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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Hidden Legends


Date Reviewed: 07.05.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.5
Modified: 3.5
Limited: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Find this review is too long?  Skip straight to the scores and summary!


Name: Rhydon

Set: EX Hidden Legends

Card#: 46/101

Rarity: Uncommon

Type: Fighting

Stage: 1 (Evolves from Rhyhorn)

HP: 90

Weakness: Water

Resistance: None

Retreat: CC

Poké-Body: Power Diffusion

As long as Rhydon is your Active Pokémon, prevent all damage done by attacks to all of your Benched Pokémon.

Attack#1: (C) Horn Drill [20]

Attack#2: (FCC) Hyper Tail [50+]

If the Defending Pokémon has any Poké-Powers or Poké-Bodies, then this attack does 50 damage plus 20 more damage.

Name: Rhyhorn

Set: EX Hidden Legends

Card#: 70/101

Type: Fighting

Stage: Basic

HP: 60

Weakness: Water

Resistance: None

Retreat: (C)

Attack#1: (C) Double Stab [10x]

Flip 2 coins.  This attack does 10 damage times the number of heads.

Attack#2: (FCC) Take Down [50]

Rhyhorn does 10 damage to itself.


Attributes: Rhyhorn is a Stage 1 Fighting Pokémon.  Being a Fighting Pokémon is good: if you have an inexpensive, low cost attack, the abundance of openers with Fighting Weakness (like the oh-so-common Sandstorm Dunsparce will give you a good shot at a first turn win.  While Resistance also exists and is almost as common as Weakness for this type, Fighting Pokémon can use Magnetic Storm to get around Resistance in addition to the Crystal Shard.


As a Stage 1 (and final Stage of its Evolution line), it will need some compensation for it is harder to get into play than a Basic, and while it shouldn’t be as powerful as a Stage 2, it should be more powerful than a Stage 1 that can Evolve into a Stage 2.  This is first apparent in the Hit Points; an HP of 90 is very solid for a Stage 1.  Not to nitpick, but it almost seems small for a Rhydon.  However, in general, it is definitely on the “happy side” of Stage 1 HP scores.  Only the real big nasties will be able to OHKO you… outside of your Weakness.  Sadly, its Weakness is Water.  While far from the worse Weakness, it is a commonly seen type and many common sights in these decks benefit from the Weakness.  Following this there is no Resistance.  I don’t like lacking one, but given their tendency to overcompensate for giving them, I can live with it.  Rhydon has an “average” Retreat Cost of two.  Its high enough you’ll want to avoid it, but low enough you can reasonably pay.


Now that I’ve covered the Rhydon’s attributes, lets touch upon the Rhyhorn I recommend you use; it’s set mate from Hidden Legends.  It has a well-deserved and much appreciated 60 HP (it can have a bonus since it doesn’t have anything below it and only one Stage above).  Its Retreat Cost is only one, which is nice and easy to pay.  The other attributes match up with Rhydon.  What also makes it nice is its abilities; Double Stab for (C) is fairly priced, and with a Strength Charm would give you a one-in-four chance of scoring a KO against Fighting Weak, 50 HP Pokémon.  Again, Sandstorm Dunsparce makes that actually mean something.  Plus, if you actually can’t Evolve quickly, you can go for broke powering it up with a Fighting Energy and two of anything else and go for a Take Down to do 50 to them and 10 damage to yourself.  Note that this is 5 points of bonus damage as you only pay for 45 between Energy (15+10+10) and self damage (10).


Abilities: Looks like TPC uses every part of the Rhydon.  What do I mean?  One end (the head and horn) gives us Ram.  This nice, basic attack does 20 points of damage, straight.  What makes it so nice is that it only costs (C).  So if you Wally’s Training or Rare Candy to Rhydon, or anything else that would necessitate Rhydon attack with very little Energy, you can still do some good damage.


The other end gives us the second attack, Hyper Tail.  For the Energy put into this attack, you should be hitting for about 35 points of damage, so maybe 30 base and 10 extra points against targets of a limited criteria.  Instead, you hit for 50 damage base and an extra 20 against a specific group: those with Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies.  This may be the best group to hit, as nearly every deck makes use of one or the other.


What is the rest of the Rhydon for, you ask?  Well, I assume that is what’s blocking your Bench from taking damage while Rhydon is active.  At least, that would explain its Poké-Body, Power Diffusion.  This is pretty handy since it makes “sniper” (Pokémon that can hit a specific target on the bench) and those that just hit everything on the bench.


Together, these abilities have marvelous synergy.  Open with a single Energy to harass your opponent while protecting things you are building on the bench.  If they don’t take Rhydon down fast enough, you have the option of building it up yourself to start inflicting some serious damage.


