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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Emerald


Date Reviewed: 07.29.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.4
Modified: 1.85
Limited: 3.4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Background: Milotic is a Stage 1 Water type, with a weakness to Lightning, no resistance, and requires 2 energy to retreat. 90 hp is pretty good for a non-EX stage 1.


Surf (1 Colorless): 20 damage. Simple, effective, and cheap.

Super Hypno Wave (1 Water, 2 Colorless): 50 damage and a flip for sleep. The attack speaks for itself.


Unlimited: 2/5: Quick to set up, but there are far better water types to play out here.

Modified: 3/5: Better here, more of a filler in a Milotic EX deck though rather than being a main hitter.

Limited: 3.5/5: In a format where Pokemon with cheap attacks and high HP reign, Milotic is pretty good. However, if you play it, beware of its pre-evolved form, Feebas. With only 30 HP, it could be a bit hard to get it to live long enough to evolve.
Scyther 21 Scyther 21 is back, after having some computer problems. But anyway I am back to do some reviews starting with Milotic.


90 HP for a stage one pokemon that is not ex is very good. Of course +10 HP would make it better but Milotic's HP is not small, get that Feebas evolved as soon as possible.

The first attack is Surf for 20 points of damage. This attack is great second turn because of a solid 20 points and also it can take any color of energy.

The second attack is Super Hypno Wave which deals 50 points of damage, with the a 50% chance of making the opponent asleep (of course not counting the flip in between turns). This attack is also easy to use only costing one water energy and two of any type.

The bottom stats are expected; weakness to electric, no restistance, and a retreat of two.

As the attack requirments show Milotic is extremely splashable only requiring one water energy.

Unlimited: 1.7 there are faster and more powerful cards out there
Modified: 2.4 this pokemon is just not the strongest thing out there, frankly the best it could hope for is some form of tech in a rouge deck
Limited: 3.6 with only one specific energy requirment this card can fit in any type of deck as long as it has some level of water

Scyther 21 out

Milotic (EX: Emerald) #8/106

Hey folks. Hopefully everyone is having a good day. Today’s card is Milotic from the set EX: Emerald. Let’s get started.

Hit Points (HP) – 90HP is a little above average for a stage 1 non-ex. I haven’t seen many with 100HP. This is nice but again, not nice enough to save yourself from weakness. When hit by weakness, 90 and 100HP don’t really look different.

Attack 1 – Surf – 20 for [Colorless] isn’t bad, but kind of lacking. I guess it’s not BAD, but not really good either.

Attack 2 – Super Hypno Wave – The attack does 50 damage and flip a coin, if heads the defending pokemon is asleep. 3 for 50 on non-ex’s is about average. The sleep makes it a little better, but its nothing great to begin with.

Weakness – Electric – Yeah, that’s common. Zapdos is popular and you have Dark Electrode in DragTrode (Dark Dragonite/Dark Electrode) and Dark Ampharos in Rock-Lock (Dark Ampharos/Pidgeot/Dark Tyranitar) as well as EX: Hidden Legends Lanturn to worry about. Electric weakness isn’t that good right now.

Resistance – None – Yeah, that’s common.

Retreat Cost – [Colorless] [Colorless] – It’s expected because the pokemon is large.

The Good:

- Surf is cheap.

- Super Hypno Wave is slightly better than the average 50 for 3.

The Bad:

- You can’t really combo this with anything.

- Weakness to electric isn’t that good right now.

- It’s attacks are dull.

Unlimited – 0/5 – I don’t see any reason to play this in Unlimited.

Modified – 1/5 – It’s not awful to the point where you would want to burn it, but I see no reason to play it in Modified.

Limited – 3/5 – Hey, it has nice HP, a cheap first attack, and a little above average second attack.

This was a dull card really. I hope everyone has a good day. I’m out.

~ Prime (Matt Riddle)


X-Act EX Emerald Milotic

A rather sub-par Milotic. Both Milotic ex from the same set and Milotic from Hidden Legends are better than this. It’s got 90HP, but both the aforementioned Milotic cards have more. Its first attack does 20 for a colorless, and its second attack does 50 with a 50% chance of sleep for two colorless and a water. It’s got a predictable weakness to lightning, and a retreat cost of 2. Rather bland, if you ask me.

Unlimited: Don’t use it in Unlimited, unless you want to get owned by basically anything that the opponent might play. 1/5

Modified: If you want to use a Milotic in Modified, do everyone a favour and use Milotic ex or Milotic from Hidden Legends, not this one. 1/5

Limited: Here it’s okay. It’s got pretty splashable attacks, good HP, can deal quick, solid damage, and can possibly inflict a special condition, which are all attributes that are nice to have in this format. 3.5/5

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