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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Wally's Training

EX Emerald


Date Reviewed: 08.12.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.4
Modified: 3.25
Limited: 4.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Johnny Blaze
Wally's Training - Our final COTD for this week is another Trainer card that can be found in Turn 2 decks.  Wally's is just so good when combo'd with Jirachi from Deoxys and Swoop Teleporter.  You can have your 2nd Turn evo with no problem. 
But Wally isn't only for Turn 2 decks.  Wally is one of those interesting cards that allow a player to break normal evolution rules.  You can evolve then Wally for the next evolution but you cant Wally then evolve. 
Unlimited: 2/5 - It's a good way to get around Vile-ex in this format but against other decks your normal trainer engine of Oak, CPU Search, and Breeder or Rare Candy will work fine.
Modified:  3.5/5 - A must in all Turn 2 decks and is also a decent overall card to search out your evolutions.  Ex or normal alike.  That's what makes this card golden is that in a time where a lot of Trainer cards are against finding ex's, Wally can search for ex evolution cards. 
Limited:  5/5 - There aren't many cards that can earn a perfect score in any format. But Wally's is one of them in Limited.  Anytime you can search your deck for that 1 evolution card that you drafted most likely will win you games.  The faster evolution will usually win.  Plus it lets you search your deck which is golden so that you can surmise what is left in your prizes.


Review is too long? Skip straight to the Ratings and Summary! 


Name   : Wally’s Training

Set       : EX Emerald (most recent)

Card#   : 85/106 (most recent)

Rarity   : Uncommon

Type    : Trainer

Sub-type: Supporter

Effect Text: You can play only one Supporter card each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.


Search your deck for a card that evolves from your Active Pokémon (choose 1 if there are 2) and put it on your Active Pokémon.  (This counts as evolving that Pokémon.)  Shuffle your deck afterward.


Attributes: Wally’s Training is a Supporter, as such, it face’s steep competition.  Commonly used Supporters are Celio’s Network, Steven’s Advice, and TV Reporter.  Most of those are also run at least in three’s for most decks.  You generally want to have at most 16 Supporters, though most decks can handle at least 12.  Still, you’ll notice that leaves at most three slots for a minimalist Supporter allotment, an although it may seem like plenty of slots for a heavy Supporter, those decks usually make use of a less general Supporters, like Mr. Briney’s Compassion.  In other words, it’d better be good.


Oh, and a quick note for the curious: every one of these Supporters reflect a character that shows up in the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Pokémon GBA games.


Abilities: Wally’s Training is a search card, plus a “rule bender”.  The bad news: all its goodness can only target one of your Active Pokémon.  What do I mean by target?  Well, if you haven’t read the card or a text spoiler yet, look up and do it now.  Done?  Good; then now you know that the search affect is restricted to something that directly Evolves from the selected Active.  In other words, if you have a Basic, you can grab a Stage 1.  If you have a Stage 1, you can grab a Stage 2.  If you have a Basic Pokémon who can’t Evolve, you can’t use Wally’s Training on it.  If you have a Basic Pokémon that can Evolve through the Baby Power… too bad.  The Pokémon’s (being grabbed) “Evolves from” text has to reference the Pokémon you used Wally’s Training on.  That means you can’t go from Basic to Stage 2.


Now for some more rulings: Using Wally’s Training will not trigger any coming into play Poké-Powers I am aware of because such Poké-Powers only trigger from hand, and Wally’s Training grabs the Pokémon from the deck.  The most important thing is that it can be used to Evolve a Pokémon first turn of the game (note that some Team Compendium rulings say otherwise because they contain older parenthetical clauses that probably need to be edited out, but the actual ruling on the subject says it can.  As stated, it used to be ruled the opposite way, and they repeated it in many subsequent rulings as a reminder before it was over-turned.  You may both Rare Candy a freshly played Basic into its Stage 1 form and then Wally it into the Stage 2 form or normally Evolve a Basic that has been in play a turn then Wally it into the Stage 2 form.


