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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day

Dark Slowking - TRR

Date Reviewed: 02.03.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.5
Modified: 2.5
Limited: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating

Thundachu Dark Slowking

Overview: This scan was a pain in the neck to find. Pokemon Power, Cunning, allows you to look at the top card of your opponents deckand then shuffle it, once per turn. This can come greatly useful if you find out your opponent has an ex pokemon on the way such as Blaziken, or Gardevoir, etc. Then the attack, Litter does 20 damage. but lets you discard upto 2 Pokemon Tools/Rocket Secret Machines from your hand, in order to do 30 more damage for each one you discarded. This attack I think is pretty good, considering you can do upto 80 damage, for just 1 colorless and 1 psychic energy. Retreat cost of 1 is reasonable for having 80HP(also nice), and a weakness to Grass as well can be a problem depending on who you are facing.

Unlimited: 2.5/5

Modified: Would get eaten by the pokemon-ex, but the power, and upto 80 for 2 energy IMO, is worth atleast giving it a chance. 3/5

Draft: IMO, it is pretty nice card here, and if I drafted it, I would play it. Reason being, the pokemon power, Cunning, if played correctly, can ruin your opponent from getting the useful cards he/she drafted into play, giving you the game.
ZachEX Name: Dark Slowking
Set: Team Rocket Returns
Number: 9/109

Combos: Umm. I could see it in a Primetool deck with FRLG Primape and tools. Also a couple Rocket's Meowth

Unlimited: 1/5

Don't use it. End of story.

Draft: 1/5

Kind of a waste here if you ask me. 6 packs isn't a great chance of getting rocket's secret machines or poketools. Litter won't help a ton either.

Modified: 3/5

A little better here with the choice of making all tool deck with Primape and Rocket's Meowth.

OK, fall off your chairs...NOW...I am back with a review.

Dark Slowking....my certainly does not match the force of the OLD Neo Genesis Slowikng, but it it worth playing????

Dark and Psychic Type....OK, it will take out Dark Gengar...but anything else???

Weak to Grass, not psychic...hmmm this could be interesting.

Yeah, Garde, and other decks that are now rogues....

Let's look at the power....you can look at the top card of your opponent's deck, and then choose whether or not to shuffle...would have been great in the days of oracle...and if the new Magcargo (check the translations) comes out...could be useful again....at this point cute but not game breaking...but it could be before its time.

The attack, does have some potential, if you can dump the right cards. Double Rainbow energy can even work here, but with all the rock/amphy decks around, only use them if you are planning to be able to recover from the energy loss.

The ability to do 80 on turn 2 could be quite attractive, and hard for any deck to deal with.

Overall, I think this is a card that could be toyed with when the Deoxys set comes out, but will end up just behind Dark Hypno, Garde, and others as a power psychic hitter.

Modified - much better choices here - 2.0/5

Limited - I would take it, as the Slowpokes are an easy pull....and the attack is low energy enough to work, and messing with your opponent's next card could be devastating. 3.2/5

Unlimited....um, no. 1/5

Johnny Blaze
Dark Slowking - We want some form of Mind Games back not Mankey’s Peek.

Dark Slowking’s Power Cunning is exactly a peek. Once during turn, before you attack, look at the top card of your opponents deck and then you may shuffle your opponent’s deck. With the prevalence in Pidgeot seen in many decks now adays Cunning gets overshadowed by Quick Search.

Dark Slowking’s only attack Litter is simply not worth it until they reprint cards like Traveling Salesman or cards that allow you to recurse Pokemon Tools and Secret Machines from your discard pile to your hand.

Unlimited: 1/5
Modified: 1/5
Limited: 1/5
Jaeger Todays Card of the Day is Dark Slowking from the Team Rocket Returns Set.

Type Dark/Psychic, Psychic Pokemon are usually weak to psychic and some fighting and grass pokemon to but it also seems like psychic is the most common resistance.

Retreat Cost: Not much to say here one is pretty cheap and usually easy to pay.

Weakness: There are not a ton of grass decks going around but you will still see some but just make sure to balance your weakness and you will be fine.

