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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Camerupt ex

EX Emerald


Date Reviewed: 07.27.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.5
Modified: 3.25
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Prime Camerupt EX (EX: Emerald) #92/106

Hey everyone. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Today’s card is Camerupt EX from the set EX: Emerald. Let’s just go down the card and review each part of it one at a time.

Hit Points (HP) – Camerupt has 120HP. 120HP for a stage 1 EX is above average. Right now 100-110 is about average. 120HP won’t help against it’s weakness but it will help in some matches. 120HP is above average and very good.

Poke-Body – Magma Armor – Camerupt EX cannot be Asleep or Paralyzed. This is a little useful but not that useful. The only time I see this being useful is against Dunsparce. There is not that much Special Conditions being played right now, so this Poke-Body won’t come in that much use.

Attack 1 – Searing Flame – For [Colorless] [Colorless], it does 30 and the defending Pokemon is now burned. This is actually pretty nice. A 2 colorless requirement means that if you don’t have to worry about what type of energy you put on it. It could be 2 darkness energy, a psychic and water energy, anything. Auto-burn and 30 damage could equal 50 damage at the end of the turn if your opponent flips tails. 50 damage for 2 colorless energy is pretty nice, especially since you can get it out T2. I could definitely see this helping against T2 with their active Jirachi and everything. If you go first and they don’t swoop with a jirachi active, you can almost just KO it then and mess them up.

Attack 2 – Eruption – For [Fire] [Fire] [Colorless], Eruption does 60 damage and each player discards the top card of his or her deck. The attack does 60 damage plus 20 more for each energy card discarded in this way. Right off the bat, 60 for 3 is about average. It’s the capability of doing 100 damage that makes this attack great. If you run EX: Deoxys Magcargo with Camerupt EX, you can set a energy card on top of your deck every turn, guaranteeing 80 damage at least each turn. Also, if you run EX: Team Rocket Returns Dark Slowking with Camerupt EX, you can look at the top card of your opponent’s deck every turn and either place it back on top of force your opponent to shuffle their deck. This can increase the odds of your opponent discarding an energy card and Eruption doing 20 more damage. You can also run EX: Ruby and Sapphire Firestarter Blaziken with Camerupt EX. When you discard an energy card with Camerupt EX, if it’s a basic fire energy, you could then use Firestarter next turn to bring it back out of the discard pile and move it onto one of your benched Pokemon. I could definitely see this attack being combo’d with some other stuff.

Weakness – Water – What do you expect? This isn’t that bad, but with Ludicargo being at least half popular, it isn’t that good either.

Resistance – None – No comment. I have never seen a fire pokemon with a resistance.

Retreat Cost – [Colorless] [Colorless] – This is above average but it makes sense for a large Pokemon to have a medium retreat cost.

The Good:

-120HP on a stage 1 is nice. Definitely above average.

- Searing Flame can deal 50 for 2 colorless. This attack can be powered on T2 and easily OHKO a EX: Deoxys Jirachi that you might run into with other T2Lock decks.

- Eruption is very combo-rific. It can deal 100 damage for just 3 energy, which is very good.

- It’s Poke-Body helps out against the random Dunsparce.

The Bad:

- Ah, I guess you could say its retreat cost is bad. But it’s a little above average really and very expected.

- Ludicargo is kind of popular right now, so having a weakness to water isn’t that good.

Unlimited - 3/5 – You have ways of bring back energy and adjusting the top card of your deck. I don’t think it would do awesome, but I don’t see it doing badly.

Modified – 3.5/5 – This card has so much potential. It could be run like a T2 deck, or it could be run with magcargo and dark slowking.

Limited – 5/5 – Special Conditions are huge here. Magma Armor guarantees that Camerupt EX cannot be stopped from attacking by Special Conditions. Searing Flame can be used in any deck, even a pure water deck. Eruption might not be that good, but the chance of doing 80/100 is very good in Limited. Its retreat cost isn’t that good, but you know, it can’t be perfect.

This is Prime signing out. Have a good day everyone and a pleasant tomorrow.

~ Prime (Matt Riddle)


X-Act Camerupt ex

Camerupt ex is one of those novel Fire types that can work in the right deck. Aside from the “can’t be asleep or paralyzed” Poke-Body, it can auto-burn and do 30 for 2 colorless in the first attack, which is pretty cool, but Eruption, the second attack, is the crux of the card. Specifically, for 1 colorless and 2 fire energy, you and your opponent discard the top card of your deck, and then you deal 60 plus 20 damage for each energy card discarded by you and your opponent, which can potentially amount to 100 damage. 120HP is above-average for a Stage 1 Pokemon ex (most Stage 1 ex’s have 100 or 110HP), and retreat cost of 2 is manageable. It has also a sole weakness to water.

Unlimited: It would rock in Unlimited if the attacks weren’t so weak to Energy Removals, and if it weren’t weak to Water. Blastoise/Suicune ex is still a deck to be reckoned with in Unlimited, which would make easy prey of Camerupt ex. On the up side, Camerupt ex gets the help of Oracle so that you ensure the discarding of an Energy. Ensuring the discarding of an energy card from your opponent’s side is, however, a different story. 2/5

Modified: It’s not bad here. Magcargo with Smooth Over Poke-Power can be used to ensure that you discard an Energy when using Eruption. Dark Slowking can also be comboed with Camerupt ex so that you get a better chance of your opponent helping you add an extra 20 damage to your attack. It can work. Watch out for Ludicolos however. 3/5

Limited: It’s not bad in Limited too. It is immune to two Special conditions, which is already a plus, and it’s got two solid attacks. Also, you can always draft the Uncommon Camerupt from the same set with it. 3.5/5
Travis Island Cave

Background: Well, it’s an ok stadium card. Whenever you attach an energy card to one of your Water, Fighting, or Steel Pokemon, you get to remove any special conditions. Unless you really have problems with special conditions in your metagame area, don’t bother using it. There are better stadiums out there. Also, since it works on your opponent’s pokemon as well, make sure they aren’t playing one of the three types it affects.


Unlimited: 1/5: Don’t bother. Run another stadium here.

Modified: 2/5: Ok here, but more of a counter-stadium to Battle Frontier or something rather than the focus of a deck.

Limited: 3/5: Unlikely you will use it much, but the general rule is to take any trainers you get. Also, status conditions are slightly more common in this enviorment.

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