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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



Fire Red Leaf Green


Date Reviewed: 08.30.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.6
Modified: 3.99
Limited: 4.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jermy101 Pidgeot

Pidgeot was very popular in RSon modified, and I think it still will be in HL modified. The way you can just take any card from your deck is very powerful. So don't be afraid to use singles in your deck! The free retreat is helpful, and so is the Clutch attack which can stop your opponent from retreating while setup your bench. Clutch is often just used with a DRE for a quick 30 damage. Of course he is weak to Lightning, so watch out for Zapdos ex. But the Resistance to Fighting can help out vs Medicham ex type decks.

Unlimited - It actually might be good here but I never tried it. A 1/1 line might even work since you can just Computer Search for the Pidgeot line, then use the pidgeot line to search for stuff. But not sure how effective this would be. 2/5

Modified - It's a monster in this format because of the low amount of draw/search available. Searching for any card when you need it is great. Search for that strength charm, or the briney at the bottom of your deck, whatever. I'm not giving it a perfect score though cause it is a stage 2, so it can sometimes be hard to get into play. 4.5/5

Limited - If you get Pidgey and Pidgeotto in addition to Pidgeot, take it!! There is practically no draw/search in this format so you need all you can get. 5/5
Bullados Pidgeot

We continue Worlds Winner week with IMHO one of the most overrated cards ever created.

Attributes: 100 is pretty decent, but not quite enough to survive against the biggest hitters in the format. Weakness to Lightning is bad, as there are a LOT of Lightning that can easily do 50 damage, OHKOing this Pokemon. Then again, it should never be active during your opponents turn. Free retreat is awesome, and you should take advantage of that.

Attack #1: [CC] Clutch

It's a decent attack for a stage 1 or as a backup attack. It shouldn?t be the main attack on any stage 2. It?s just not powerful enough to do anything but stall for a while. 40 for 2 is nice, but just not enough damage, and the effect is annoying at best.

Poke-POWER: 'Quick Search'

This is why everybody is fussing over this card, its ability to search anything out of your deck when you need it. Also, this is stackable, so you can use 3-4 of them in a turn if you so desire and you have enough Pidgeot in play.

Pre-evolutions: Pidgey is quite possibly the most annoying Pokemon that I know. I'm sorry to say that I lost a game because I was Pidgey-locked in the first few turns, and ended up decking out. Corner should be used if it can mess with your opponent, but use the other attack if Corner wouldn't do anything. Pidgeotto again has the Clutch attack, but this one does damage. Again, just use it to annoy, not to attack.


Unlimited: Comp Search is better at what Pidgeot does, and there's too much board disruption in the format for him to be safe for long. Also, Muk is popular enough to pose a problem for Pidgeot. However, Slowking and Vileplume are still popular decks that stop Trainer usage. Pidgeot can be used to get past those. Still, unless you know that you?re going to be facing one of those, Pidgeot is all but useless.


Modified: It's a good card, no doubt about it. The ability to search any card in your deck is a very powerful ability. However, in order to play it, you need a minimum of 6 cards in your deck devoted to getting Pidgeot out (2-1-2 line with 1 Rare Candy). Also, Pokemon Power stoppage is a popular strategy right now. Because of this, there are better options out there for deck searching. First, there is simply Trainer usage. Trainers can search out Pokemon and many other Trainers, but cannot search out Special Energy cards. Next, there is Jirachi, which can only search through the top 5 cards of your deck, but allows you to choose any of those cards to go into your deck. The downside is that Jirachi falls asleep, and might not be usable next turn. My personal favorite alternative to Pidgeot is Magcargo from Deoxys, mostly because he is not affected by Battle Frontier, but also because he takes up less space in a deck and has a more productive Basic form than Pidgey. One of the Slugma has a similar ability to Corner, but actually does damage. The other one can get a card from the top of your deck. Both of these are better than Pidgey, who doesn't do much damage, and whose Corner doesn't do any damage. Pidgeot is still a good card. However, because there is so much out there to counter it specifically, and that there are a few alternatives that are almost up to its searching ability, Pidgeot gets a relatively low score from me.

3.99/5 (not good enough for a 4, but most certainly not a 3.75.)

Limited: Difficult to get out, but very effective once it's out. 40 damage is pretty good in Limited, and its searching ability is unparalleled in the set. The problem is getting a line good enough to play it, and then getting it out of the deck. Also, it can potentially cause you to deck out if you're not careful. Because of the dreadful downsides, it also doesn't get as high a rating as the others will probably give him.

