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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Boost Energy

EX Unseen Forces


Date Reviewed: 08.23.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 3.08
Modified: 4
Limited: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Note: Until I get a good tournament report, don’t expect a lot of references to Worlds.


Name: Boost Energy

Set: EX Unseen Forces (latest printing of card)

Card#: 98/115 (latest printing of card)

Type: Energy

Subtype: Special Energy

Symbol: (C)(C)(C) [Three Colorless Energy symbols]

Text: Boost Energy can be attached only to an Evolved Pokémon.  Discard Boost Energy at the end of the turn it was attached.  Boost Energy provides (C)(C)(C) Energy.  The Pokémon Boost Energy is attached to can’t retreat.  If the Pokémon Boost Energy is attached to isn’t an Evolved Pokémon, discard Boost Energy.


Attributes: Boost Energy is a Special Energy card.  This means you can only have four copies in your deck and that it is very hard to retrieve from the discard.  It also means all the cards that specifically cite Basic Energy or Basic Energy cards won’t work with Boost Energy, like Energy Search.


Looking at the corner, we already know that it provides at least three Colorless Energy (the corner symbol determines an Energy card’s “default” value). 


Abilities: Boost Energy can fulfill up to three Colorless Energy requirements, but can only be attached to Evolved Pokémon, is discarded at the end of the turn, and the Pokémon it is attached to isn’t allowed to retreat (it can be switched out via other card effects though).  These are pretty heavy restrictions, but as we’ve seen both in the distant past (Double Colorless Energy) and the present and foreseeable future (Scramble Energy), they are needed.


Uses/Combinations: An “old school” combo with this card was Light Dragonite, who shut off the effects of Special Energy cards in play and rendered them all Colorless Energy.  So ignore all the text on Boost Energy so long as it was attached to something in play while Light Dragonite was also on the field.  A ‘true’ Triple Colorless Energy is a scary thing.


For most of you, though, it’s pretty simple.  This offers temporary speed and surprise.  You can now drop something like Jigglypuff, Evolve to Wigglytuff ex, and finally drop a Boost Energy on it so that it can attack right away.  Evolved Pokémon with at least a (C)(C) in their Energy costs can surprise an opponent by attacking early… though this is less surprising than before since we have some other options now (in the form of the respective “team” Energy cards, Double Rainbow Energy, and of course Scramble).


Pokémon with generic discard costs like this since it almost eliminates the main draw back of this card: just discard the Boost Energy that you would have to discard anyway.


Pay close attention to most new cards, as they seem to be more and more “Boost-able”.  All of the Hitmon- family from EX Unseen Forces can make good use of Boost Energy if they have been Evolved from Tyrogue… and they have a good reason to be.  We’ll come back to that should we review those cards.


Last combo I will mention is cards that count the number of Energy, but not Energy cards.  Take Gardevoir ex.  Its second attack needs (P)(C)(C)(C).  The attack counts all Energy in play, then does 10 damage times that number.  So not only does this mean you can use the attack when you’d only otherwise have one Psychic [providing] Energy attached, but it gives an extra 20 damage over most other Energy you could use.




Unlimited: 3.25/5-Not a card in every deck, but very vital to certain key decks, like those based on Jungle Wigglytuff and Wigglytuff ex, who can go from zero Energy to fully powered.


Modified: 4/5-It’s not for every deck, but it makes a lot of decks work well, and several into fierce competitors.  The loss of this really hurt Gardevoir ex decks, but its return might mark a return, for example.


Limited: 4/5-As long as you have a compatible Evolution (one that needs at least two Colorless Energy and can use Special Energy cards), run this.  If you don’t, then the score is an automatic 1/5, of course.  Oh, and the latest set has quite a few cards that can use it.



Boost Energy has a lot of built in restrictions, and despite that, it is still a very potent card.  This is an excellent example of card balance for which the designers should be commended.  Now, it may look bad at first or second glance, but don’t be deceived, even if someone you think is a pro tells you its no good.  I mean, check out the original CotD review for this card (back when it was new from Aquapolis) to see how it can be underestimated.  Now check the last time we reviewed this five months ago after its initial re-release in EX Emerald.  It has proven so important that I felt justified having us re-review it this set – I can’t emphasize enough how many cards appear to have been designed with it in mind.


Jermy101 Boost Energy

Boost Energy is a very good card and belongs in a lot of decks. Any evolution that has at least 2 colorless energy in its attack requirement has use for it. Gardevoir ex's Psystorm comes to mind. Also Light Dragonite, and how the Boost stays on him forever. Salamence ex can discard a boost, which is only 1 energy card, to do its 120 damage attack. Many more combos that I don't have time to list right now ;). Just look for any Evolved Pokemon that has CC, CCC, or CCCC in its attack requirement and Boost Energy would probably be a good addition for that deck. Though you have to discard it at the end of your turn so watch out for that.

