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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Salamence EX - Deoxys


Date Reviewed: 02.25.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.8
Modified: 3.6
Limited: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

ZachEX Name: Salamence EX
Set: Deoxys
Number: 103/107

Combos: Salamence with Dragon Wind. (DR #10)

Unlimited: 2/5

Second attack reminds me of Base Charizard. Only reason it falls is running 2 types of energy in unlimited is harsh. 160 is increadible there though.

Draft: 1/5

Don't get me started. :(

Modified: 3/5

It will see play in our big tourneys coming soon. I still see it as a Tier 2 deck, I think people will take advantage of it's two big resistance. Though this is a big hitter, the big hitter comes with a way to beat it, enter Crystal Shard.
Salamence ex (C)
160 HP
Stage 2 (evolves from Shelgon)

PokéBody: Dragon Lift
The retreat cost for each of your Pokémon (excluding baby pokémon and Pokémon-ex) is 0.

(R*): Flame Jet
Choose on of your Opponent’s Pokémon. This attack does 40 damage to that Pokémon. This attack’s damage is not affected by weakness or resistance.

(RW**): Bright Flame (120)
Discard 2 energy cards attached to Salamence ex.

Weakness: (C)
Resistance: R, F
Retreat: **

Well, we have a new dragon concluding our week in new cards that impact the current format. And, amazingly, this card ISN’T Pokémon-ex TecH. So, how will this card impact the format.

Top Stats: Yup, it’s a Pokémon-ex. Yep, its got a lot of HP for a Pokémon-ex too (160). Yeah, it’s a stage 2 with various lower evolutions that I won’t get into now. Yeah, this has excellent Top Stats. I’m amazed by it. Moving on…

PokéBody: Dragon Lift: This is how it’s going to have the biggest impact on any format. With its PokéBody on, any of your pokémon, with the exception of your Pokémon-ex (which sadly includes this card), can retreat for nothing. Let me repeat that again. RAMPANT FREE RETREAT! Who doesn’t like that? With him benched, all you other pokémon can fly back and forth running the show. Pokémon such as Holo Salamence from Dragon, which can wreck havoc. This thing is a great bench sitter with the ability to back himself up with some decent attacks to.

Attack No.1, Flame Jet: 40 for 2 energy? No applying of weakness or resistance? Target ANYTHING?!?!? I’m sold. This is a great attack to use if you HAVE to attack with him. Most likely he’s not going to have to, but if push comes to shove, he can start swinging.

Attack No.2, Bright Flame (120): Well, it does take two different types of energy. But it does do a heck of a lot of damage, killing any non-ex pokémon and even some –ex themselves. So it’s another good solid attack. A little difficult to get off, but still useful. And, once you’ve used this, there should always be enough energy afterward to Flame Jet for 40. Not to shabby of an attack set, if you ask me.

Bottom Stats: Wekaness to (C) is expected, as is resistance to two types. In this case, we have resistance to R (still big with BEX and Blazi RS) and F (Dark T-Tar and rouge Machamp decks). And retreat for ** is a steal on this pokémon. This guy has great all around stats with the exception of the (C) weakness. With Crystal Shards running rampant in any deck not running dragons, he’s bound to die eventually if you attack with him. But he’ll do a heck of a lot of harm before he takes the fall.

Comparison to other cards: There’s only two other Salamence, only one of those being playable. If you decide to run a Salamence deck, run three of the Holo from DR and two –Ex. It should balance out well for you. You can use to SalamEX to give free retreat to Salamence, giving you a free Gust of Wind every turn. That’s pretty darn good if you can pull it off. It’s quite painful to see pulled off against you though. Almost boarders on depressing to see your best laid plans Gusted active by a Dragon and hit for 60. May even combo well with some Surprise! Time Machine. I’d think it would.

Point System:

Unlimited: 2/5
Useable here, but not very. If you need free retreaters, just play them.

Modified: 4/5
It can’t really stand alone. It needs to be in a deck with Holo Salamence (DR) in order to work well. But if you can get the combo up and running, its rather deadly. I say a 3/2 run on Salamence and SalamEX with a 2/1/2 line of Pidgeot could be very deadly here in the near future. I almost gave this a 4.5, but I don’t think its strong enough to stand alone as a deck staple and with all the Crystal Shard running around in Modified right now, you’d be safe to guess that he’s going to get hit with something like that eventually, screwing up your best plan.

