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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Hidden Legends


Date Reviewed: 08.31.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 1.75
Limited: 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Bullados Feebas HL

Attributes: Horrible, in a word. Worst HP in the game, terrible weakness, bad retreat. Nothing else to be said here.

Attack #1: [C] Tackle
Terrible, [C] for 10, backup ONLY.

Attack #2: [W] Ascension
Used to be good, now is horrible. Anything flippy is just trash.


Unlimited: Terrible, and Milotic is no better.

Modified: No better, but Milotic is worth something here.

Limited: Actually, not too bad, if you manage to draft a Milotic or 2. Otherwise, complete trash.
X-Act Feebas

Now we come to Feebas from HL, of which jermy only played 1 of.

And for good reason. You don’t want to start with a lone Feebas. The word ‘Feebas’ comes from the word ‘feeble’, meaning ‘weak’, and that’s exactly what Feebas is. 30HP is the lowest that any Pokemon has had, and it doesn’t even have free retreat to back it up. Tackle does 10 for a colorless, but Ascension is what might save the card. For a Water Energy, if you flip heads, you search for a card that evolves from Feebas (Milotic or Milotic ex) and evolve Feebas with it. Now this might seem cool, and it might be if you play anything other than Milotic HL. But if you play Milotic HL, it’s a wrong move to try to use Ascension, unless Feebas is going to die next turn and you have no other Pokemon in play. Milotic’s power works when it is put into play from your hand, not from your deck, so the successful use of Ascension won’t trigger Milotic’s power.

All of this was irrelevant in jermy’s case, as his strategy was to drop Feebas in the midgame, play Rare Candy immediately, and evolve into Milotic that same turn, thus healing everyone. So he could have used any Feebas he liked, even one with 10HP and no attacks, if such a card existed.

Unlimited: Assuming you’re playing some form of Milotic with it… stop there, that’s already a bad idea in Unlimited. 1/5

Modified: Assuming you’re playing some form of Milotic with it, if you use Milotic ex (but it’s not that good), then this Feebas might be the best one. If you use the HL Milotic, personally I prefer the Submerge Feebas… at least it is relatively safe on your bench (actually it isn’t, since Rock-Lock still owns it). But whatever. 2/5

Limited: Now this is interesting. I wouldn’t personally draft it, since, even if you have Milotic, it’s still a 50/50 chance of evolving immediately, and that 30HP doesn’t give you a chance to survive for long, even in Limited. I think it’s risky to go for Feebas/Milotic here. 1.5/5

As an aside, later on today, I’m kissing my Summer holidays goodbye, since tomorrow I restart work. That is very… umm… never mind.
Pidgeot5 Feebas HL

The Magikarp like fish that makes people shout out “where the heck is that Feebas” or words to that effect. It’s supposedly hardy and can live anywhere but it also dimwitted and easy to catch. While it’s easy enough to catch, as most players of the ruby/sapphire series would know finding it is an absolute pain. Enough about the fish let’s move onto the card version.

Prior to the errata it was alright because at least it didn’t sit at 30HP for long, but now there is a flip to complicate matters. Personally I like the emerald one with submerge because if forced into the worst position at least I can block damage to it if it’s on the bench but attacks like feint attack still get through so maybe its worth nothing and the ideal situation would be to candy it immediately to avoid this problem altogether.

Unlimited: No way, it’s like putting up a sign that reads I like to lose.
Milotic ex would be a dangerous card at best to play in this environment.

Modified: I don’t like using 30HP basics much. Milotic and Milotic ex can be well worth your efforts, but be aware that a bad start with a 30HP basic is more likely to be game ending then anything else.

Limited: Not too bad, if you get Milotic this could be actually good because it has a chance of finding it, which is awesome. If you fail though you’re handing your opponent a prize on a platter.

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