Hit Points: 80HP is not terrible for a stage 1 but you could always combo it with Rocket Hideout so then it would have 100HP

Poke Power: This power is really not good but its not bad either you can at least have some control over what your opponent is drawing but most of the time they will just quick search or Celio's Network, etc. for what they want

Attack: THis attack could hit for up to 80 but most of time your going to want to keep you pokemon tools and Ricket Secert Machines or you will play them as soon as you get them

Summary: Dark Slowking falls short of being a good card or a threat so I would just leave him in your fun decks or in a binder

Unlimited: 1/5
Modified: 2.5/5
Limited: 1.5/5
Drift None I always miss mondays for some reason. I blame Halo 2, and the fact that my PS2 is working again so I have like....christmas games still unplayed, always a joy. Review time, Onward with TRR! This to me has been a very intresting and fun set, card wise and because James has always been funny and intresting.

Dark Slowking
Stage 1
80 HP
Type: Psy/Dark
Weakness: Grass
Retreat. 1 colorless

Slowking seems intresting at first glance, maybe due to the duel Psy/Dark and the weakness to grass? That puzzles me, and theres not alot of grass play so maybe the appel lies there. The 80 HP is not somethign to get worked up over though, lets see if the attacks Dark Slowking has make this thing worthy of a deck.

Poke Power: Cunning
Once during your turn(before you attack), You may look at the top card of your opponet's deck. Then you may shuffle his or her deck. The power can't be used if Dakr Slowking is affected by a special condition.

This would prove useful if your opponet used some power or trainer/supporter to try getting a quick lead on you, disruption is always annoying and fun( pending whos on what side). Also Dark Slowking won't need to be your active Pokemon allowing you to use the power without putting slowking in harms way. Your Opponet well either start playing certain trainers smart, or not playing them all untill they rid the field of Dark Slowking.


Litter: 20+
Cost: 1 psychic, 1 colorless

You nay discard a combination of up to 2 Pokemon Tool cards and Rocket's Secrect Machine cards from your hand. If you do, this attack does 20 plus 30 more damage for each card you discard.

Well, I didnt check the ruleing on this attack. You know some players well argue you on the word " And" Trying to discard up to 4 cards. In either case your not going to be able to fill your hand fast enough to do decent damage on anouther pokemon.


Unlimted: Gust of wind well be the Grim Reaper, even putting Neo Slowking would not be enough, too many spaces are gone and easy prizes for your opponet.

Rank: 1/5
Mod: No I say, you have more useful slots in your deck. More power, more speed, more ability, You can find something else, You could surprise some people definitly but how long could it keep up?

Rank: 1/5
Draft: TRR has enough intresting draft cards for anyone, if this came by me...I would likely take it. Stage 1, decent Hp, 20 damage does a good amount in draft and if you do pick it up just take all those trainer/supporter cards no one else would want.


yume usagi
Dark Slowking

Dark Slowking is silly. This little purple pokemon with his umbrella/clown/Elizabethan collar on… but whatever happened to slobro?

I really adore this card, although I don’t think that in and of itself, it is a game winner, but he sure can be a great supporting card to a deck.

Hit Points: 80
Better than the average stage 1 pokemon, if only by just a little bit.

Cunning: Poke-Power
This is one of the better poke-powers out there, it makes me think of poker games with card counting and poker faces. I’m sure that some of you may want to leave this open for debate so let me explain first.

First, is the power itself, allowing you to once a turn, look at the top card of your opponents deck and you may then choose to shuffle their deck.
You can see everything that your opponent has in play, in their discard, all of it. You can take a look at that, take a look at what their next draw is and, if its something they need you can greatly reduce the chances of them getting that card. Or if its something they don’t need, you can just leave it there.

The second reason that I like this poke-power gets a little esoteric, but just think about it. You can put your grubby little hands all over your opponents deck once a turn. I don’t mean this as an opportunity to cheat/stack the deck/ruin their cards because that’s just scummy, but many people are rather protective of their tourney decks, and just the physical act of picking up the deck and messing with it can be extremely distracting.

Litter: CP 20+
This attack is neat. Itty-bitty cost for a possible 80 damage, YAY!! There is quit a bit of draw power running around out there, so loading up your hand with the Poke-Tools and Rocket’s Machines shouldn’t be very difficult.
I do think that this attack is better suited for Unlimited myself due to the larger number of tools and machines available as well as more options to get them back into your hand and deck.

Retreat: 1
Not bad, not bad.

Unlimited: 4.5
Modified: 4
Limited: 4

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