X-Act We now look at Pidgeot, and its evolutionary line.

Pidgey, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot all have an attack that prevents the opponent to switch out. Interestingly, jermy seems to have relied on these attacks quite often, and the opponents report that they were surprisingly annoying, at the very least.

The most interesting thing about Pidgeot, however, is the Poke-Power, which gets you any card off your deck for free. This is probably the most broken Poke-Power ever written. Pidgeot’s Clutch attack does 40 for 2 colorless and then the opponent can’t retreat (once again), which is pretty good versus colorless-weak cards. You Clutch for 80, then, unless the opponent finds a switching card, the Defending Pokemon dies next turn.

Other things that makes Pidgeot even better is its free-retreat (a very rare thing to have these days), and its resistance to Fighting.

Pidgeot does have its counters, but these are limited to Battle Frontier and cards that switching off Poke-Powers.

Unlimited: It’s also good in Unlimited, especially if the opponent is denying all your Trainers with Slowking or Vileplume ex. Its attack can be powered up by a simple DCE and is actually pretty good. It also has resistance to the ubiquitous Tyrogue and free retreat. However, getting a Stage 2 out when your opponent is disrupting your Trainers is easier said than done, and playing a Stage 2 in Unlimited just to support your other Pokemon may slow the deck down instead of speed it up. 3.5/5

Modified: Totally broken in Modified, if you ask me. I’d give it a 5 if Battle Frontier and cards that switch off its Poke-Power didn’t exist. 4.5/5

Limited: The Pidgeys and Pidgeottos shouldn’t be too hard to get, and they are actually very decent, so if you get them and see a Pidgeot around, grab it. If you manage to get it out in a game, it’s basically an auto-win. Its colorless type makes it splashable into any deck too, which is even better. 5/5
Pidgeot5 Pidgeot FRLG

Alright, the pokémon that I name myself after, it means I got to like this card. I confess, I try to find every way possible of making Pidgeot’s prior to this one playable. From the no energy for you decks of Jungle Pidgeot, to the Rocket’s Zapdos/Pidgeot EXP deck that I was known for a long time ago in unlimited back when metals reduced self damage and you could retreat more then once (the two things the entire deck revolved around). Finally they make a Pidgeot that I don’t have to struggle to work out how to make usable.

This is the only Pidgey that has 50HP. I remember getting annoyed at how Pidgey never had more then 40HP. Starting wise though Pidgey is not very good, it would be rare to say the least that your opponent would want to retreat early and they would usually just evolve then retreat in the case of a rival Pidgey. So Pidgey is truthfully not one of the basics you want to open with a game with however there are far worse ones. 2 colourless for 20 is alright, but this attack is rarely used, all in all a very average basic.

A better stage 1, Pidgeotto has a zero retreat cost, always cool especially if you started the game with a Pidgey and later got something you wanted active, just evolve Pidgey and retreat. Clutch is again only useful in certain situations but at least it does damage while cutting wind could do a lot of damage against a colourless weak pokémon, especially with a strength charm. A much better stage 1, compared to its basic.

This card appears in so many decks, it is very overused and for good reason.
The ability to search out any card from your deck once a turn is downright broken. Want evolutions? Energy? Stadium? Draw power? Pidgeot gets whatever the situation requires and fits into a lot of decks, mostly ones that revolve around stage 2 pokémon as once Pidgeot is out the deck flows very smoothly. Of course battle frontier stops it cold so searching for the counter before you need it may be a good idea. It’s a solid attacker too, 100 HP and 0 retreat is very good and 2 energy for 40 damage no retreat is quite good as well, so don’t underestimate its use for dealing quick damage as well as searching.

Unlimited: Its good here too, not as good as in modified of course but not to be underestimated. While it’s not to be dismissed it tends to be not as useful due to computer search, oak and the superior draw options available to players. Also gust of wind can get rid of Pidgeot in this format, if it is really being a pain to the other player, unlike in modified where it can hide in the safety of the bench.

Modified HL-on: There is no card that searches for any card you want in this format and most cards that do searching either have a flip, or are a supporter and even then they are limited in what they can find. You can play your supporter and other things then use Pidgeot in addition to give you 1 extra card of your choice so its ability never goes to waste. This may be obvious but some players I know use Quick Search first, play it then say Copycat and get what they just searched for. Don’t do this, always do Quick search when there is nothing else to do or just before Pidgeot will be removed from play (like through a Briney) so that your search will be the most accurate. I don’t need to keep saying how useful this card is, it’s pretty obvious.

