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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Cyclone Energy



Date Reviewed: 08.25.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 2.87
Modified: 3
Limited: 4.125

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


If you think this review is too long to read, skip straight to the Ratings and Summary!


Name: Cyclone Energy

Set: EX Unseen Forces

Card#: 99/115

Type: Energy

Subtype: Special Energy

Text: Cyclone Energy provides (C) Energy.  When you attach this card from your hand to your Active Pokémon, switch 1 of the Defending Pokémon with 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokémon.  Your opponent chooses the Benched Pokémon to switch.


As my classes have started this week and Special Energy cards are often fairly “simple” to review, I’ll forgo my normal formatting sections here.  Cyclone Energy provides one Colorless Energy.  This can only fulfill one Colorless Energy requirement, because Colorless Energy is essentially an “absence” of Color [Type].  Of course, so far every Energy card ever made can meet at least a single Colorless Energy requirement for legal attachment targets.  The other thing Cyclone Energy does is force the opponent to “switch out” one of the Defending Pokémon if you attach it to one of your Active Pokémon.  Sadly, the card let’s you only choose which of their Defending Pokémon are switched out, while your opponent chooses which Benched Pokémon to bring up.  If you attach it to one of your Benched Pokémon, it will get no effect.  This is a mixed blessing: it means that you may be wasting an Energy attachment (if the Active didn’t need it) or wasting an effect (if something on the Bench really needs an Energy attachment).  As I said, this can be good though since it gives you a way to use the Energy without having to use the effect when it might benefit the opponent.


All in all, this effect feels a hair sub-par: in typical 1-on-1 play, that is where each player only has one Active Pokémon, it basically acts like your opponent used Switch.  It does have its uses though.  There are many effects that can reside on the Defending Pokémon, as well as just random circumstances where it doesn’t matter what card is made Active so long as you got the former Defending Pokémon out of that slot.  Examples would be a Pokémon-ex being “blocked” by a Pokémon with Safeguard, which ended up costing a friend of mine a match at Worlds, or [temporarily] getting rid of an “only while Active” Poké-Body/Power.  Of course, Warp Point would work here as well, unless the Defending Pokémon is Vileplume ex.  It can also be good when you just need a lot of cards to change out the opponent’s Pokémon reliably.  Feraligatr ex and Spinning Tail Dark Tyranitar may benefit from a few copies of this.  Assuming any actual Darkness Energy attached to Dark Tyranitar, just like Feraligatr ex’s Tsunami, will rack up more damage on the Active… so the opponent will focus on their slightly less damaged bench.  This will shake them up a bit, and while they rarely will send up what they have powered up, do it right and you’ll score two KOs that turn.


There is one guilty pleasure from Cyclone Energy.  Sometimes, your opponent will be forced to choose something they don’t want to.




Unlimited: 1.75/5-Well, it can break a Mean Look lock, and many, many decks rely on a bench sitting Pokémon and its Pokémon Power.  It can also be used when Trainers are being denied.  It’s still something of a desperation measure though.


Modified: 3/5-There are just enough things you’d benefit from benching to make this quite useful in a few decks, and slightly useful in most.


Limited: 3.75/5-Solid pick.  This set has quite a few Colorless Energy costs in attacks, and forcing the opponent to bench will often force them to burn Energy needlessly, and sometimes bring up something small you can OHKO for that last prize.

Heeya I'm Ash ;)


Hey guys! Sup?
YAY! I just found that some of my memories has come back (remember I said that some of my memories were lost after exam ;x). I battled a lot in this vacation which also get back my memories. (but I found out that I lost my memories of school ROFL) I can write quite a lot of COTD right now.

So today we'll have Cyclone Energy for our review! It is reprinted in our new set, Unseen Forces, and it was first released in Skyridge.
(Ages ago) I've got a lot of them in the Japanese packs. It comes like a basic energy, with no rarity. =\ Let's read the spoiler:

Cyclone Energy UF(O)

Cyclone Energy provides [C] Energy. When you attach this card from your hand to your Active Pokémon, switch 1 of the Defending Pokémon with 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon. Your opponent chooses the Benched Pokémon to switch.