Draft: 2/5
If you get him running, you’re more or less set for the rest of the match, just keeping him on the bench and having your other pokémon fly up and back for free. And, when push comes to shove, he can attack. But its getting him out and powering him up that you see that he’s not the greatest draft pick. But if you see him in draft, take him even if you can’t use him. He’s great to hold onto and make a deck around.

Johnny Blaze
Salamence ex – Much hyped up and hotly anticipated Dragon that like its non-ex counterpart has resistance to Fighting and Fire. Sally-ex has a whopping 160 hp but is also weak to Colorless which is gaining in popularity. Its Poke-Body Dragon Lift grants all of your Pokemon, with the exception of Babies and ex’s, free retreat.

Unlimited: 2.5/5 – Cheap 1st attack lets you deal 40 for only 1C and 1R. Don’t apply weakness and resistance for Flame Jet. But I don’t like how Clefable will be able to copy Bright Flame by discarding 2 Recycle to do a whopping 240 to Sally-ex.

Modified: 3.5/5 – There will be plenty of Crystal Shard hate packing in decks just to counter this card. Really combo’d with its non-ex Salamence, you get a Gust of Wind every turn with an ability to free retreat your Pokemon. In addition, its great synergy with Fire Starter Blaziken will make Sally a popular type to play.

Just remember that the best way to counter Crystal Shard is to play Dragon veil Kingdra and Salamence decks will be very difficult to beat.

Limited: 4/5 – Free retreat for all other of your Pokemon is real great. If you can get the whole line then you should be in real good shape of winning or at least placing in the top with the versatility of this card.

Hello I'm Ash Cheng from Hong Kong and I'm a new reviewer of the COTD in Pojo, V hello everyone! I've played Pokemon Cards for a few years and I always do card reviewsˇKso I'm really not new on it!

OK let us go back to the review. Salamence ex, it has been released in Japan for about half a year, but about the American versionˇKreally late. It's attack and Poke Body work really well. (I really want to give you guys the spoiler but I think the other guys have provided to you already. Really busy because our school orchestra has to join a competition in the next week.) Now let's see---


Its hottest thing is its power Dragon Lift, V free retreat for all non-ex Pokemons and Baby Pokemons. LOL all Baby Pokemons has 0 retreat costˇKwe can work it with Dragon Holo Salamence. First we use its Dragon Wind power, V gust a Pokemon that you want to kill. Then retreat Salamence (free retreat) with Salamence ex and 120, V KO it! We can use Boost Energy for the 2 energy cost, V and add like 3 Energy Charge, find Boost Energy again, and 120 again. Kingdra (EX: TRR) is also great in Salamence decks since almost (or all?) all Salamences and Shelgons have colorless weakness and easy to be killed by something TM's Zangooses. It's a big problem. Salamence DRH + Salamence ex + Kingdra (1-0-1 line) TRR is the best combination.


Bright Blame, V oh my god! Discard 2 energies to attack 120 ˇV fair! We can even use Boost Energy for the 2 costsˇKoh my god how fast is it! About the Flame Jet attack, V also ok 2 energies, choose one of opponent's Pokemon, V lol but it isn't affected by weakness or resistance.


Unlimited, V 4/5. Pretty good since all non-ex Pokemons have maximum 120 HPˇKthat's really great. Sure we do use EXs in unlimited. ;) Most important is it can work with Gust of wind and kill something with 120 HP or lower than that. AND THE MOST, MOST IMPORTANT, V Flame Jet attack. Kill all Baby Pokemons!!

Modified, V 4/5. Also great since it works really well if it faces Magma deck or Zappy decks, V with Kingdra you don't have to worry about Weakness and you are still easy to OHKO all the Magma and Zappy Pokemons (like Electrike or Rayquaza). Fire and Fighting resistance is brilliant! No need to worry about Blaziken or Groudon. Also OHKO Deoxy exs. ;)

Limited (Booster Draft), V 3.5/5. It would be a bit slow but its powerful attacks really worth that, and there's Boost Energy in Deoxys! It is really fast if you can get the whole line and lots of Boost Energies.

Overall, V 4 (LOL bonus marks). A must-try in our Pokemon life.

LOL sorry some rubbish words because I'm new so I want to introduce myself...lol a bit stupid. Allow me to do that!!

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