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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Rayquaza ex - Deoxys


Date Reviewed: 02.18.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Rayquaza ex - 3.5/5 - The card is incredibly good with some combinations.
Like, Electrode ex - yay! But it doesn't work very well by itself.

This card needs to be played with a purpose - and planned carefully. After all, a Crystal Shard or a Colorless Pokemon can take it out in one-hit.

You don't want to play it as a one-time wonder, but as a game-winning card (well, it can be a one-time wonder).

Johnny Blaze
Rayquaza-ex – We get 3 Quaza’s in this set and now our 2nd Rayquaza-ex over all in current rotation. The Dragon Boost Rayquaza-ex is very interesting. It virtually has identical stats to its Dragon Rayquaza-ex except for its attacks of course.

Unlimited: 2.5/5 – Its virtually ER proof for one turn, which is good, and you can do a quick 70 with a Plus Power to ko any decent Haymaker Pokemon if there are 2 energies out. Just play the basic L energy from your hand when you put Rayquaza on your bench and then Energy Boost the 2 R energies that are out and switch with the active. The colorless weakness may pose a problem against Fable but otherwise it resists Tyrouge and Water which are good things to resist in Unlimited.

Modified: 3/5 – Again another Rayquaza that works extremely well with Fire Starter Blaziken. It’s attack is extremely cheap and surprising and can deal 100 damage with only 5 energies attached to it. Unfortunately Crystal Shard was reintroduced in the current Modified format and along with that Desert Ruins will keep this Rayquaza in check.

Limited: 3.5/5 – With only 4 prizes in Limited, Ex’s are certainly shaky as when they get ko’d your opponent draws their last 2 prizes. However, Quaza-ex can basically ohko everything that your opponent has if played correctly. Definitely if you draft Balloon Berry and then drop Quaza and retreat your active, Dragon Boost then ko their main attacker.
Jaeger Rayquaza EX(Deoxys)

Weakness(Colorless): Theirs usually a few colorless Pokemon in every deck, Pidgeot and Dunsparce are the most common but there are many more, not to mention the recently re-released Crystal Shard.

Resistance(Fighting/Water): Dual Resistance is always nice to see there are a good number of Fighting and Water going around.

Retreat Cost: A retreat cost of two is reasonable and about what you would expect to pay for a basic EX.

Hit Points: 100 Hit Points is not much for a EX, if your not careful your opponent will KO Rayquaza in one hit, also Desert Ruins and Crystal Shard's will devastates this card.

Pokemon Power: The good thing about this power is that it lets you choose how many basic energy you want to move the only downside to this power is that you can only use it when you play Rayquaza EX from your hand.

Attack 1(Spiral Blast): The thing I don't like about this attack is that you have to have alot of energy on it to do alot of damage and most of time your going to spend time powering it up and getting alot of energy on it so you can do a lot of damage and your opponent will have it knocked out in a turn or two

Summary: I don't think this Rayquaza EX(Deoxys) will replace the Rayquaza EX from Dragons in a standard Blaziken/Blaziken EX/Rayquaza EX deck for one main reason the idea of the Rayquaza EX from Dragons is to do alot of damage quickly for a little amount of energy and with Pidgeot it is quite easy to set-up a Rayquaza EX with a Multi and a couple of fire energy in one turn via Firestarter and Quick Search for the needed stuff and hit for a 120 damage while the new Rayquaza EX from Deoxys for three energy could only hit for half that 60, 40 if you were using a Multi or Rainbow energy.
I think Rayquaza EX(Deoxys) Stands a chance in a deck that more based around it and not just an additional attacker also since it basic energy and not just Fire and Electric for the attack(after you pay the primary attack cost) that gives you some more options.
With Pidgeot being played widespread and the occasional Crystal Shard one of the main problems I see with this card is that it won't be around long enough to make it worth the time you spent getting energys on it, and is going to turn into some easy prizes for your opponent. I do think you will see this card being played in a verity of decks vartions of Fire Starter most of the time but I do not believe that this will replace the original Rayquaza EX from Dragons.

Unlimited: 2/5

Modified: 3/5

Limited: 3.5/5

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