helps heal which is always helpful. Then the second attack, Metal Crush, does 40 damage automatically, but with a Registeel ex in play it does a solid 60 damage. Since no particular Registeel is specified, then one is able to use the better Hidden Legends one. Ultimately the idea of using Regis to power up other Regis is novel, but it is too ineffective and expensive to be worthwhile. Sure you are doing 60 damage, but you now have at least 2 exs in play, which can quickly and easily equal 4 prizes for your opponent if you aren’t careful. The artwork is cool though if you like the Regis, but I’ve never been a big fan.

Unlimited: 1/5 Pointless here and nothing special, plus exs often equal easy prizes, but as I said he has the speed advantage over the other Regis.

Modified: 1/5 Same reasons as unlimited, but at least Blastoise is less of a threat here. Might be fun to try in a casual deck though.

Limited: 2/5 I give a little higher rating here because of Mend’s speed and healing ability which can be helpful in a limited format. Plus a solid 40 damage is nothing to sneeze at, and hopefully with his 110 Hp he’ll be around for a while.
Scyther 21 This card is not one of my most favorite cards.

To start of 110 hp as an ex is not great at all. There are other non-ex cards with more hp. And if you play an ex choose one that will 1. Has a good number of HP, i feel comfortable with anything at 130 or higher. or 2. Can deal a huge amount of damage to your opponents pokemon.

His next attack Mend, is not great. For 1 colorless energy you can get a fighting energy from your discard pile and attach it to Regirock ex and then remove 1 damage counter from him. This attack is not fit for an ex, getting a fighting energy is okay but not when doing no damage. Also, the removal of 1 damage counter does not make it any better, seriously folks 1 damage counter healed usually does not win games. Thus, this attack is not good for this card.

The final attack Metal Crush, is not great as well. For 2 fighting energy and 1 colorless energy you can do 40 damage with a possible plus 20 for a sum of 60 if Registeel ex is in play. The chances of another not so great ex being in play is slim. And even then there are better attacks than this (espically ex).

The weakness to water is not as big as a threat as before when other waters were extremely played. Probably the biggest threat is Ludicargo those circular steps can easily put you down.

With no resistance and a retreat cost of three this card loses value.

Overall the unlimited is horrible, the modified is slightly better, and the limited is not too great.

Unlimited: 1.6
Modified: 2.3
Kyle Theaker
Hey everybody, what’s up?  This is everyone’s favorite Deck Mechanic: Kyle! Sorry I’ve been neglecting my garage lately, but I’ll have some brand new fixes in for you soon.  Anyway, Regirock ex.

Let’s see…

110 HP is pretty nice for a basic, but I’d love to see something a little higher for an ex.  Fighting type is difficult because of all the resistance that is commonly used. Weakness to Water is not a surprise.  Nor is a retreat cost of 3, though it is rather costly.  However, I do like this card and here’s why: Its attacks are very similar to those of 2 of my all-time favorite Unlimited Pokémon: Mewtwo ex and Rocket’s Zapdos.  Let’s look at the attacks.

Mend:  Not bad at all.  If you can dump a few Fighting energy into the Discard Pile, then this is a great attack.  Anything that allows you to attach more that one energy per turn has to be decent.  It also has the added bonus of removing 1 damage counter if you recover an energy. 

Metal Crush: Obviously this attack is best with Registeel ex out, but I believe it is effective on its own.  Envision this:  You open the game with 3 Fighting Energy and TV Reporter.  You use TV reporter, dumping 1 energy.  You attach 1 and use Mend.  Next turn, attach another energy and you’re hitting for 40 by Turn 2.  with Registeel ex out, it’s 60! 

Uses:  This card works well in some Fighting decks. 

Combos:  Obviously use this either with the other Regi’s or with discarding cards to dump those energy.

Unlimited: 1.5/5: Sad to say, Mewtwo and Zapdos get the job done better than this guy.

Modified: 3.5/5:  I happen to like this card in Modified.  It can become fast and strong in the early game.

Limited: 4.5/5: This card should be a solid pick.  110 HP, solid attack, and the ability to heal is beautiful when it’s all wrapped into one little package. 