Well I put one in my Ludicargo, just in case. In some situations it can be VERY useful - like in the turn, if your opponent has Jirachi / Dunsparce active, and a bench, you can attach Cyclone to your Dunny or something else, and gust his/her bench out. It can be quite annoying because he may need an energy to retreat, and he can't use Dunsparce in that turn. Yes of course it's silly but it's really the idea of this deck. Using this way is silly, no one asks you to put this card in deck. :P

Your opponent chooses the Benched Pokemon to switch! It's really not good because if you want to gust something to kill, he will just let a Pokemon with high HP (or useless Pokemon) for you to attack. Or even if you want to kick his Active Pokemon which is ready to attack away, he will just pump a Pidgeot / free-retreat cost Pokemon out. Shiftry DX has VERY similar use, as well as Warp Point. I'd prefer Warp Point in this case...

Combos: ah...colorless decks...? :P

Unlimited: 2.5/5 not really good here. Your opponent pump a Cleffa out, if you wanna KO it you need to flip for baby rules, and next turn he will retreat the overprotected Cleffa away and make a come back.

Modified: 3/5 not bad through here. It's really not bad. But in another way you may help your opponent because he may want to retreat that Pokemon for ages but not enough energies...

Limited: 3.5/5 it works fine here...but com'on there's also Warp Point in this set. I'd say a special energy in draft can be quite useful, no matter it's useful or useless or what. Providing an energy cost is already enough. Cyclone, Cleffa, eeeeek!!

Overall: 3/5 I'd say that Warp Energy is much more useful here!

Always welcome to e-mail / IM me for strategy discussions or Apprentice Games!! Thanks for your mail about Dunny after HL-on, Richard from UK, I'll try to write an article about it soon.
[Contact me! Any suggestions, or comments, or even corrections, please contact me ash.van.je@gmail.com, AIM AshVanJe, or MSN ash_cheng@hotmail.com Skype: ash_van_je]

Well, I’m back from worlds! Had an awesome time! Won 4 games and lost 4 games…. So-so lol ;)


I actually think this energy isn’t bad here. Can be a good tech card. Helps bring out a possible slowking and even get out of a murkrow lock. Nice considering you get a half-gust effect from an energy instead of a trainer. Only real drawback is its your energy attachment for your turn. Energy removal wont affect you as you will of already got the desired effect from it. In my current unlimited deck I am running 4 of these annoying babies!

Not as useful here. People will play warp point more here I expect. The limitation of having to attach it to your active makes it less useful in modified. Will see some limited play I expect, but cannot see any real combos etc for it off the top of my head. You could max out on disruption and run a deck with 4 cyclone/4 warp point/4 pow/4 reversal!

Useful here! Usually any special energy you get is useful here. Can be used effectively to push away their main hitter and even bring up a low hp basic for a prize.
X-Act Cyclone Energy

Cyclone Energy also gets reprinted in EX Unseen Forces. A very good Energy card it is, too.

It provides just one Colorless Energy. When you attach it to your Active Pokemon, your opponent must switch his or her Defending Pokemon with one of his or her Benched Pokemon. This is a very cool effect to have in all formats. There are many viable Pokemon having Poke-Powers or Poke-Bodies that work only when they are on the active spot. Usually, playing something like Warp Point stops this Poke-Power and Poke-Body, but this won’t work with one particular card: Vileplume ex. But Cyclone Energy is not a Trainer card, so you can still force the opponent to switch his or her Vileplume ex when using it, and that makes it very usable.

Unlimited: If your area is infested with Vileplume ex, play a few copies of this card, then you can play all your Trainers that may have accumulated in your hand. Also, it helps against a Murkrow that has locked your Active Pokemon. Very good indeed. 4/5

Modified (HL-on): I see this Energy card being used also in Modified. Against Medicham ex and Feraligatr ex, it gives you at least one turn in which all your Powers are switched on, which might just give you a comeback (although Warp Point has that effect too). Vileplume ex, of course, is also a card that can be played in Modified, so again, if your metagame has a few Vileplume ex’s, consider playing Cyclone Energy. However, Vileplume ex is not as prevalent here as it is in Unlimited, so you might prefer Warp Point here (which, by the way, has also been reprinted in Unseen Forces). 3/5

Limited: I’d take it. It provides an Energy and has no restrictions to its usage, and you never know when its effect would be beneficial. Only Warp Point and Cyclone Energy force your opponent to switch in this set, but remember that you need to attach it to your Active Pokemon in order for its effect to work. Forcing your opponent to switch in Limited is a very good effect. 4.5/5

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