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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Vileplume ex

EX Hidden Legends


Date Reviewed: 07.06.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 4.75
Modified: 4
Limited: 3.91

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Woo today we'll have Vileplume ex for review. Well I believe it's another re-review and I think it is REALLY nice. I did have one but my friend Chu took it to Worlds 04 and traded it out...who got it? Mmm I believe it's famous for its use in unlimited format, but anyway let's read the spoiler:

Vileplume ex - 140 HP - Grass type
Stage 2 - evolves from Gloom

When Pokemon-ex is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Poke-Body: Block Dust: As long as Vileplume ex is your Active Pokemon, your opponent can't play Trainer cards (except for Supporter cards) from his or her hand.
[2G] Special Formula (50) Flip a coin. If heads, the defending Pokemon is now Asleep and Poisoned. If tails, the defending Pokemon is now Confused.
Weakness: Psychic
Retreat Cost: 2

WOW I love it. Yes, we should put ALL of our focus on Block Dust.
Remember Dark Vileplume's Hay Fever Pokemon Power?

Pokemon Power: Hay Fever: When this card is in play, neither player may play Trainer cards. This power cannot be used if Dark Vileplume is Asleep, Confused or Paralyzed.

I can say they have similar uses, but Vileplume ex is much better.
Why? Easy, because you can use Trainers / Supporters but your opponent can't use them =/. Think about it. Think about it DEEPLY. How important is trainers to a deck? I can say that, no trainers, no deck.
Yes you may say that we can just use lots of Supporter for some draws.
But I suppose you should have more non-supporter trainers rather than supporters. For a Rock Lock - Rocket's Tricky Gyms, ATM Rocks, for a Slaking deck, switches / warp points, for a Medicham ex deck, more Stadiums, Energy Removal 2, Swoop! Teleporter, anyway a lot more. Now you understand how important are non-supporters to a deck? You are almost trapped if you can't use Swoop! Teleporter in a T2 deck lol.

If you use Vileplume ex in unlimited format, it is even more than that.
Think about it again, how many Supporter will we use in unlimited format?
Maybe just Prof. Oak's Research, Copycat or Mr.
Briney's Compassion. Wow so we can slash all stall decks which wins by
(Super) Energy Removals...and if your opponent even didn't add any trainers (normal), bye-bye.

ROFL a T2 Vileplume ex is EXCELLENT because you don't have to worry about ATM Rock, and you can play a Battle Frontier like Hariyama ex...

Combos: Boost Energy for T2 damages. That's cool isn't it. And we can also add some Bellossom HL to keep it for longer time, than Super Scoop Up it, and pump another Vileplume ex, keep on stalling! (In my
opinion) LOL add a Strength Charm and Battle Frontier for Rock Lock xD. Wow I just find it's a Rock Lock killer...

For unlimited: just add as much Gold Berry / Berry as you can to keep it for longer time, and yell I'm loving it!

For 2-on-2: Vileplume ex + Armaldo SS is a famous combo to stop your opponent from playing trainers...what should you do then?


Unlimited: 4.5/5 I've to say that it destroys everything unless your opponent plays lots of supporters in his / her deck to avoid Vileplume ex...GREAT. >.<

Modified: 4/5 Still not bad since it kills Rocket's Secret Machines, Pokemon Tools, Technical Machines and some stuffs like Rocket's Pokeballs.

Limited: 3.5/5 It's still not bad here since its attack is nice and we can also block ATM Rock from HL (lol I also use it in Pre-Release).

Overall: 4/5 Vileplume ex is our hero.

[WELCOME BACK JOHNNY K. AKA PATRIACH...hey John please contact me ash.van.je@hotmail.com, I have something to ask you. ;) BTW Welcome for suggestions and comments.]
Bullados Vileplume ex

Attributes: 140 HP is on the low end of the stage 2 Pokemon-ex scale, but it's enough to make Plume a tough KO. That is, until you move on to the Weakness, and notice that any Psychic type that can deal 70 damage, and most of them can do that quite easily, has a OHKO. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do to stop a Psychic deck, considering that there is only a single Psychic type that is weak to Grass, and Vileplume NEEDS to be active in order to function effectively. A retreat of 2 doesn't really matter, because, again, Vileplume absolutely has to be active in order for it to work correctly.

Attack #1: [GCC] Special Formula
This is, at best, a very nice attack. It deals a decent amount of damage, plus has the ability to deal Status, which is huge in a Modified format that is completely unprepared for status effects. However, it is slightly overcosted for a Pokemon-ex, it would have been better off dealing 60 damage or costing GG for 40, but it's still very nice.

Poke-BODY: "Block Dust"
THIS is the core of this card. You can effectively lock in a Low Pressure or Battle Frontier so that your opponent will have fits trying to get it out of the way. It's also better than its Dark counterpart in that it still allows YOU to play YOUR Trainers.