Uses and

Combinations: Wally’s Training tends to be most useful to Stage 1 based decks that will want to Evolve an active quickly.  Recently, Turn 2 decks that can use this have cropped up and proven strong.  I speak of both Turn 2 Beatdown (in this case in the form of Voodoo decks) and Turn 2 Control.  Turn 2 Control finds it especially sweet: one of their “would be” drawbacks is a slow start by going second.  With this, they can still Swoop! Teleporter into the needed Basic and then Wally’s Training to get the needed Pokémon-ex.  That’s right: this can search for and then Evolve into a Pokémon ex.  As for decks in general, it can be a good investment if you really need to focus on a Pokémon-ex and are willing to run a few more copies of the Stage 1 (so that you can either Candy to it or Evolve to it normally so you can then Wally into the final Stage).  This also means the HP drop will be less steep if you get hit with Ancient Technical Machine [Rock].




Unlimited: 2/5-I give it this score because there are actually some Stage 1 Pokémon you’d want to play in this format that aren’t bench sitters, and this is very, very sweet with this.  Unfortunately, they are also very, very rogue and such a small percentage of decks that even if they were the top deck, I couldn’t justify a higher score.


Modified: 3.5/5-If only this could hit more than the Active.  I had hoped that the reprinting of this would be enough to alleviate the perception that Modified “needed” Rare Candy to keep up the speed, since simply put, Rare Candy speeds up a lot of decks too much.  “Let you kill my Dunsparce, promote new active Basic gotten with ‘Sparce, Candy into Stage 2 and drop Scramble!” is far too common.  I also detest Celio’s Network since I just feel that card doesn’t do enough.  Oh, it is very useful, but all it is a Pokéball that exchanges the flip for restricted targets and the status as a Supporter.  Bah.


2-on-2/TMP: 3.75/5-What?  I am scoring something for the almost non-existent 2-on-2 and the Team Multiplayer Format?  Yes, it is true.  This card becomes significantly better since you have to have an extra Active that you have something you want to search for.  Assuming it can target a partner’s Active for TMP, also gives it a good boost.


Limited: 4.5/5-Okay, search for Limited=good.  Search for Limited that can also bypass normal Evolution rules and can target those slippery Pokémon-ex= fantastic!  After all, you don’t normally get bench sitters in this format, so only targeting the Active means little, and since you probably will be lucky to have another Supporter in your deck, let alone in your hand, that part doesn’t matter much either.



Wally’s Training is a good card that is just not quite good enough to make it in today’s environment, mainly due to the dependence on bench-sitters and the fact that Rare Candy means most players run one or none of their Stage 1 (of 2) for the “TecH” lines, and often no more than two of their Stage 1 for their main Stage 2 line.  It’s a must in certain decks though.


Jermy101 Wally's Training

Wally's Training is another card used in the Turn 2 decks, to help guarantee a turn 2 Medicham ex, Hariyama ex, or Muk ex. It's also used in other decks to try to speed up your evolution. It breaks normal rules, since you can evolve a basic to a stage 1, then wally it into a stage 2 the very same turn.

Unlimited - I don't think it'd be good here, there a lot better searching cards. 1/5

Modified - Necessary in T2 decks, it's also used in inferior versions of DragTrode (Swoop! Teleporter, Dunsparce, Wally's Training etc. to try to get a turn 2 Dragonite out with 3 energy attacking the opponent.)

Limited - Take it! You need to be able to evolve ASAP! 5/5


Wallys training




Has a basic use. However, I would use one of the many, many, many other search cards available in unlimited such as cpu search, oak, elm or an old favourite of mine – fast ball. Main advantage it has is that it can be played on player 2’s first turn meaning a first turn evolution.




This is where the card shines. A very useful card for getting out evolutions FAST. Also being used an awful lot lately in all these turn 2 decks. I classic use is the Jirachi/swoop!wally combo. The player starts with Jirachi (DX) and uses his power. Next turn he swoops for an evolvable basic and then uses wally to get out a stage 1 pokemon with 2 energy already attatched! Irritatingly good combo there! I would have ranked it higher (seeing how it auto evolves and can let you get EX cards) but I think I will use professor elms training method soon as it is due to be re-released very soon (which lets you get ANY evolution into your hand).




WOW. What a great card here. Evolutions ŕmore hp + stronger attacks = prizes. A great card to search out for those single evolutions that you will have likely pulled in limited packs!

Prime Wally’s Training – EX: Emerald – 85/106

Hey everyone. Hope everyone is having a good day.

