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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Warp Energy



Date Reviewed: 08.26.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.5
Modified: 2.8
Limited: 4.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

2005 World
Warp Energy

Warp Energy is useful in decks that don't have a lot of colored energy requirements. Nidoqueen might be a good choice for it, since its attack is FCC. Medicham ex might also be good with it, so you can switch it with a benched Cham or a Hariyama ex. Warp Energy is basically a full heal too, since when you switch the thing to the bench is loses all its special conditions. Just put a free retreater active after the warp, then put the warped pokemon back active.

Unlimited - I remember people using this instead of Switch, since Switch got stopped by Slowking. It still seems like a good card here, if you're running a deck that uses some colorless energy. 3/5

Modified - Any deck that has mostly colorless requirements this would be a good fit in. 4/5

Limited - Yes take it! Retreating is hard to do in this format. 5/5
X-Act Warp Energy

This is kind of the reverse effect of Cyclone Energy. When you attach this energy card to your Active Pokemon (irrespective of what it is), it provides a Colorless Energy to it and then you must switch it with one of your Benched Pokemon.

I daresay this card is less useful than Cyclone Energy in both Unlimited and Modified formats. The only conceivable use of it is to replace a Switch or Warp Point when your opponent is denying the usage of your Trainer cards. In practice, this is the role of either Slowking in Unlimited, or Vileplume ex in both formats. I have already said in the Cyclone Energy COTD that Cyclone Energy is much better against Vileplume ex than Warp Energy can be. Against a Murkrow lock, they both break it. So it is obvious that Cyclone Energy is the better card in both formats. And if someone in Unlimited still plays Dark Vileplume, again Cyclone Energy is a superior card, if anything, for the small chance of the opponent having to put it in the active spot for you to have a shot at its lowly 60HP.

Unlimited: I’ve already explained what I had to explain, really. 2/5

Modified (HL-on): Just use Switch and/or Warp Point. Trainer denial cards in Modified are restricted almost exclusively (apart from Stantler UF) to Vileplume ex, and, as I have already said countless times, Cyclone Energy is superior to Warp Energy against it. 1.5/5

Limited: Now this is where Warp Energy is a very useful card. You get a free switch AND an energy attachment (albeit to the Pokemon that is about to be switched out). Unseen Forces only has Warp Point as a switching Trainer card, so grab Warp Energy if you get the opportunity. Switching out of a tight situation in Limited always seems to win games. 4.5/5


Remember, when you attach this card to your active you HAVE to switch if you have a bench…


Now, I like this card. A great tech card that has a free built in switch. Can be used if an opponent manages to gust up your slowking or any other high HP pokemon. Again, as with cyclone energy it probably will get removed, but you will have got the desired effect from it anyway. In most unlimited decks I cant see it being used, however, I don’t think it would perform terribly if it were to be used!


In modified, I can see this being used more. There are a lot of evolutions in this format – many with high retreat costs. Warp energy will allow for the free switch and also the removal of any status conditions. I can just imagine this being used in steelix EX decks ;) I would use it in more unusually ways…. Such as using them in a Regirock ex deck, giving you a free switch and allowing it to heal on the bench ;) I am sure this card has many nice ‘techy’ uses so watch out.


Great. A free switch?! Always useful when status conditions are everywhere. Also will allow you to save paying a high retreat cost to avoid giving your opponent a prize. Take it!


Review too long?  Skip straight to the Ratings and Summary!


Also note I will be reviewing for the new Modified Format from now on (EX Hidden Legends and later sets, called Hidd-On for short).  This format officially becomes the current Modified Format on September 1st.


Name: Warp Energy

Set: EX Unseen Forces

Card#: 100/115

Rarity: Uncommon

Type: Energy

Subtype: Special Energy

Text: Warp Energy provides (C) Energy.  When you attach this card from your hand to your Active Pokémon, switch that Pokémon with 1 of your Benched Pokémon.


Attributes: Pretty straight forward-obviously, like any Special Energy (other than Miracle Energy), Warp Energy is limited to four per deck, like any non-Basic Energy card.  It provides a single Colorless Energy as evidenced by the symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the card.  As usual, I’ll remind players that Colorless Energy can only meet Colorless Energy requirements, because any type of Energy meets a Colorless requirement.


Abilities: If you attach it to your Active from your hand, it requires you switch out that Active with one of your Benched Pokémon.  This is a fairly solid ability, mostly useful since it gets around Trainer blocking effects, and on the occasion that you need to bench something while powering it up.


Uses and

Combinations: The two situations mentioned above may seem rare, but now that we have a lot of Bench manipulation and contrasting factors that mean you get punished for a large Bench or a small Bench means that sometimes you’ll have something Active you want to keep powering up but also want on the Bench.  For me, it would be my EX Fire Red/Leaf Green Victreebel in my “Liabelity” deck (using EX Deoxys Weezing).  Weezing uses Liability to blow itself up and reduce the opponent to 10 HP left, then before my turn ends I have to send up a new Active, and its usually Victreebel, since that means its Poke-Body (Acid Sampler) will place a counter on the opponent’s Active Pokémon between turns, which equals a KO.  Problem being is that if I have to do this early enough, I will be just a little bit shy of Energy to attack with Victreebel, and will need a way to power it up quickly as well as get it back to the Bench.  Enter Warp Energy.  My deck also currently runs an EX Fire Red/Leaf Green Scyther as TecH: when it has a Grass Energy on it, it has a free retreat cost.  So if I need to shake any Special Conditions or other effects that go away when I bench a Pokémon, Warp Energy to the Active, Scyther comes up then I retreat back to the old Active now “effect” free.


As you can see, pretty specialized for Modified.  In Unlimited, it is a whole other story: Pokémon are constantly forced into the Active slot against their player’s will thanks to Gust of Wind.  You also have a lot of popular Trainer denial that Warp Energy can get around.  Finally, you can use Warp Energy to not only break a Neo Genesis Murkrow’s Mean Look/Feint Attack lock, but keep the Murkrow active where you can (ideally) OHKO it with whatever you bring up, truly ending the lock.




Unlimited: 4/5-Here I find a single copy to be a staple, due to the “Murkrow Lock”.  While much less painful than a Yata-Lock from Yu-Gi-Oh, the multiple kinds of Murkrow locks are still strong though not as heavily played as in the past.  Again, there is also so much Trainer denial it also bypasses.


Modified: 3/5-Here, not as good.  In fact, it now seems to match its set mate and seemingly counterpart, Cyclone Energy.  It’s useful but far from required for most decks in general, but for a few it will be quite helpful.


Limited: 4.75/5-No real reason not to take it here, unless you honestly have no use for it (you are running a deck with but a single Pokémon), or none of your Pokémon have Colorless Energy costs.



Warp Energy is back in Modified at last… too bad most of the stuff that could really use it has been rotated out.  Still nice to have options.


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