Uses and

Combinations: This is a very nice “back-up” Fighting line.  I’ve heard it has been used in Voodoo, and I can see why.  Although it needs a Strength Charm, it scores so many wonderful OHKO’s, most useful being against Smooth Over Magcargo.  Even without the charm, it can OHKO a Rocket’s Sneasel ex (seen in Dark Heart) and Dark Ampharos (Neverland).  As an added bonus, it can give you a turn of stalling against Blaziken ex.




Unlimited: 2.5/5-This might actually work.  Keep in mind, I had to really drop the score due to Water Weakness and the dominance of Blastoise in this format, but backed with Slowking from Neo Genesis and say, an Ancient Tomb, this actually might be formidable in this format.  Remember, you can slap on a Focus Band or Gold Berry and just use Plus Powers to OHKO that Neo Genesis Sneasel.


Modified: 3.5/5-I don’t think it’s quite big enough to be the focus of its own deck, but it definitely seems to fit in with Voodoo variants.


Limited: 4/5-Great pick.  Its lower Stage is also excellent for this format, and as an Uncommon/Common pairing, it should be rather reasonable to run.  All the little things that make it useful elsewhere make it great here.



A fantastic Uncommon that I hope becomes the norm.  This card is perfect for decks that need a fairly splashable Fighting Stage 1 line.


Overview: I believe I used this during the HL Prerelease. The PokeBody is pretty good for saving your benched pokemon. Power Diffusion prevents all damage done to your benched Pokemon. The only drawback is that Rhydon has to be the active Pokemon in order for it to work. The first attack Horn Drill is pretty simple, for 1 colorless energy it does 20 damage. The second attack has the ability to be very good. Hyper Tail, for 1 fighting energy and 2 colorless, does 50 damage automaticly, plus an additional 20 damage if the defending pokemon has a pokepower/pokebody. Weakness to water makes Blastoise ex an issue, and possibly swampert as well. 90HP is pretty good for a Stage 1 Pokemon, and retreat cost of 2 is not horribly high considering everything else.

Unlimited: 2/5

Modified: At first I was going to suggest it against Pidgeot, then I realized it was resistant ;/. Even so, with the more Pokemon Power/PokeBody pokemon being played, and Rhydon being able to deal 70 damage to them, it isnt bad at all. Ill give it a 3.5/5

Limited: Id definitley use it for bench protection, as well as some pretty good damage and high HP in the event you need to stall. Being an evolution, it may be hard to get, but it is only stage 1 uncommon, so it shouldnt be very complicated. 3.5/5
Scyther 21 Rhydon

Rhydon is a card that is good enough to be played but is overshined by many better cards out there. Of course his best format is limited because in a draft those overlooked cards show there power.

90 HP isn't too bad for a stage one pokemon. In matter fact it is pretty good. Althougth 100 would have been what I expected.

This Poke' Body, Power Diffusion , is decent. Nothing overwelming but in a world of rock-locks and bench hitting stragety picking up speed this poke body is getting good. And as I have said before a poke' body does not normally harm the user so they are just a bonus for this selection.

The first attack, Horn Drill, deals 20 points of damage for a colorless energy. This is an okay attack 20 for one is decent even for a stage one since its colorless it is splashable.

The second attack is (naturally) the strongest. For one fighting energy and two colorless Rydon deals 50 points with the possibitliy of doing 70 if the defending pokemon has any Poke' Powers/Bodies. This attack is good. A solid 50 is nice but dealing 70 to most of the pokemon that are being played. Easily taking down those dragtrode and other poke power/body dependent decks. Also, by requiring only one specific energy it is very splashable.

Bottom stats are expected for rock/ground weakness to water, no rest. (lighting is in order here if you ask me), and a retreat cost of two.

Unlimited: 2.4 there are better choices out there but this is a pretty sweet card to play with.
Modified: 2.0 there are too many other cards to use, it has no true focus within a deck.
Limited: 3.8 now we are talking as an uncommon card it should not be to hard to get it as well as its basic forms. Only requiring one specific energy is great. The poke body help as well as allowing for this card to use its second attack to anihilate any semi "killer decks".

Scyther 21 out

Ex Emerald: Rhydon

Rhydon cards always seem to be above-average cards, but never anything amazing enough to make them great. This card is no exception; in fact it is rather ordinary, even bland card. The stats are expected, 90 Hp is good for a stage 1 and the same as the HL one, water weakness and retreat of 2. The first attack for 1 fighting and 1 colorless does 30 damage, nothing great and I suppose you get what you pay for. Its second attack does 60 damage for 4 of any energy, obviously a boostable attack, and it also ignores resistance, but still takes weakness into account which is also good. My problem with this card is that while it may appear slightly more powerful than the HL one, it has no good combos. The HL Rhydon may have relied on the opposing Pokemon to do more damage, but its attacks are more cost-effective and it has a helpful Poke-body. I could see including 1 of the new Rhydons in a deck that is already using Rhydon, but unless you’re a big fan of Rhydon there’s very little reason to use him otherwise.