The card we are reviewing today is Wally’s Training. It’s a supporter that allows the player to go get an evolution of their active Pokemon and evolve their active Pokemon. It’s a pretty useful card but has really been in the shadows since FRLG came around because people started using Celio’s Network. Just recently, T2 was found to be able to use Wally’s Training really well. I still feel Celio and the upcoming Professor Elm’s Training Method are more useful than Wally’s Training. You can only evolve your active with Wally, which is definitely a downside to Wally’s Training. One perk is that you can play this on your first turn (not the first turn of the game though) and bend the rules to allow you to evolve the first turn your active is out.

Unlimited: 0/5 – Eh, I think there are much better cards in Unlimited to go get evolutions.

Modified: 3/5 – Most decks can find more use in Celio’s Network, but T2 really works well with Wally’s Training.

Limited: 5/5 – This is such a good card in Limited. Most of the time you have little to no way to search your deck for that 1 evolution you need. Wally helps a ton.

Have a wonderful day everyone and a pleasant tomorrow.

Prime out.

X-Act Wally’s Training

Wally’s Training is a Supporter that was basically a staple in the days when EX Sandstorm was released. At that time, you could play Supporters also in your first turn, and this made Wally’s Training broken in most decks. Then, as you know, Supporters were banned in your first turn (but not for the opponent’s first turn), and Wally’s usage became more limited, but still, Wally remained a good card. Nowadays, with Celio’s Network competing directly with Wally, Wally’s Training is only superior in decks that feature evolved ex’s, especially Stage 1 ex’s. Yes, you guessed right… T2L decks. You might have noticed that all three of this week’s reviewed cards can feature easily in a T2L deck.

Unlimited: It’s not a bad card in Unlimited, but other cards that search for Pokemon are better, since they’re not Supporters. Consider Computer Search and even Pokemon Trader. And other Supporters that are barely played in Unlimited are also better than Wally, like Professor Elm’s Training Method. 1.5/5

Modified: As I said in the introduction, Wally is useful in decks containing evolved ex’s, especially Stage 1 ones, since Celio doesn’t allow you to get ex’s, and Wally does. So if your deck contains evolved ex’s, by no means play Wally. If not, play Celio. 3/5

Limited: Of course, it’s broken in Limited. Searching for an evolution card for your Active Pokemon for free (besides the Supporter restriction) is simply too good to pass up here. 5/5
Pidgeot5 Wally’s training

Wally’s training is definitely a decent card however with Celio’s Network being used over it to find those non ex’s and the soon to be reprinted Professor Elm’s training method will help search for the evolved ex’s that Celio can’t get, Wally will become one of those cards that is alright but there are better options. The one thing Wally can do that its rivals Celio and PETM cannot do is evolve immediately no matter what so I don’t think its play will disappear entirely.

Unlimited: Well, I don’t think the card is totally worthless here but again suffers from the ‘there are better options’ disease except much more magnified. There’s only one deck I can think of where it can be used remotely successfully and that’s Wigglytuff ex. If you play second and have a boost, fill your bench, add pluspowers and whatever else, you may find yourself doing 90 or so damage. If it’s a baby go for a double colourless instead and try for the early KO. Of course the flaw in this plan is if you get lass/eeeked turn 1 it ends right there. If you pull it off the early Wigglytuff ex will be of use to you, and in middle late game if you just benched a Jiggly you can do the same thing again. While it’s not a card that Wiggly ex must play, don’t underestimate its value in the deck either.

Modified: I don’t see Wally too often now days, mainly because most things run off Celio’s Network. The major thing that holds this card back is that it can be only used to evolve the active pokémon. Certain cards however do gain a lot out of turn 1 or instant evolution. Raichu Fire red/Leaf green is a good example, if you are fortunate enough to draw Wally, Pikachu and an energy in the same opening hand going second you are likely to get a decent start from that with your Raichu ready to do as you please turn 2. Other then that it would be mainly a way of searching for ex’s that are out of Celio’s reach, however this use for the card will soon be overshadowed by Professor Elm’s training method, so stick to using it for instant stage 1 evolutions.

Limited: This card is decent here, it searches for evolutions. Any form of searching and drawing are awesome in this format. Finding evolutions is usually absolutely critical and if your opponent has no answers to your big and mighty pokémon it is game winning. Even if what you want is in the prizes and it does happen at least Wally let’s you know it is in the prizes and gives you time for a rethink. The only fault it has is again, the pokemon must be active to do the search. However this is not often a big deal as it usually is, it is not like you are flooded with decent supporter cards to play from your hand, just play it when you see fit.


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