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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Muk ex

EX Dragon


Date Reviewed: 07.14.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 3.5
Modified: 3.7
Limited: 2.4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Another re-review, this is a good example of the recent Turn 2 Control decks.  It happens to also be the oldest of these Pokémon, at least that I am familiar with, so it seemed most deserving of a getting another look.


Name: Muk ex

Set/Card#: Dragon (96/97)

Type: Grass

Stage: 1(Evolves from Grimer)

HP: 100

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Poké-Body: Toxic Gas

As long as Muk ex is your Active Pokémon, ignore all Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies other than Toxic Gas.

Attack#1: (G) Poison Breath [10]

The Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.

Attack#2: (GGC) Slimy Water [40+]

Does 40 damage plus 10 more damage for each (C) Energy in the Defending Pokémon’s Retreat Cost (after applying effects to the Retreat Cost).

Name: Grimer

Set/Card#: EX Team Rocket Returns (56/109)

Type: Grass

Stage: Basic

HP: 50

Weakness: Psychic

Resistance: None

Retreat: C

Attack#1: (C) Taunt

Choose 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon and switch it with 1 of the Defending Pokémon.  Your opponent chooses the Defending Pokémon to switch.

Attack#2: (CC) Spit Poison [10]

The Defending Pokémon is now Poisoned.


Attributes: Let’s take a refresher course on Muk ex.  It is a Stage 1 Pokémon ex, of course, which means it should be on par with many Stage 2 Pokémon.  It is a Grass-type, which appears to be an advantage.  Why?  Well, it is a bad thing against Metal Pokémon and Dark Dragonite… but there is a nice mix of Pokémon Weak to it.  Plus, there is always Crystal Shard.


Muk ex has 100 HP.  This is a mixed blessing.  On the bright side, it is high enough that you can survive a hit or two.  The downside is that it is just enough to trigger Desert Ruins.  Also, Muk ex is Weak to Psychic Pokémon, and most will be able to OHKO it.  It also lacks a Resistance, so most Pokémon towards the end of their Evolution line will be able to two-hit KO it.  Seems kind of sad since HP is one of Muk’s strong points in the GBA games.  It has a fairly solid retreat of two Energy; this is too pricey to retreat for anything not serious, but you should be able to retreat when it is vital.


I recommend using the Grimer from EX Team Rocket Returns.  It has the same stats as your only other Modified legal alternative from EX Dragons, but it has the oh-so useful attack of Taunt to bring up something defenseless to give you time to Evolve.


Abilities: Toxic Gas gets a huge boost due to rulings changes since it was first introduced.  When it first came out, I believe that while the term Pokémon Powers covered the terms Poké-Power and Poké-Body, the reverse wasn’t true.  That has now changed, so this card can affect older Pokémon Powers… in Unlimited.  I wouldn’t recommend playing it there though, and I mainly mention this ruling since I went on and on about the old ruling in the original review of this card.  More useful is that is now stops coming into play powers, and more importantly, there are a lot more of those seeing play (Zapdos ex), and just the increase in dependency upon Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies to begin with.


Poison Breath is a simple, opening attack.  It is fairly priced… for a basic, so it is a tad disappointing for a Stage 1 Pokémon-ex.  Still, it serves its purpose.


Slimy Water is a nice solid attack, especially early game when it will OHKO the average small Basic (50 HP with a Retreat Cost of one).


Uses and

Combinations: Speaking of early game, that is when this card now gets into play.  It works well with the Jirachi Swoop engine: start with Deoxys Jirachi, use it’s Poké-Power to draw a card or two, then use Swoop! Teleporter to switch to Grimer and then Evolve into Muk ex.  Now you can start killing their stuff and most decks will be stuck top decking Trainers.




Unlimited: 1.75/5-There might be some Rogue use for it… but if so I still haven’t found it.


Modified: 4/5-Now that we have the Jirachi Swoop engine to drive the deck, it’s become phenomenal.


Limited: 3.5/5-A lot of obscure Poké-Bodies and Poké-Powers become good here, and this shuts them down.  A lot of larger, let used Pokémon also get used here.  Finally, Poison is nasty in this format.  The only thing really holding Muk ex back is its poor Attributes and being a Pokémon ex-that’s half your prizes if it gets KOed.



This card is fantastic now that players are getting it out turn two and that the format relies so heavily on Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies.  It is quite hard to escape this when it sets up… but at the same time if you know it is coming you can prepare for it fairly effectively.


Review of Muk ex

OK today we will have Muk ex for our review. Yeah remember William Hung won a regionals by Muk ex? ;) Let's read the spoiler!

Muk ex – 100 HP – Grass
Stage 1 – evolves from Grimer

When Pokémon ex has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Poke-Body: Toxic Gas: As long as Muk ex is your Active Pokemon, ignore all Poke-Powers and Poke-Bodies other than Toxic Gas.
[G] Poison Breath (10) The Defending Pokemon is now Poisoned.
[1GG] Slimy Water (40+) Does 40 damage plus 10 more damage for each C Energy in the Defending Pokemon's Retreat Cost (after applying effects to the Retreat Cost.)
Weakness: Psychic
RC: 2

Well the Toxic Gas is the point of the whole card, and it's same as the fossil one. Cool...why will it work? Give yourself 2 minutes to think; what decks lives without Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies? Erm, 4 corners, Exeggutor, I can't think of anymore, sorry...in order to have a beautiful combo, Poke-Powers and Poke-Bodies are necessary for the set up. But remember, Toxic Gas doesn't block 'come in to play' powers or bodies, like Zapdos ex or Milotic HL.

