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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Rocket's Meowth - TRR



Date Reviewed: 02.04.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Thundachu Rocket's Meowth

Overview: I am SO glad they brought this card back. Snatch And Run lets you search your deck for a Pokemon Tool/Rocket Secret Machine, and put it in your hand. The only problem with the attack is, that to do so, you have to switch Rocket's Meowth with 1 of your benched pokemon. Which isnt that bad, because if you really want Meowth out, and have another one on your bench, just exchange. Now the reason this will always be my favorite promo card(Not that this is a promo card). Miraculous Comeback lets you Flip a coin for every Pokemon in play, and does 10 damage times the number of heads. And ofcourse the fun part, it does 10 damage times the number of tails, to Meowth. This is, and always will be my favorite gamble attack ever. This is also the first non-colorless meowth released, and being darkness, you can attach darkness energy to it, and do more damage with miraculous comeback. Weakness is Fighting, just like oldtimes, so look out for fighting types. And 60HP with a retreat of 1 is great as well. <3 Rocket's Meowth.

Unlimited: As much as it pains me to say it, this, and its promo sister-card, would probably get eaten in Unlimited due to low HP. Not worth the risk. 1/5

Modified: Well, I would definitley play it in Modified, but only because I love this card. But, since I am supposed to be suggesting it on to others, I wouldnt advise it. Pokemon-EX would use it as a before-dinner snack, and damaging itself when getting tails isn't so good either. But if you are going for a gambling deck, I highly suggest 4 ;x. 1.5/5

Draft: If you draft it, I would play it. Being able to switch Pokemon with the attack, and high damage ability as well with Comeback is nice. Though if you do, I would make sure you have SOME backup plan. Going in to the draft with this as your main Pokemon (though I would do it just for kicks) is insane. Also make sure youve got some sort of damage removal, because 99% of the time, you are gaurenteed atleast 1 tails, and even a little bit of self damage with this card is a lot, considering the 60HP.

Apprentice: Ofcourse I had to include this rating section. But Ill make it short. If you backwash, play it. If you dont backwash, dont play it. Most of the time, you will get tails on Apprentice, so this is not the card to use. Oh, and if you dont know what Backwash is, dont ask. People will shun you for life. ;/.
ZachEX Name: Rocket's Meowth
Set: Team Rocket Returns
Number: 46/109

Combos: Use it to help set up a deadly Dark Slowking or even a Primape.

Unlimited: 1/5

I don't see it being played here.

Draft: 1/5

Even though 60 HP is nice, it's attacks are pretty horrid.

Modified: 2/5

Only real use is setting up Dark Slowking and Primape.

Johnny Blaze
Rockets Meowth – Back in the day, before Baby Pokemon hit the scene and with the original ruling on Metal energy, the original Rocket’s Meowth pwnd. In team play, Rocket’s Meowth was just plain sick being able to do incredible amounts of damage and none to itself if 1 Metal energy was attached. Alas with all the errata’s to coincide with the Japanese cards, Rocket’s Meowth has lost its value.

The new Rocket’s Meowth is not any better. Although Snatch and Run combos nice with Dark Slowking its not enough power to actually win games. Miraculous Comeback will also knock out Rocket’s Meowth as much as it will gain you a prize. Along with its weakness to Fighting and Rocket’s Meowth wont stay around for very long.

Unlimited: 1/5 – OHKO Tyrogue bait. Nuff said.
Modified: 1/5 – Team Magma’s Groudon. Nuff said.
Limited: 2/5 – A maybe here if you can draft Rockets Hideout but don’t expect Rocket’s Meowth to last very long.


If you think this review is too long to read, just skip straight to the scores and then read the summary for a concise overview!


Name: Rocket’s Meowth

Set: EX: Team Rocket Returns

Card#: 46/109

Rarity: Pokémon ex

Type: Darkness

Stage: Basic

HP: 60

Weakness: Fighting

Resistance: None

Retreat: (C)

Attack#1: (C) Snatch and Run

Search your deck for a Pokémon Tool card or Rocket’s Secret Machine card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand.  If you do you may switch Rocket’s Meowth with 1 of your Benched Pokémon.  Shuffle your deck afterward.

Attack#2: (CC) Miraculous Comeback [10x]

Flip a coin for each Pokémon in play (both yours and your opponent’s).  This attack does 10 damage times the number of heads.  Rocket’s Meowth does 10 damage times the number of tails to itself.


Attributes: Rocket’s Meowth is a Basic Darkness-type Pokémon.  Being a Rocket’s Pokémon means that Rocket’s Meowth gets access to several Team Rocket cards, as it has an owner in its name, it loses access to some other cards.  The Darkness-type is one of the best (if not the best) type a Pokémon can be: no natural Resistance (Unown N can reduce the damage Darkness-type Pokémon do via its Pokémon Power in Unlimited) exists, but there is a small amount of Weakness.  Being a Basic is the best: you can be dropped into play with ease.  However, there are no pre-Evolutions or Evolutions available to Rocket’s Meowth.  Since it is more or less “on its own”, it will require a power boost.  When we come to the HP, we see that it is 10 above what you’d normally see on an Evolvable Basic, which is 60 HP instead of 50 HP.  Sadly, this is still a tad low since it doesn’t Evolve.  It has Fighting Weakness, which makes sense since it is a Normal Type in the video games.  Sadly, no Resistance, which as I keep stating, feels less like a balancing issue and more like a cop out.  Finally, the retreat is a nice since Energy cost.  This makes retreating it quite easy.


