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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Dual Ball

EX Magma vs Aqua


Date Reviewed: 08.19.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.125
Modified: 2.85
Limited: 3.625

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jermy101 Dual Ball

On average you will get 1 basic from your deck with this card. With that said the only deck this belongs in is Zapdos ex. Otherwise Lanette's Net Search is better in all decks. Dual Ball belongs in Zapdos ex because since the whole deck is lightning, you would only be able to get 1 basic with Lanette anyway, so might as well use Dual Ball. Know what I mean? After this is rotated out, the best replacement I can think of is Master Ball.

Unlimited - No way. There are a lot better things to search for basics in this format, like Computer Search, Pokemon Fan Club, etc. 1/5

Modified - I can't think of any deck to use this in besides Zapdos ex. I'd use Lanette's Net Search in all others. 3 basics > 1 basic, right? I guess that gives it an average rating. 3/5

Limited - Take it!! You need all the search you can get in this format!! Search for basics yes!! 5/5






It simply is not worth it. There is such a huge library of cards to choose from in unlimited that it kind of makes dual ball worthless. There are many cards in unlimited that get you basics guaranteed, and I can’t think of many situations in unlimited where you would really care about the basic going into your hand as opposed to on your bench (and then there are LOADS of better choices).





Not bad here, in the right deck. The right deck mainly being zap-turn-dos really. The advantages dual ball has mainly in this environment is that it is a NON supporter. It is a flippy card (and I don’t like flippy cards). However, you get TWO flips meaning your chance of complete failure is only 25%. Get at least one heads, and you get a precious zapdos into your hand in order to use legendary ascent. In my opinion not great, but not terrible either. Hey, when I played zap-turn-dos I used it ;)





Hey, not bad here. Firstly, it is a trainer and that is always good. Secondly it is kind of like the opposite benefit to wallys training we discussed previously. If you have a certain stage 1 evolution in your hand then (cross your fingers) flip 2 coins, get 1 heads and hey presto! You have the matching evolution ready to start hitting your opponent hard J

Scyther 21 Dual Ball

Dual Ball is a trainer that vairous archtypes choose over other 'Basic Searching' options. Some decks such as Dragtrode play Dual Ball because its fast unlike Dunsparce. And in decks like Dragtrode speed is everything because without it you have to play at the same rate as the opponent which will give you at best a mediocore deck. Dual also is not a supporter allowing for the draw supporters to help search basics if Dual Ball gets two tails. Another good thing is that Dual Ball can search for any basic including stars, exs, and those with an owners name. Unfortunately, after Worlds this card will not be playable (I don't believe there was a re-made Dual Ball). So, what will take the place of Dual Ball and Dunsparce, probably that Jirachi everyone plays. Personally I played Plusle. Yes, thats right past tense. I found a better substitute for this spot at the EX Unseen Forces prerelease, CLEFFA!!!!! Thats right Cleffa is back. However, there are two diffrences between this Cleffa and the broken neo version. The first is a small difference which is after you shuffle your hand into your deck you only draw 6 cards instead of 7 (not that big). The second difference is this Cleffa does not have the protection of the baby rule. There goes the 50% chance of your opponent missing making Cleffa an easy target. Until Worlds is over there will be Dual Ball players sucking the marrow out of this card.

Unlimited 1.5 there are too many cards to play instead of this
Modified 3.5 for those decks that rely on speed this is your card
Limited 3.7 this rating is higher because you want to get what you need

Also, from here on out I will be leaving my e-mail address at the bottom of the reports. This will allow for me to hear from you, the readers and players about the game. Inform on rules or mistakes I made. And even just for talking about the game.


Scyther 21 out
X-Act Dual Ball

Today we look at Dual Ball, a card that will also cease to exist (at least temporarily) once HL-on starts in two weeks’ time.

Dual Ball is a non-supporter Trainer Card that lets you flip 2 coins, and for each heads, you get a Basic Pokemon from your deck into your hand. Note that this doesn’t have the restriction of ex cards, so you can get a Basic ex Pokemon if you want. This is very useful in Zapdos ex decks, which cannot use Dunsparce, for two reasons. Firstly, it needs Elekid/Voltorb/Electrike in the first turn so that you have two energies in play at the end of your first turn, and secondly, Dunsparce benches the Pokemon it gets, so you wouldn’t get to use Zapdos ex’s Legendary Ascent Poke-Power. Once this card rotates out of Modified, Turn 2 Zappy decks will lose a lot of consistency, and will probably die out, or maybe be replaced by a version focusing more on Manectric/Electrode (using Celios or PETMs), but that’s an entirely different deck. Master Ball and Poke-Ball, the only available replacements to Dual Ball, are simply not as consistent.

Unlimited: In Unlimited it’s kinda bogus. There are many many other better alternatives here that are better than Dual Ball. Consider Pokemon Trader for example, or simply Computer Search. 1/5

Modified: As I said in the introduction, it’s quite useful in Zapdos decks, but useless in every other Modified deck. So I can’t really give it too high of a rating. 2/5

Limited: It’s not bad here, of course, but you’d do better if you drafted Team Magma/Aqua Ball instead. If you didn’t, then Dual Ball is an okay alternative. 3.5/5

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