The point of playing it is to block Powers and Bodies in the 2nd turn to stop your opponent setting up quick. Psychic Weakness is really bad since it would be dangerous if it meets Gardy (ex), Dark Hypno RR or Dark Slowking RR...

Combos: Team Aqua's Hideout for adding Slimy Water's damage, Jirachi + Swoop! Teleporter for set up, mm honestly it works great by itself.
Pet said it works with Medicham ex...@.@ but sorry I don't think so?


Unlimited: 3.5/5 I would say that it works almost as great as the fossil one, but Slimy Water can do more damages and Pokemons before expedition don't have many Pokemon Powers
Modified: 4/5 I think it can unsettle your opponent if they're playing decks such as DraggyRode, Rock Lock, or Salamence ex, anyway it stops many decks.
Limited: 4/5 it's great since Slimy Water do big damages and Toxic Gas and stop some bloody power like Amphy ex's conductivity or Dragonite ex's Call for Power. Cool lol.
Overall: 3.8/5 yeah it's nice, and GJ Will. ;) (Sorry I write really little in this few weeks since I found out that I lost a lot of Pokemon memory after exams and it may take up a few months to recover my memory. And I'm so scared about the tourney in the next month since the only deck that I remember how to play is Magma. I hope if anyone can help me...omg. Sorry :(
) Check out my Swoop! Teleporter reporter review that I forgot to do yesterday lol.

-Ash. [becomes a crazy mad dude after a long term exam...] Opinions, or suggestions? E-mail to ash.van.je@gmail.com, AIM AshVanJe, MSN ash_cheng@hotmail.com

Muk ex: Ex Dragon

Muk ex has finally found a place in the modified format, thanks in part to rulings that state he turns off so-called “coming into play” powers, it’s too bad that it will probably be rotated out after worlds. Anyway here are the stats for the uninformed. He’s a grass type with a 100 Hp, weakness to psychic and a retreat of 2. His Pokebody Toxic Gas, and the main reason for using him, shuts off all other Pokebodies and powers. His first attack does 10 damage and automatic poison for 1 energy. The second attack for 1 grass energy and 2 of any other type does an automatic 40 damage plus 10 more for each energy in the opposing Pokemon’s retreat cost.

The majority of combos for this guy revolve around disruption. As was already discussed in the Swoop! CotD it’s easy to get this guy out turn 2 to stop your opponent from using powers (like those annoying Zapdos decks). It’s also possible to rare candy or Wally’s training a grimer immediately, and since Muk Ex has an attack for 1 energy you can still attack which is always nice. The second attack can also be boosted so you can use it faster. Team Aqua’s Hideout it also good with this guy since it raises the retreat cost of all non-Team Aqua Pokemon, which pretty much guarantees that you’ll be hitting for at least 50 damage with the second attack. Just make sure you have some switches so you don’t cripple yourself. Don’t forget the crystal shards to get hurt dragons and get around the resistance of Jirachi. Desert Ruins can hurt Muk, which is another great reason to run Team Aqua’s Hideout and thankfully decks that lock a Stadium card in place are equally hurt by Desert Ruins so it isn’t used there. And it may also be advisable to run something to counter Muk’s weakness since it cannot be turned off. Exeggutor is good, but luck based, Wobbuffet is always nice, and the new Grumpigs are solid hitters, especially since you can switch after attacking with the one.

Unlimited 2/5 Pretty pointless here since you can just use the old non-ex Muk with toxic gas and achieve the same effect. Muk Ex’s attack are slightly better and don’t require so many of a certain energy, but his ex status hurts him a lot here. Thankfully there are no strong baby psychic Pokemon like Tyrogue and such.

Modified 4/5 Definitely getting a power increase recently, he shuts down many decks and he’s got good and annoying attacks. Just watch out for psychic decks that can absolute slaughter this kind of deck.

Limited 4/5 I wasn’t around for this pre-release, but based on the cards in the set, and again with new rulings, Muk seems pretty powerful. There’s only one strong psychic Pokemon in the set for Muk to worry about and only a few resistances. So he looks to be pretty solid here if there would ever be another Dragon limited tournament.
Scyther 21 Muk ex

Muk ex a card that has shown its face a couple of times, how good is it really.

Muk ex has 100 HP, ouch. With only 100 this card loses value, sure it is a stage one pokemon but its an ex. Meaning once it takes 100 points (not hard to do) your opponent will recieve two prizes, bad Muk.

The pokebody Toxic Gas is a somewhat parallel version of fossil muk, with one MAJOR difference Muk ex has to be active there goes the advantage. I guess in order to make up for it now Pokebodies are also ignored, not worth the trade-off. Normally, The pokebodies/powers don't hurt the pokemon, but this card can be argued to be an exception. This is because with such nice poke body you want Muk ex as your active. This links back to it only having 100 HP.

The first attack, Poison Breath deals 10 damage and a 100% chance of poison for one grass. Which means you are basically getting 20 points of damage straight of for one energy, which is decent.

The second attack is Slimy Water which for two grass and one colorless deals 40 damage and 10 more for each energy symbol in the opponents retreat cost (after applying effects to the Retreat Cost). This is at going to deal 50 damge which is decent. And as the pokemon get bigger so does the damage (normally the retreat goes up as well). Combine this with Aqua Hideout and some real damage can be done.

The bottom stats are expected: Weakness to psychic, restistance to nothing, and a retreat cost of two.

Unlimited: 1.1 do not, I repeat do not play this over Fossil Muk, sure you can get rid of pokebodies as well but Muk ex has to be active, only has 30 more HP, and will cost you two prizes.
Modified 2.8 Muk ex seems to be an average card defiently only truly playable when a deck is built around him.
Limited: 3.4 it gains some speed but keep in mind that it is not the best out there

Scyther 21 out

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