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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Rainbow Energy

Ruby Sapphire


Date Reviewed: 08.18.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Jermy101 Rainbow Energy

Such a good card in many decks. It's going to be rotated out of Modified come September 1st, but there are rumors going around that it'll be rereleased in October in EX: Delta Species. My favourite deck to use Rainbow Energy in is DragTrode. Rainbow Energy can be moved around by Dark Dragonites power, so you can move a Rainbow and 4 Darks to Dark Electrode, do 70 damage, then move them back to the bench incase your Electrode is in danger of a KO. 70 damage with no loss of energy is VERY GOOD! Now if Rainbow Energy really is rotated out permanently, DragTrode is dead, because all 3 of its substitutions have drawbacks.

1. Multi Energy - You can't do more than 30 damage with electrode with this Energy on, since if you transed a dark to it the multi would turn colorless.

2. Lightning Energy - You can do up to 70 damage, but lightning is unmovable, and putting a lightning on electrode dooms it to never use darkness navigation again, unless you retreat and discard it, since you can't have an energy on it to use darkness navigation.

3. Double Rainbow Energy - Not bad since it only reduces 10 damage from what Dark Electrode normally does, and you can trans it around. BUT it can't be attached to Rocket's Sneasel ex! Bad!

Therefore I think DragTrode is dead come September 1st.

Unlimited - Offhand I can't think of any decks that can use this. Maybe Sneasel/Slowking? An energy that acts as all types is always good to have. 3/5

Modified - Very good in a lot of decks, especially DragTrode! 4.5/5

Limited - Quite good since often in this format you will draw the wrong type of energy. Take it! 5/5


Rainbow energy, what a great card. For the small price of placing one damage counter on the pokemon it is attached to, you get an energy that provides any type. This is very useful in unlimited if you are using a variety of pokemon. Having energy in your deck that can provide multiple types gives you a lot of versatility and options. This, for example could be used to power a sneasel (dark) or a scyther for swords dance (grass) or how about a fighting so hitmonchan can jab? You get the idea, very versatile card. Only reason it gets 4/5 is because it is a special energy, meaning once energy removed (which it probably will be) it is very hard to get it back.

See above, lol. Provides just as much versatility if not more. In the current game, many pokemon only need one of a particular coloured energy for their attacks (with the rest of the cost being colourless). This helps rainbow energy out even more as it can be used often and quite easily to pay for that particular coloured energy cost. Rainbow energy helps to enable the player to play a variety of types in their deck allowing the ability to take advantage of weakness’ etc. Also, a great benefit is that rainbow can be attached to a basic, and the number of evolved only energy cards is slowly increasing. I wonder if we will get this card back in modified? Or we will have to use multi from Sep 1st onwards? Dark draggy players will be sad to lose rainbow. I won’t mind seeing it go. I think multi energy is good enough 

Very useful to draft a special energy in limited. Gives you more choices and makes attacking with any pokemon you have in play easier. Just be careful when you attach the rainbow as it does place a damage counter on your pokemon. So plan ahead to make sure that will be ok!
X-Act Rainbow Energy

Here’s another card that will soon disappear from Modified play, at least temporarily. This will greatly affect Dragtrode decks, since Dark Electrode cannot attack without having a Lightning Energy attached to it, and Multi Energy isn’t good enough of a replacement. Maybe the new Dragtrode decks will use real Lightning Energy, but it can’t be moved around using Dark Dragonite’s power. Because of this (and other reasons), I think Dragtrode will go down the drain as soon as new Modified starts (not that it’s a top deck right now anyway).

Unlimited: It’s starting not to be very much played in Unlimited, too. Before, it was used as 4 extra Energies for dark and metal decks like Sneasel and Scizor. Now that Dark Metal Energy exists and provides Darkness and Metal without the one damage counter placement, Rainbow Energy lost considerable vogue. 1.5/5

Modified: It’s very cool in Dragtrode decks and maybe also Metagross HL decks (not that they’re played much), but most of the time it’s not much played either. Seems like we’re not going to miss it much after all. 2/5

Limited: In Limited it’s actually not bad. With the majority (if not all) of decks in Limited playing two or more types of Pokemon, Rainbow Energy finds itself pretty useful. 4.5/5
Scyther 21 Rainbow Energy

This energy is becoming more popular as the sets pass, mostly because it porvides anytime of energy needed. Most decks have around one or two main types but many run a third type as tech (such as Ludicargo playing Rhydon or Lanturn). The rainbow no matter when drawn is anything at anytime. This beats Multi Energy because it puts a damage counter on the pokemon instead of becoming colorless when another special energy is on the same pokemon, and nearly all decks play special energy.

Unlimited 2.0
Modified 3.8
Draft 4.0

Scyther 21 out

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