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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Island Cave

EX Hidden Legends


Date Reviewed: 07.26.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.5
Modified: 2
Limited: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

X-Act Island Cave

Island Cave is a Stadium Trainer which is seeing a little more play lately. Specifically, if you attach an Energy card to your Active [W], [F] or [M] Pokemon, it cures it of its Special Condition. This helps Jirachi from Deoxys re-use its Wishing Star Poke-Power the next turn if it had remained asleep, since Pokemon that are asleep can’t use Poke-Powers. Since this Jirachi forms the basis of the popular “T2L” decks, this gym is sometimes teched in these decks as a precaution. Otherwise, it’s not really needed in most other decks, or if it is, those decks always have a superior gym that they can use.

Unlimited: It might be semi-useful in Unlimited if you play Blastoise/Suicune ex, so that your Suicune ex is immediately freed of any special conditions whenever you raindance energies to it, and as a counter to gyms like Desert Ruins, but probably you’ll find other gyms in Unlimited to be more useful than Island Cave. 1.5/5

Modified: Apart from the use I mentioned above, it is usually topped by other, more useful, Stadium cards in this format. 2/5

Limited: It is okay in Limited. Countering Special Conditions in Limited is pretty neat, but there are usually better cards that you can draft. 2.5/5
Prime Island Cave (EX: Hidden Legends) #89/101

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is having a good day. Today we will be discussing a stadium out of EX: Hidden Legends named Island Cave.

Island Cave says that whenever a player attaches an energy card from their hand to their water, fighting, or metal Pokemon, that player can remove any special conditions on that Pokemon.

Island Cave is a Stadium. Recently, there have been some changes to the rules about Stadiums. One major change was that a player cannot play a Stadium that has the same exact name as a Stadium already in play. This means that if your opponent lays an Island Cave, and next turn you want to drop an Island Cave from your hand so you can play Steven’s Advice, that isn’t going to work. Do I see people playing less Stadiums? No. Even though they might become useless in a Stadium mirror match, you still need to be able to counter your opponent when it matters and get out the Stadium when it’s needed, not a few turns after.

It only affects water, fighting, or metal Pokemon, so in other decks that run the other 6 types of Pokemon, this card will be useless. Its affect is sort of nice. There’s not that many Special Conditions floating around in this metagame. Dunsparce and paralyzation is the most popular Special Condition that you might run into on a day to day basis. One card that does work well with this Stadium is the Jirachi out of EX: Deoxys. Jirachi lets you look at the top 5 cards of your deck and take 1 and put it in your hand. Jirachi then puts itself to sleep. Next turn, you could have Island Cave in play, attach an Energy card from your hand to Jirachi, and he would wake up automatically. You could then proceed to use its Poke-Power again. Sometimes that is a waste of an Energy card as Jirachi won’t be attacking that much. But in some decks, like DragTrode (Dark Dragonite/Dark Electrode), you can move the Energy card you attached to Jirachi onto a Pokemon on the bench making the attachment quite useful.

The Good:

- It’s a stadium. You can fit it into almost any deck.

- It can combo with cards like EX: Deoxys Jirachi and DragTrode.

- It can help if you ever get paralyzed by Dunsparce.

The Bad:

- It only affects Water, Fighting, and Metal Pokemon.

- There is not that much Special Conditions being used in this metagame.

Unlimited - 1/5

I still don’t see that many Special Conditions being played here. With no Special Conditions, this card is useless.

Modified – 2/5

It has its perks and uses, but is really only useful in decks like T2Lock and against Dunsparce.

Limited – 4/5

If you can get the Pokemon in your deck to be Water, Fighting, and Metal, I think this card could work awesome. Status Conditions are huge in limited because people can’t deal out the huge amounts of damage they can normally in a format like Modified or Unlimited. This card is definitely useful here.

This is Prime signing out. Have a good day everyone and a pleasant tomorrow.

~ Prime (Matt Riddle)


Travis Island Cave

Background: Well, it’s an ok stadium card. Whenever you attach an energy card to one of your Water, Fighting, or Steel Pokemon, you get to remove any special conditions. Unless you really have problems with special conditions in your metagame area, don’t bother using it. There are better stadiums out there. Also, since it works on your opponent’s pokemon as well, make sure they aren’t playing one of the three types it affects.


Unlimited: 1/5: Don’t bother. Run another stadium here.

Modified: 2/5: Ok here, but more of a counter-stadium to Battle Frontier or something rather than the focus of a deck.

Limited: 3/5: Unlikely you will use it much, but the general rule is to take any trainers you get. Also, status conditions are slightly more common in this enviorment.

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