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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Swoop Teleporter

Ex Team Rocket Returns


Date Reviewed: 07.12.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 4.5
Modified: 4.5
Limited: 4.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Hi guys! After yet another long pseudo-retirement, Patriarch is back, and this time, he's brought along a buddy. Everyone on Pojo, this is Seena Ghaziaskar, former 11-12 STS Champ, and now the current 15+ National Champion!


rpreisser27: ;D

rpreisser27: lol


Okay. Here's my review:::




Basically, discard one of your current Pokemon in play for one from your deck (no, you don't lose the game if you only have one pokemon out...hence, SWITCHING)...not too complex, right? Wrong. Swoop! Teleporter is a TRR Expansion trainer with a great amount of potential, and is currently one of the format's most playable cards. Mind you, I'm going to be out on a leg with this one; it will get getting 5's in all formats...but...why, you ask?


The consistency it brings to all formats-Cleffa...Dunsparce...Jirachi (Deoxys)...both modified and standard have some sort of Pokemon in the deck meant to up consistency. Well, if you get a bad start, and play swoop, then it's suddenly good! Example:::


You start with a lone slowpoke and a bunch of energy while using your Sneasel/Slowking at league...BEFORE swoop! teleporter, this would be an awful hand, but if Swoop is in that hand, then you can get rid of the 'poke for a cleffa, eeeeeeek away, and voila! You now have a solid, consistent start.


Swoop! Teleporter is so good for this RS-on format especially, because it is oversaturated with Supporter Draw cards, thus making many decks inconsistent, or otherwise slow. A perfect example of a deck made better by just one or two tech Swoops would be Dark Tyranitar/Dark Ampharos. Many considered this type of deck to be inconsistent, but now that the best lists play swoop teleporter, along with a multiple amount of dunsparce and 1 tech Jirachi, it is VERY consistent, and one of this format's best decks.


Swoop Allows you to make complex moves, thus increasing the enjoyment and skill involved in this game- Most of the time, swoop! teleporter pulls are brutally simple, but other times, they are not. In the late moments of the game, you sometimes are able to pull very awkward, cool, and exciting moves only through swoop! Examples:::


One time at a fun tournament, I was using Walrein. In the finals, my opponent has board control, but if I pull two prizes off of his attacking ex, then I win. So I sent up by Spheel with two energy, attached a third, used Swoop! Teleporter for a Slugma, evolved it to Magcargo DX1, Smoothed Over, used a draw card to get my smooth over, surprise! Time machine (the evolution version of swoop, which is also VERY good) for magcargo ex DRG, and did 100 for the win.


I NEVER write long reviews on cards, but Swoop! is an exception. Usually, us reviewers give most modified-legal cards (1/5) in Unlimited...that is CERTAINLY not the case.


So I humbly give Swoop! Teleporter my vote of confidence! :D


Unlimited (5/5): Oh god, simply outrageous.Find some good combos for yourself, because I haven't found even a tenth of them...so awesome =)


Modified (5/5): Swoop! Teleporter sometimes gives you more consistency in a deck than an actual draw card...it's just too amazing to NOT notice! Consider at least one of these lil brats for your modified decklist, especially if you plan to compete in the world championships, or its "grinder."


Limited (5/5):...Do you like using Swoop! Teleporter for a Shining Mudkip to surprise-win a close game? I know I do. =P


Later, cats and G-dawgs =p


Swoop! Teleporter: Ex Team Rocket

One of the new trainer cards introduced in Ex Team Rocket, Rocket’s Secret Machine, Swoop! Teleporter is an interesting card. For those that don’t know what it does, you switch a basic (non-ex) Pokemon with a basic (non-ex) Pokemon in your deck, the original is discarded and all effects, damage, energy, etc stay. It can be a very useful card in certain situations, and to combo with it properly it helps to manipulate those situations.

Since its inception players have been using to rid themselves of their 1st turn Dunsparce to get something more useful out. There’s a new strategy emerging where decks can be created that allow more of this to happen in different ways. For example in a Dark Slowking “Litter” deck one can start with Rocket’s Meowth and search for a tool or machine (the Swoop if necessary), then next turn Swoop for a slowpoke, evolve and attack for a mean and destructive 80 to 90 damage (if a dark energy is used). The second option is used in “power stopper deck” here the player starts with Jirachi from Deoxys and use wishing star, then hopefully it’ll wake up between turns allowing another wishing star to be used, then Swoop for Meditite, Grimer, Makuhita, and evolve into their respective Ex forms to shut down your opponent early (Hariyama needs a stadium to work well) and do some damage. Then by turn 3 you’ve disrupted your opponent and your setup to do some big damage. With Dunsparce being rotated out after Worlds I wouldn’t be surprised if a strategy of Swooping like this replaced the old way of starting with Dunsparce for quickness in getting basics. If this combo becomes even more stable it will become even more vicious when it works. That’s the main issue for this idea right now, you need to have the Swoop for the combo to work, and outside of a litter deck, 3 or more Swoops become excessive and interfere with the deck’s mechanics. So there’s some luck involved in getting Swoop, but when you do it’s powerful.

