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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Sandstorm


Date Reviewed: 08.16.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 3.83
Modified: 4.83
Limited: 4.66

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Ah Dunsparce SS...it's Alex's (X-Act) picks because he wanted to have some reviews of the cards who are going to be out after HL-on.
OK you ask me what can I say about this card? I can just tell you – NOTHING. See ya. XD Just joking. I am going to write a 1000 page long article about this little Dunny. In here I also wanna tell you a news.
I am going to quit Pokemon from September until next Cities 'cause in this year I have like 13 subjects to study. =.= I am not deciding whether I'll keep on reviewing COTD or not.

Dunsparce SS – 50 HP – Colorless

[1] Strike and Run () Search your deck for up to 3 Basic Pokemon and put them on your Bench. Shuffle your deck afterward. You may switch Dunsparce with 1 of your Benched Pokemon after completing this effect.
[1] Sudden Flash (10) Flip a coin. If heads, each defending Pokemon is now Paralyzed.
Weakness: Fighting

Well I think Dunspace should get the 'common of the age' title. It is the most awesome set up card ever. OK let us think about how did we set up in the past. In base set – we use computer to search stuffs, it's a bit slow. In Neo we use Eeeeeek (Cleffa) to set up. Now we use Dunsparce. Why it's SO awesome? As usual lemme do it in the 'attack'

Strike and Run. One colorless energy to search for 3 Basic Pokemon from deck and switch it with Dunsparce. How awesome can it be? You can have a full bench after the end of turn 2 or maybe even turn 1. It maybe also the reason of why guys love to put 4 Steven's Advice in the deck. It can let us do many draws with Steve in the early game. And after you have used Strike and Run, you can also Swoop it away in the next turn and keep the energy and set up. Or sometimes we will switch it with Jirachi HL / DX to do more set ups...it's SO cool. Many Pokemon can do similar attacks (Magikarp, Paras, Plusle). A few group of players start using Plusle now because it can do similar effects as Dunny and it also has good attacks and 60 HP.

Sudden Flash – yeah I also love this attack! It can stall for a while and you can get a set up in the first few turns or make a come back...I once had 80 damages on Rayquaza ex because my opponent got 4 heads of sudden flash =\.

LOL I think I have explained quite well but I am not good at explaining things and com'on I am just 14...;x

What is the biggest enemy of Dunsparce? In Japan (as well as Hong
Kong) fewer and fewer people are using Dunsparce SS because of Dunsparce (Eidolon Forest). You may not know what does it do?

Dunsparce EF – 50 HP – Colorless
Basic Pokemon

Poke-Body: Snake Eyes
If Dunsparce is your Active Pokemon, your opponent's Dunsparce can't attack.

[C] Under Draw: Draw 2 cards from the bottom of your deck.
[C] Trip Turn: The Defending Pokemon is now Confused. You may switch Dunsparce with 1 of your Benched Pokemon.
Weakness: Fighting
RC: 1

Well it stops Dunsparce for 1 month – until HL on. In France or Portugal they keep on using RS-on so they may face this for a much longer period. ;) I believe no one will use it for setting up after HL-on since Dunny VS Dunny = death of both sides.

As we usually say fighting is also the biggest enemy of Dunsparce too.
That's why we say 'Magma is better than Aqua'.

OK let's skip to the most interesting part. Last week a Malay player asked me, 'what should we use to replace Dunsparce after HL-on?' yeah that's a quite good question. Maybe we should think about what did we use to set up before SS was released? Cleffa. Yeah from this card we should know what's the best way to set up – build and stall. When we use Cleffa, we keep on eeeeking to search the stuffs that we need and use baby power to protect itself. Same here, we use sudden flash to stall when we're setting up. Jirachi can be a good choice, but it will be asleep after we use wishing star, which slows down us from setting up – but it is survived, because of Swoop! Teleporter. =)

'Why don't we use something like Paras, Plusle or even Magikarp to set up?'

There's not the point. Dunsparce can search for 3 Pokemon and it can run away (switch). But not for those 3 Pokemons. And they can't stall, but Dunsparce can. But IMO Lanette / Dual Ball can be used instead of Dunsparce. As we've seen some of the speed decks (Dragtrode, etc.) do not have Dunsparce because it slows down speed. Yeah Dunsparce does.
As what my friend Vincent has said, 'Japanese win by luck, Hong Kong people win by speed, western and American win by getting a beautiful set up.' True.


Unlimited: 3/5 IMO in some situations Cleffa will be much better than Dunsparce because of baby rule.

Modified: 5/5 it's one of the best set-up card.

Limited: 5/5 it is great for us to get a quick set up in draft. =)

Overall: 4/5 yeah it is excellent...it's a big shame that we'll lose it in HL-on. Even we have something to use instead of Dunny I believe it may not be colorless. Maybe we will use Cleffa UF, but it's a rare.

[Contact me! Any suggestions, or comments, or even corrections, please contact me ash.van.je@gmail.com, AIM AshVanJe, or MSN ash_cheng@hotmail.com Skype: ash_van_je]

Dunsparce (sandstorm)


Well, in my opinion this card is great in unlimited. For one energy (meaning it can take an energy removal fine) it can paralyze AND get you 3 basics! Fantastic. Helps you unlock a lot of your deck and get out needed sneasels/rocket’s zapdos/chans etc ;)


Lol, see above. Only this helps even more as evolutions are primarily run here. Got an opening hand of stage 1’s? Or even a stage 2 with rare candy? No problem. Simply strike and run for the required basics and evolve next turn. Sorted.


Ahhhh, how do I say the same again!? It gets out needed basics to help you abuse weakness/resistances etc. Even sudden flash can be useful to stall.

In the RARE occasion you might play 2 vs 2, don’t forget that dunsparce is even BETTER! As sudden flash paralyzes both defending pokemon. Wooo.
X-Act Dunsparce SS

This week, we’ll focus on cards that are going to be rotated out once new Modified starts in September. And here’s the ubiquitous Dunsparce from Sandstorm.

Dunsparce gets you three Basic Pokemon and optionally switches for a Pokemon of your choice, all for a colorless. In addition, it can act as a staller using the paralysing second attack, for a colorless too. 50HP isn’t good for a Basic that never evolves, but remember that it can run away from danger after getting you the three Pokemon you need. Its effect is so nice that 4 copies of this card are used in most Modified decks (practically all non-T2 and non-Magma decks benefit from its usage).

Unlimited: It’s not bad here too, especially if you want to fill your bench quickly for Wigglytuff or Sneasel, or to get three Slowpokes in your first turn and start evolving them in the second. It’s actually pretty cool in these situations, and I’d seriously consider it. The only problem would be making room for it. 3.5/5

Modified: In decks where you play three evolution trees, or even two, like most Modified decks do, it’s amazing. You can’t really go wrong with Dunsparce. 4.5/5

Limited: It’s also great in Limited, especially if you drafted lots of BBPs (Big Basic Pokemon). And that little stalling attack never hurts the card too. 4/5

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