Limited: Search for any card? Once a turn? Trainers are broken if they search for evolutions just the once. This thing can do it again and again and search for any card. Simply put, get this card and a good supporting line to match and you have very good chances.

Hey I'm Ash and my COTD of Pidgeot RG

Hey guys! Yeah I am wondering when is American's summer vacation?
Mine's in July to September, so I am now in the very last day of vacation

Okies today we'll have Pidgeot RG for our COTD review! YAY! Mm it's one of the card that Jeremy has used in worlds, together with a lot of stuffs. So this two weeks we will keep on reviewing the cards in his deck. Ah, Pojostaff should have told you about that right? I haven't checked Pojo for a few days.
Anyway, let's read the spoiler...*yay*

Pidgeot RG - 100 HP - Colorless

Poke-Power: Quick Search: Once during your turn (before your attack), you may choose any 1 card from your deck and put it into your hand.
Shuffle your deck afterward. You can't use more than 1 Quick Search Poké-Power each turn. This power can't be used if Pidgeot is affected by a Special Condition.
[2] Clutch (40) The Defending Pokémon can't retreat until the end of your oppone nt's next turn.
Weakness: Lightning
Resistance: Fighting -30

Pidgeot has been a very interesting Pokemon for a long time. The Jungle one is cool. Well it is another Computer Search that we've been looking for, but it's free. Nintendo is a bit stupid to put it in the theme deck, otherwise I believe a Pidgeot's value will more much higher than Rare Candy or such things. I still haven't started my review?!

Yes in last format E-on, we usually use Oracle + Delcatty. This combo is excellent since you can use more than one Energy Draw every turn, and I usually prefer drawing more other than Quick Search =.=. In the very beginning of PTCG we use Computer search, which is a nice card...and with Item Finder, you can have up to 8 Computer Search in your deck. So in here we have a conclusion – we have search cards in every format (except neo block). ;x What is the advantage of this?
'What you want, is what you get'. In a game which depends on luck, controlling everything is quite important. For example, if you have such a suck hand in the early start, and you can't get anything that you need, you can just use Pidgeot to search for a Copycat and do everything you want. A quite famous (and rare) combo is 1st turn RC Pidgeot, search for Dunsparce, retreat, attach an energy to Dunny, SAR. You need that 4 cards that you need in order to have such a start.

Magcargo is cool too, it is very similar to Pidgeot.

Advantage of playing Magcargo: you can combo with Ludicolo, TVR, Steven, Mary's Request, etc etc. And you can play Battle Frontier, to stop your opponent's Pidgeot but you won't be affected. You can still search things, which increases your setting up speed and take the advantage. The attacks are ok too.

Disadvantage: well putting on the top of your deck is the problem. You can't get that immediately unless you can draw it with Lud / TVR / Steve. So ah when you need a card to win the game but you can't get it in this turn and next turn your opponent kills your Pokemon and the card that you put on the top of the deck is quite useless then it is funny.

Which one to play with? I prefer Magcargo at this moment, since Battle Frontier seems to be great VS this metagame. But 3 retreat cost is such a problem. =(


Unlimited: 3/5 IMO Computer Search is better. Discard cards? If you use Electrode ex / Blaze then it isn't a problem + Pidgeot 2-1-2 standard line use up a few spaces.

Modified: 4.5/5 yeah it's a great card at this moment...lightning weakness is the worst part of Pidgeot. BTW if you dunno, Jeremy played
3-2-3 Pidgeot line, because you have higher chance of 2 Pidgeot in play so if your opponent kills one of them you can still search.
Playing 2-1-2 line, it is hard to pull out the whole 2 line. Maybe prized, waste bench spaces, waste candies, etc.

Limited: 4.5/5 if you can pull out the whole line then congrats. There IS switch in FRLG so maybe he won't be clutched for once, but later he will be clueless to do everything. Free retreat allow you to retreat as often as you want.

Overall: 4/5 nice >,<

Always welcome to e-mail / IM me for strategy discussions or Apprentice Games!!
[Contact me! Any suggestions, or comments, or even corrections, please contact me ash.van.je@gmail.com, AIM AshVanJe, or MSN ash_cheng@hotmail.com Skype: ash_van_je]

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