Unlimited 4/5 It’s very difficult to rate this card in this format since this combo is new in modified and I haven’t seen it in unlimited yet, but it’s powerful and quick and both of those are good in unlimited. As I said it’s a potent card in the right situation, and unlimited is often based on using basics, so I see this card working well for this format.

Modified 4/5 Ok, the card is kind of hard to rate in other formats to. It’s one of those cards that’s powerful in the right deck, and it can be used in pretty much every kind of deck, but only in certain ones is it really effective. I could easily see this card becoming a staple soon, but all that depends on what Unseen Forces brings, but for now try it out and see what happens.

Limited 4/5 Most trainers are good in limited (unless they are totally useless like getting a VS seeker with no supporters), the main problem with this is if you get when you don’t need it, but considering the number of times I’ve had basics with energy attached in play, but the improper evolutions in my hand makes this card amazing to have.


If you find the review is too long, skip straight to the Ratings and Summary! 


Name   : Swoop! Teleporter

Set       : EX Team Rocket Returns

Card#   : 92/109

Rarity   : Uncommon

Type    : Trainer

Sub-type: Rocket’s Secret Machine

Card Text: Search your deck for a Basic Pokémon (excluding Pokémon-ex) and switch it with 1 of your Basic Pokémon (excluding Pokémon-ex) in play.  Any cards, Special Conditions, and effects on it are now on the new Pokémon.)  Place the first Basic Pokémon in the discard pile.  Shuffle your deck afterward.


Attributes: Today’s “re-review” is Swoop! Teleporter.  This Trainer was last reviewed on December 3rd, 2004.  It is a Rocket’s Secret Machine, a definite advantage, as it opens up some combo opportunities I’ll list later.  The most important thing is that it is not a Supporter, making it a welcome addition to many, many Modified decks.  The only real downside to this is all the Trainer denial in Unlimited (mostly from Neo Genesis Slowking) and against Vileplume ex in Modified.  Pretty small drawback in the long run, though.


Abilities: So what does it actually do?  It swaps a Basic in play for one from your deck.  Any cards attached, damage counters, Special Conditions, and other effects residing on the old Basic are transferred to the new one.  The old Pokémon is discarded.  This is a nice effect at its most basic level; if you have one in hand, then whatever Pokémon you start with is guaranteed to be the perfect one… unless all copies of said “perfect” starter are in your Prizes.  Or, as the text states, if it either Basic you’d wish to involve is a Pokémon-ex.


Uses and

Combinations: Like so many Trainers in the game, what makes Swoop! Teleporter are the combos that go with it.  Let us start with some of its set-mates.  Rocket’s Meowth can nab it from the deck using its first attack.  With 60 HP, Rocket’s Meowth can be tricky to FTKO, meaning you will likely have a chance to Swoop it out for the desired Basic Pokémon.  You can also use the opposite approach: in just about any deck, once you’ve used your opening Basic’s desired ability, you can switch it out for Rocket’s Meowth and go suicidal with Miraculous Comeback.  Probably not the best idea though.


Rocket’s Secret Machines can be discarded by Dark Slowking to hit hard and fast, giving another use, but it’s time to get down to it: this card combos with something I said was horrible… and might have been, had everyone been as oblivious to the combos surrounding it as I was: EX Deoxys Jirachi.  Open with said Jirachi, use its Poké-Power at least once, and then Swoop out to something more useful.  Now, in general, this wouldn’t be enough; I could just open with Dunsparce, do the same thing, and instead of hoping something useful was in my top five cards, have dropped an Energy card onto it and gotten up to three Basics I needed.  So what was it I missed?  Well, the new crop of decks, mainly.  Most can set up turn two quite reliably, especially with Jirachi and Swoop! Teleporter.  What drove it home is the tournament winning potency of the “Jirachi/Swoop Engine” as some call it, is its use with the recent crop of control/disruption decks that set up by turn two, usually thanks to this combo.  Such decks usually run just Jirachi and the Pokémon that provide the control or disruption element.  This means they tend to start with either the Basic they need to Evolve from, or with Jirachi.  They draw with Jirachi once or twice; attaching Energy on their first turn, then on their second turn Swoop out so they can Evolve into what they need to. Since these decks are based around Pokémon with Poké-Powers or Bodies that require they be Active in order to function (Hariyama ex, Medicham ex, and Muck ex) they don’t want too much of a Bench.  A Bench fuels Dark Hypno (all these Pokémon I have seen are Psychic Weak) and makes the lock easier to break.  Or maybe its some reason I missed – these aren’t my decks and I am only just coming to know them better.