If you find the review too long, jump to the Ratings and Summary.  Since the three Regi-Pokémon are so similar, a lot of the text will be shared.

Name: Regirock ex
EX Emerald
Pokémon-ex Rule:
When Pokémon-ex has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
(C) Mend

Search your discard pile for a (F) Energy card and attach it to Regirock ex.  If you do, remove 1 damage counter from Regirock ex.

Attack#2: (FFC) Metal Crush [40+]

If Registeel ex is in play, this attack does 40 damage plus 20 more damage.

Attributes: Regirock ex is a Basic Pokémon-ex.  This means we really want to be as close to 120 HP as we can be since a) that is the maximum we have seen so far for Basic Pokémon-ex and b) it is worth two Prizes when it is Knocked Out, so its almost like it has about half to two-thirds of its actual LP.  There is an exception though, and that is 100 HP because of Desert Ruins, a Stadium card that places a damage counter between turns on all Pokémon-ex with a maximum HP of 100 in play.  Due to it, 100 HP acts more like 80 or 90.  Thankfully, this has 110, second best and gives you more leeway when dealing with Desert Ruins.  There are no pre-Evolved forms or Evolved forms, so it has to rely on just itself.

Regirock ex is a Fighting Pokémon, and as a whole this is pretty good: Weakness is pretty common (slam that Dunsparce), but Resistance isn’t exactly rare either.  Fortunately, Magnetic Storm allows you to bypass Resistance for Fighting Pokémon, so it can be handled.

Regirock ex is Weak to Water Pokémon.  While not the worst, there are some really nasty Water decks, both mainstream (pardon the pun) like Water Call Swampert or Blastoise ex, as well as some more rogue examples (beware the Wooper… well, the Quagsire more accurately).

Abilities: Regirock ex has two attacks.  Mend is pretty sweet.  While not as effective as Mewtwo ex’s Energy Absorption in terms of scope and breadth, it has an effect that lacks.  That is to say, being limited to attaching Fighting Energy (instead of any Energy) and only one Energy (instead of two) is worth removing a damage counter from itself.  This means a TV Reporter or Rocket’s Mission can let you get the second attack going by the fourth turn of the game… your second turn, and hopefully erase some Sudden Flash damage.

Unfortunately, Metal Crush isn’t so hot.  The base damage is 40, which is fair for a Basic Pokémon.  There is an effect that gives you 20 extra damage if Registeel ex is in play.  Now, this might be fine if at least one of the two Pokémon involved (preferably this one) or neither were Pokémon-ex.  However, this is a Basic Pokémon-ex.  It’s “all alone”: there is only one Pokémon that Evolves from a Pokémon-ex, and it isn’t for Regirock ex.  This attack, if it hit for even a flat 60, would be pretty solid.

So while the first attack is pretty good, the second isn’t, and that means you are better of using the previous Regirock ex, which just seems to have more synergy with its own abilities.

Uses and Combinations: If you can’t get the other Regirock ex, or need a Basic Fighting Pokémon-ex that doesn’t inflict self damage, this might be your next best option.  There are a few others in this category, but none are particularly great.  Also, speedy set up decks that use the dump and attach trick like Mewtwo ex should consider this as another possible candidate.


Unlimited: 1/5-Look elsewhere for a big Fighting Pokémon, not that said Pokémon are in high demand anyway.

Modified: 2/5-It isn’t horrid, but it just seems to be outdone by its predecessor.  Covering the minor level of self damage the previous Regirock ex does to itself is manageable, and the only thing that card really has going against it.

Limited: 3.75-Pretty solid here.  While you can’t speed it up, and it isn’t too great to open with, it is big and hits for decent damage.  If you’re opponent’s “tempo” slows down, that is, they aren’t able to attack for a few turns and you have the Energy in the discard pile from retreating and KOs, then you can slowly heal up.


This card is almost playable, but while it matters more than in most games, “almost” is not enough.  The second attack is over-priced for a Basic Pokémon ex, depending on having a second Pokémon ex in play to make the damage solid (but not especially good).  Honestly, with a slight HP reduction, this would probably have made a decent non-Pokémon-ex Regirock.


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