Unlimited 1.5/5 Easily powered up by DCE’s, but just as easily emasculated by ER and SER, plus it isn’t even that powerful anyway.

Modified 2/5 It’s just too expensive and ineffective. Plus the only extra attribute of its second attack can be achieved just as well with a Stadium card (Magnetic Storm). I say this card is reserved for Rhydon lovers

Limited 2.75/5 High Hp in this format, and its basic also has higher Hp than most evolving basics. With no Magnetic Storm in this format, any way to ignore resistance is good. Its attacks are also decent in this format, albeit still a little expensive, but more effective here than anywhere. Its water weakness is a bigger liability here, there are at least 4 Pokemon in this format that can OHKO it for 3 energies, and plenty others that come close to a OHKO for the same amount, so just be careful if you use him in limited.
Bullados Rhydon

Attritubes: 90 HP is VERY nice for a stage 1, it will definately keep Rhydon alive and hitting for a good amount of time, probably at least 3 turns. Weakness to water is not that bad, as Water based decks aren't all that powerful OR popular right now. Retreat of 2 is pretty high for this guy, looking at the costs of his attacks. I'd rather use a Switch or Warp Point to get him outta there.

Poke-BODY: "Power Diffusion"
Spinning Tail, meet your match. This stops all 3 Spinning Tail attacks, as well as most bench hitting attacks in the game, with the sole exception of Feint Attack, which ignores Poke-Bodies, amongst other things. A very handy thing to have.

Attack #1: [C] Horn Drill
Undercosted, but still a backup attack, and a very basic one at that. Only use this if Hyper Tail isn't paid for yet.

Attack #2: [FCC] Hyper Tail
3 for 50, no drawbacks, and upgradeable to 70 if the Defending has a Pokemon Power. This is a very, VERY good attack, and perfect for Rhydon's main purpose: stopping Spinning Tail. Consider that most Spinning Tail decks are Dark Tyrannitar, which is weak to Fighting, this thing can pile on damage very quickly.


Unlimited: There is nothing for the BODY to stop, and too many things are Fighting resistant. Also, it's pretty energy intensive, even though it can be powered with a DCE and F, making it ER vulnerable. Still, that attack has some use against Pokemon like Slowking or Vileplume.

Modified: THE Spinning Tail Stopper. This is the best way to stop all the Spinning Tail and bench hitting attacks in the format. Also, the attack is very fair, and there is very little ER in the format.

Limited: Water is big in HL, to say the least. Also, there are very few Pokemon Powers in the set, meaning that the big attack isn't as big as it really can be. Still, it's two cheap attacks on a guy with a lot of HP for LImited. Also, it's Uncommon, meaning that you can pretty easily get a good line of these guys.


Errrrm yeah Ash is back, after ANOTHER exam, and got a not bad result, it means that it was a good decision for me to leave Pojo during my exam period. (OMG but I kept on listening to M2M.)

Alright today we will have Rhydon HL for the COTD...and sorry, no PowerPoint. Let’s see the spoiler:

Rhydon HL – 90 HP – Fighting Pokémon – evolves from Rhyhorn

Poke-Body: Power Diffusion: As long as Rhydon is your Active Pokemon, prevent all damage done by attacks to your Benched Pokemon.

[1] Horn Drill (20)

[2F] Hyper Tail (50+) If the defending Pokemon has a Poke-Power or Poke-Body, this attack does 50 damage plus 20 more damage.

Weakness: Water

Retreat Cost: 2

(@.@ I can’t think of too much things about this card...I am NOT Otaku lol...this week is Otaku’s ‘uncommonly good week’ =.=)

Yeah my friend Mikey won a regional with Rhydon...I forgot which combo did he use, but it’s a REAL ROGUE deck, and it was undefeated in that regionals. Wow...why? I really love Power Diffusion – it kills one of the attack that I hate the most – SPINNING TAIL of Dark Tyranitar!! And I would say that Hyper Tail is also EXTREMELY useful. Why? It OHKOs Jirachi DX, Lanturn HL, Electrode ex, anyway it is GREAT. 3 energies for 70!! Water weakness is really such a problem.

Combos: Double Rainbow Energy / Scramble Energy. Second turn for OHKO Jirachi DX. @.@ it may sounds strange but destroying everything in the first few turns is the style of PTCG right now. LOL affected by Japaneses...

Unlimited: 3.5/5 I can say that Double Colorless will work pretty nice with Rhydon.

Modified: 3/5 not bad. @.@

Limited: 4/5 I think it is really good if you can pull out the whole line. High HP, acceptable attack...^.^

Average: 3.5/5 yeah not bad...a REALLY good card to be used in rogue decks.

Tips by Otaku: put your useless (un)commons...or anyway, cards, in a binder. One day you will find out some combos inside.

E-mail me if you wish: ash.van.je@gmail.com

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