Abilities: This card has two attacks.  Snatch and Run is pretty good for what you pay.  Without being a true spoiler, let me say at least one great Pokémon Tool will be coming back to Modified.  As for now, those Rocket’s Secret machines are pretty useful; I’ll mention them more in the Uses/Combinations section.  In other words, being able to get one or the other from your deck in such an inexpensive opening attack is pretty nice.


The second attack is pretty spiffy.  For two of any Energy, you get to flip a coin for each Pokémon in play and inflict 10 damage for each: heads means 10 to the opponent, tails means 10 to Rocket’s Meowth itself.  This is very similar to the original Team Rocket’s Meowth, although it costs an extra Energy to keep it from being abused.  Technically, the attack just breaks even.  However, having a Basic Pokémon that can deal so much potential damage for so little Energy, even though it requires a lot of flips and a lot of Pokémon in play is still very potent.


The attacks are both colorless and low priced, giving them some simple synergy.


Uses/Combinations: This is a generic support Pokémon for Team Rocket decks, though some other decks will want to consider it as well.  First, most decks run at least one Pokémon Tool: Pokémon Retriever.  This in and of itself is not enough to justify adding this card to a deck, but it does help if you have some other conditions.  Other useful Pokémon Tools (although they tend to be more niche oriented) are Swoop! Teleporter, Surprise! Time Machine and Pow! Hand Extension. Swoop let’s you treat Rocket’s Meowth as something of a “fifth Dunsparce” or whatever Basic you really want an extra copy of.  You can use some Snatch and Run first turn, and as long as you still have 20 HP on Rocket’s Meowth (not too unlikely for your first/second turn) you can use Swoop! Teleporter to discard Rocket’s Meowth and get a Sandstorm Dunsparce who is already nice and powered up for a Strike and Run.  You could also use it to get a Basic you need into play and (as long as it is not Rocket’s Meowth’s first turn in play) make it legal to Evolve immediately.  Since you can usually count on that Rocket’s Meowth or Dunsparce getting KO’d, there is also a decent chance that you will be behind one prize… making Pow! Hand Extension legal to use.  This can be used to slow down an opponent or to really mess them up.  The most basic choice is to Pow something up that you can OHKO, especially if it is a Pokémon ex; that way you go from being behind a prize to being ahead by one.  That tends to work surprisingly well with Miraculous Comeback.  You can also have fun stacking multiple Double Rainbow Energy onto the same Evolution.  Most Pokémon don’t need that much Energy, and as such you’re really just reducing damage.  As an added bonus, the right choice can let you get rid of the Energy in two ways: chose something that an Ancient Technical Machine [Rock] would make into a Basic to force a discard, or force it onto something that was supposed to Evolve into a Pokémon ex the next turn.  One way or another, this usually makes the Energy dead.  Fun stacking two Multi Energy together, too.


That’s a lot and it’s a bit rushed, but I am low on time and there is still more!  Rocket’s Meowth naturally fits as discard fodder for Rocket’s Mission.  Since it can use any color of Energy, in Modified R Energy can let you power up and go for a Comeback out of the blue.  This can ruin an opponent’s strategy quite handily.  It means that Double Colorless Energy can do the same thing in Unlimited.  Again, pretty handy for Team Rocket decks.


Finally, you can specifically use this to set up for Dark Slowking from Team Rocket Returns and Primeape from Fire Red/Leaf Green.  Between Rocket’s Meowth and say a benched Fire Red/Leaf Green Pidgeot, you should be able to set up for several quit, solid hits using their Pokémon Tool discarding attacks.




Unlimited: 3.5/5-Not a great Pokémon, but it is great for Team Rocket decks… and has some minor synergy with Sneasel.  Hey, Rocket’s Meowth can go off turn one, after all.  Who cares if it KO’s itself as long as it OHKOs the opponent’s only Pokémon.


Modified: 3.5/5-Again, great for Team Rocket decks and certain other specialists.  Finally, don’t underestimate it with that Swoop! Teleporter combo.


Limited: 4/5-From experience, I know it can be great here.  Get those few precious Trainers you pulled, and before most opponents could KO you, go for Miraculous Comeback and take them down with you!



It is a niche card, but it is well suited to the decks it fits.


Jaeger Today's Card of the Day is Meowth from the Team Rocket Returns Set 46/109

Type: Not much to say here there is couple of Pokemon weak to Darkness and it can get a boost from Dark and R Energy.

Retreat Cost: One is pretty cheap and easy to pay.

Weakness: There is a lot of good fighting decks in the current format but as long as you balance your weaknesses you should be alright.

Hit Points: 60HP is on the higher end for a non-EX basic.

Attack 1: early game this could be nice since you could grab things to speed up your setup and slow down your opponents but the problem with this late game is somethings probally going to get KO'ed.

Attack 2: I personally don't like this attack since it relies on coin flips and if both benches are full it might KO Meowth.

Summary: I really don't like this card that much and you can find better stuff for your deck then this.

Unlimited: 1/5
Modified: 2/5
Limited: 3/5

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