Unlimited: A card that is better in Unlimited than in MOdified? You don't say? Most of the Unlimited draw power is not Supporter driven, and there are VERY few Supporters played in this format. On top of that, your opponent can't get it out of the way, AND there is very little Psychic played here, because 4 out of the top 5 Pokemon in the format are Psychic resistant. The attack is pretty good for the 60-70 HP range, considering that it will OHKO those half the time, and could prevent them from attacking about half the time (I didn't do the exact math for all that, don't take my word on it). A VERY solid Pokemon, and one of three stage 2s that are actually viable in Unlimited (Blastoise and Feraligatr being the others).

Modified: A little worse here, considering that Psychic is a fairly popular type right now, tryig to combat the Turn 2 Control decks that will be popping up over the next month or so. In fact, you could put Vileplume into that Turn 2 Control catagory if run with the right engine. It hands RocLoc its packing bags, and is better than average against DragTrode, two of the top decks in the format. It might not be as fast as other Turn 2 Control decks, nor as stable, but it could work in the format.

Limited: Big HP with an attack that OHKOs most to all Basics in the set with no drawbacks, plus has a fairly easy to draft line that is good in its own right without the Plume. Stopping most Trainers in the format, with the exception of Steven's, and being able to deal HUGE damage make this a powerful ally if you can manage to first draft it (about one in every 3 boxes), and then get it out consistently.


Vileplume Ex: Ex Hidden Legends

Vileplume ex is the card at which all my vitriolic animus is aimed at currently. Granted it was my fault for being uninformed going into PA state tourney, but it is an incredibly annoying card, and when play skillfully it’s very powerful. To the stats: Grass type, 140 Hp, weakness to psychic, no resistance, retreat of 2. The Poke-body Block Dust forbids your opponent from playing any trainers, except for supporters, from their hand. This is an immensely disruptive power and if your deck isn’t ready to counter you are in for a difficult game, one that you will probably lose. The attack for 1 grass and 2 colorless energy does 50 damage and for flipping heads you put the opposing guy to sleep and poison it, and if you flip tails you still confuse the opposing Pokemon. It’s a good attack that always inflicts some status condition, and because of Vileplume’s body, it makes it more difficult for you opponent to get rid of those conditions if need be.

The general idea for Vileplume ex is to shut down your opponent with a combination of Vile’s body and a good stadium card, Battle Frontier is the most potent but Mt. Moon still has its merits. You’ll want to get Vileplume out first or second turn, the fact that it may not be able to attack is irrelevant for the most part since the main idea is to turn of Poke-powers and bodies and prevent your opponent from playing non-supporter cards; it is still a good idea to include some boost energies though to help combat other speeds decks like Zapdos or Dark Slowking. Crystal shard is also good to further punish Dark Dragonite and other dragons, and to help counter speed decks that use Jirachi, with a little luck and a crystal shard you may be able to KO Jirachi before you opponent can Swoop! and get their deck moving. There are numerous variations with Vileplume ex, some choose to use it by itself, or with Jirachi for speed, you could use Pigdoet but then there are problems with Battle Frontier, Magcargo also works to help create consistency and to get the cards you want, or even possibly a 1st turn Parasect to get the energies you need to help power up Vileplume, finally Bellossom is good since Gloom can evolve into 2 separate Pokemon and healing dance is always helpful. That was a really long sentence. Grumpig from Emerald may be good too, helps combat weakness and as I mention in the Muk review, Grumpig can be switched after attacking. Muk ex and Medicham ex have their virtues too in combining with Vileplume ex, your always shutting down your opponent in some way or another, just be careful with ex intensive decks. Anyway experimentation is also good to, that is how new combos are discovered in the first place.

Since I really hate facing this card I decided to include a few possible counters to it. Rocket’s Raikou is a possible choice in dark decks like Dragtrode, especially with new ruling on it. With R’s Raikou you can make your opponent switch Pokemon, you opponents gets to choose the new one, but if they only have 1 Vileplume it give you a chance to play a stadium and such. Wobbuffet is good to since ex’s can hurt it and Vile is weak to it, same with Dark Slowking just be aware of your own weakness with Dark Slowking.

Unlimited 5/5 This is without a doubt the most influential of the new modified cards on the unlimited format. Most trainers used here are non-supporters (or at least they use to be before Vileplume Ex), and Vileplume ex completely prevent them from being played. Combined with either Slowking (assuming you’re allowed to play it) or chaos gym you can completely shutdown your opponents trainer engine, and generally their whole deck because of that.

Modified 4/5 This a great card no doubt, but the psychic weakness is a problem. Plus decks that don’t rely on powers that Battle Frontier and Mt. Moon shut down can generally suffer Block Dust long enough to still get moving and strut their stuff as it were.

Limited 4.75/5 Automatic status conditions are deadly in limited, but so are the powerful psychic Pokemon in the deck (to Vileplume at least). Your opponent won’t be able to use Life Herbs though which is good.

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