Unlimited: 3.5/5-Its definitely got its uses here as well.  Since Baby Pokémon are so hard to damage, and Neo Genesis Cleffa may be the ultimate opening Pokémon (at least for setting up), Eeeeeeek a few times then switch out to a Slowpoke or Squirtle to Evolve into one of the few Evolutions that see play here (Neo Genesis Slowking and Base Set Blastoise, respectively).  Or just into another Basic: due to the Baby Rule, it is very hard to injure “Baby” Pokémon, and thus they likely will have no damage even after they have served their purpose.  Still, this is Unlimited, and there are so many options floating around that can already help with this, it becomes something to definitely use… if you have room.  And that is a big if.


Modified: 4/5-Even though space is more limited here, it just combos so much better.  This format is built upon Evolutions and an opening Pokémon whose sole purpose is usually to set up.  I rarely give cards a higher score than this, and when I do, they tend to be universally useful and often broken.  This card appears well made and balanced, and isn’t needed by every deck… so it won’t break four.


Limited            : 5/5-Even in a set full of great Trainers, this one stands out.  It can get that one Basic you really, really need.  More over, it’s one of the few Trainers not restricted to use with Rocket’s or Dark Pokémon.



A card I selected for review but missed out on last time, Swoop! Teleporter has proven better than I anticipated, and one of those cards you really need to look for reasons to not run it.  It also gave me a chance to “correct” my Deoxys Jirachi oversight, which will naturally be remembered much better than those times I get things right. ;)


Swoop! Teleporter

Wow today we have Swoop! Teleporter for the review...it's one of the best trainer in the world. ;) And it's my babe...anyway I don't think you still don't know the use of this card, but anyway let's read the

Swoop! Teleporter – Rocket's Secret Machine

Search your deck for a Basic Pokémon (excluding Pokémon-ex) and switch it with 1 of your Basic Pokémon (excluding Pokémon-ex) in play. (Any cards attached to that Pokémon, damage counters, Special Conditions, and effects on it are now on the new Pokémon.) Place the first Basic Pokémon in the discard pile. Shuffle your deck afterward.

Set: EX: Team Rocket's Returns
Rarity: Uncommon

OMG it's COOL! Why? Mmm before I explain its crazy uses let's use an easy combo for example – you add Dunspace SS to most deck yah, so what's the use after you've searched for the full bench? Switch it to the bench for the rest of the game? Use Sudden Flash until your opponent kills it? The point is – you wasted the energy. Energy for the first few turns is very important, in order to do big damage in the first few turns...as my friend John says, 'using Dunsparce is a waste of time. It slows down the decks.' Exactly. So we may use a way – use Dunny to search 5 benches, and swoop it and evolve or swoop it to Jirachi DX / HL, whatever, to do some draws.

For an experienced (even crazy) player, you must know the real use of Swoop! Teleporter through games. But for beginner, you may ask – why I'll need to replace it instead of searching for 1 more Basic Pokemon?
It's easy – for the energies that have been attached. To evolve it to recover special conditions. To evolve it. That's it.

I think many players who are good at observing will notice that – many one use it with 4 Jirachi DX. Why? Well those kind of decks are probably Dark Slowking, Medicham ex or Muk ex, or even Primeape, anyway speed decks. First of all we need a Jirachi for a nice start, to draw something that we want. Oh afterward it's asleep, so it will slow down the deck? NO. Just evolve it, and do damages. So Swoop!
Teleporter + Jirachi DX is the combo here.

There's also a famous combo. If you start with a basic, a swoop and a Pidgeot, just swoop the basic (even it's Dunsparce) for a Pidgey, then candy it to Pidgeot, and search for a Dunsparce, retreat for free, do Strike and run.

Combos: Pokemon Retriever, Jirachi DX, or Dunsparce SS, anyway it can combo with many thing. You'll just find it's an excellent trainer while you need a Pokemon and get rid of the crappy Dunny on your bench. If your deck needs speed, how can it work without Swoop!
When you want to start with the basic that you need, you can use Swoop! Teleporter to get it, and play Pokemon Retriever to get back the Pokemon in the discard pile, then blah...that's it!

Unlimited: 4/5 yeah it's excellent.
Modified: 4/5 excellent...
Limited: 4/5 excellent, since it can increase the speed to get a set up.
Overall: 4/5 excellent... ;X sorry.

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