Unlimited - Boost Energy is used in Wigglytuff decks, since that makes it resistant to ER and SER. Can't ER an energy that's not there anymore right? I can't really think of any other decks that have use for this. 3/5

Modified - Good in Gardevoir, Salamence, Exeggutor, lots of stuff. 4/5

Limited - If you have a Pokemon in your limited deck that has use for this, take it. Otherwise don't. 3/5

FIRST OF ALL, I have to say 'Congratulations!' to Jermy for 1000 times. I was stilling joking with him in AIM of is he going to worlds last week, and a few days later he became the World Champion! It's cool to read World Champion's COTD here. ;) And today we have a card which bring us joy and glory – boost energy UF. Kewl, let's read the spoiler:

Boost Energy can be attached only to an Evolved Pokémon. Discard Boost Energy at the end of the turn it was attached. Boost Energy provides CCC Energy. The Pokémon Boost Energy is attached to can't retreat.
If the Pokémon Boost Energy is attached to isn't an Evolved Pokemon, discard Boost Energy.

I think everyone must know this card. It is awesome. It's more than awesome. Well I think speed is very important in the current metagame.
How do we do a speed game? By attaching energy quick. How? There're a lot of ways – Electrode ex / Dark Electrode / Blastoise, a lot more.
But Boost Energy is the BEST – you can use it to pay CCC energy costs, and if you figure it out it's VERY useful on a few Pokemon – Slaking RS, Dark Dragonite, Scizor ex and Gardy ex, etc. We can use Scizor ex to do T1 with Boost Energy – you just need a Scyther, a Wally's Training / Rare Candy + Scizor ex and a Boost. How easy is it. It's exactly what happened in the tourney last week...;) another famous combo is Boost + Gardy. This combo got the 2nd of World Championships 04...yes it increases speed! You can attach 3 energies each turn other than 1/2!! But since it can only be attached to evolved Pokemon, it become less useful, but still fine.


Well a combo in RS-on is Delcatty + Electrode ex. It's extremely quick and doing huge damage. Use Delcatty to discard boost / scramble energies, then bomb Electrode to pick them up and attach them to Delcatty / Exeggutor to do 100-400 damages (WOO) in the first few turns. @.@

Another 'old school' combo is Light Dragonite. It's because you don't need to discard boost at the end of the turn...ah, but Battle Frontier destroys it.


Unlimited – 4.5/5 it's not bad with Light Dragonite, and many other things.
Modified – 5/5 it's excellent. You will see a lot of Scizor ex + Boost Energy later on. (I believe) Limited – 4.5/5 it's really great...combo with Electbuzz or eeveelution are very effective in drafts.
Overall – 4.7/5 NICE! @.@

Another congratulations to our dear JEEEEEERMY!!

[Contact me! Any suggestions, or comments, or even corrections, please contact me ash.van.je@gmail.com, AIM AshVanJe, or MSN ash_cheng@hotmail.com Skype: ash_van_je]
X-Act Boost Energy

Unseen Forces sees the third reprint of Boost Energy, after it was first released in Aquapolis, and then recently in EX Deoxys. This ensures that next year’s Modified (not the one starting in 1st September) will contain this card from the start.

You should all be familiar with what the card does. It provides 3 Colorless to Evolved Pokemon (even ex’s) and then it is discarded the same turn it is played. Decks that play Pokemon having 3 Colorless and a colored energy as one of its attacks’ energy requirement benefit a lot from this card, especially ex cards (which can’t use DRE and Scramble as alternatives). Some examples of ex cards from Hidden Legends onwards that benefit from Boost Energy are Feraligatr ex, Meganium ex, Wigglytuff ex, Blissey ex, Raichu ex (the Emerald one) and Charizard ex. Non-ex Pokemon that benefit from Boost Energy are Machamp, the new Electabuzz (as long as it’s evolved from Elekid), Exploud, and Shiftry.

Unlimited: It’s good in Unlimited, especially in Wigglytuff ex decks. It really helps Wigglytuff ex recover after Energy Removal and to start dishing big damage from the second turn. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be too many viable Unlimited decks that can benefit from it. 3/5

Modified (HL-on): I’m going to start considering Modified as HL-on from this review onwards, since it’s going to start as from next September and Worlds are over anyway. I’m sure Feraligatr ex will be a deck to watch out for in HL-on, as well as a host of other ex’s (Meganium ex and Blissey ex to name but a few). Machamp will also increase in usage because of all these usable ex’s, and Boost Energy works well with it too. Because of the viability of all these Pokemon in Modified, Boost Energy becomes rather good. 4/5

Limited: It really depends on what Evolved Pokemon you have drafted. If you have drafted Colorless Evolved Pokemon, it will help you. Unfortunately, most of the Evolved Pokemon in Unseen Forces that can use Boost Energy are Rare (I see only Lanturn and Granbull that can use it well), so actually it’s not that good of a pick, especially considering that this set has 146 cards in it. 2/5

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