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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Energy Removal 2

EX Fire Red/Leaf Green


Date Reviewed: 08.11.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1
Modified: 2.87
Limited: 2.56

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Johnny Blaze
Energy Removal 2

A reprint of arguably the most devastating trainer card of its time - Energy Removal. Nintendo decided to reissue this trainer as a flip reliant card. Not until recently has it seen play though through various Turn 2 incarnations such as Muk-ex and Medicham-ex. This card can have the most devastating impact when you can hit a heads. If not then it is 4 wasted slots. More times than not, the flip is a necessary evil that a good player will rely on. Pokemon is a lot more luck based than other TCG's so why not play cards like Energy Removal 2 and if it works for you all the better.

Unlimited: 2/5 - When this card was 1st issued I saw people play 4 Energy Removals and 4 Energy Removal 2 in their decks. But really 4 of the original Energy Removal is only needed in Unlimited.

Modified: 3/5 - I'm giving this an above average rating as when it hits Eenrgy Removal 2 can be devastating and setting your opponent a turn behind in energy placement can be huge against certain decks. While not for all decks energy Removal 2 is a staple in the infamous Turn 2 deck that will be seen played at Worlds.

Limited: 1/5 - It gets its lowest score in this format as there are energy a plenty in Limited and playing a flip reliant card that cant search your deck for anything is a complete waste in this format.


Review is too long?  Skip straight to the Ratings and Summary! 


Name   : Energy Removal 2

Set       : EX Fire Red/Leaf Green (most recent)

Card#   : 89/112

Rarity   :

Type    : Trainer

Sub-type: Energy Removal

Effect Text: Flip a coin.  If heads, choose 1 Energy card attached to 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon and discard it.


Attributes: Shock of shocks: this is a Trainer!  If you are wondering, past cards (specifically No Removal Gym mentions the original 2 energy removal cards by name, and there was next to nothing to put in this section, plus I like it when Trainers actually gain official ones… so yeah, I am lumping Energy Removal, Energy Removal 2, Super Energy Removal, and Super Energy Removal 2 into a group, at least for now.  At least this isn’t a Supporter, which makes it much easier to squeeze into the (as usual) crowded decks of Pokémon.


Abilities: Consider this a modified version of the classic Energy Removal.  Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. ;) However, it is an apt description, and not the only card to follow the formula: a card that was more or less a “staple” for Unlimited Format decks is toned down by having its simple but potent flip succeed or fail based on a coin flip.  It is not something I enjoy seeing, since “tails fails” cards tend to either be too poor to play or so good that everyone has to make room for as many copies as possible in their deck to better “stack” the odds.  Generally, it seems better when the entire effect doesn’t rest upon one coin flip and a result of “nothing” is no more than 25% of the outcomes.


Still, it is more or less a “fair” deal: you only get one normal Energy attachment per turn, so removing an Energy card from any Pokémon is fantastically powerful.  As such, even with such an awful result of doing nothing half the time, the half the time it works, it may win games.


Uses and

Combinations: To clarify about how it wins games, let me remind you that until quite, quite recently, the format was mostly decks that broke the once-per-turn Energy attachment rule.  That is no longer the case.  Oh, many decks rely on getting more than one Energy into play still, but the method is now to use Scramble Energy and/or Double Rainbow for many decks.  Still, that can also be accomplished against many decks by simply using Ancient Technical Machine [Rock], because said Energy cards are discarded if they somehow become attached to Basic Pokémon.  Given that majority of the time that you’ll really need to get rid of them, they’ll either be on a Stage 1 or on a Stage 2 that was Evolved directly from a Basic via Rare Candy.  Either way, de-Evolve them and you solve your Double Rainbow Energy or Scramble Energy problem.


So why use Energy Removal 2?  Because Ancient Technical Machine [Rock] can’t be used by Pokémon-ex or Pokémon with owner’s in their name.  Only one Turn 2 Control deck (Dark Slowking, who is disputed as being Turn 2 Control), can use Ancient Technical Machine [Rock].  The nature of Turn 2 Control decks is such that a Scramble Energy powered Stage 1 or 2 can break the lock, which in turn can (and often does) cause the entire strategy to fall apart.  That is the secret to Energy Removal 2’s strength: while half the time it does nothing, the other half it helps eliminate perhaps Turn 2 Controls biggest weakness: the eventual building up of a strong attacker, at least half the time.




Unlimited: 1/5-Not a good idea.  You can have four copies of each of the original two kinds of Removal, and if that’s not enough Item Finder can give you another four shots.  That is removing a total of 12 Energy, which is about what most decks run (outside of Raindance, which won’t care if you remove its Energy).


Modified: 3/5-This is a composite score.  For everything but Turn 2 Control and its ilk, it is more a 2/5, but it is probably close to a 4/5 for Turn 2 Control and any deck with similar needs.


Limited: 3.5/5-The potential of doing nothing can really hurt here.  If it works, it has a good chance of evening out a losing game and turning around a close one.  If it fails, that wasted draw can also cost you the game.



Energy Removal 2 is a lot like Jirachi from Deoxys.  Its strength is really the strength of other cards.  If it didn’t take care of one Turn 2 Control’s weak points, it would still be filler.  However, it does take care of that Weakness, and has me looking now for a way to use my Venture Bombs, a Trainer I dismissed before as being almost as useless as Energy Removal 2


Jermy101 Energy Removal 2

This card was pretty unpopular until May 14th, When Seena G. won his Regional Championship with a Muk ex deck, and the deck contained 4 ER2 to slowdown the opponent. ER2 is a lot worse than the old ER since it's a flip, but denying your opponent 1 turn of attacking by removing their energy is pretty good.

Unlimited - ROFL. You'd be crazy to use this over ER! 0/5

Modified - In certain decks it can be good, like the T2 decks (Medicham ex, Hariyama ex, Muk ex). Since they aren't too powerful they have to make sure the opponent stays on the weak side with less energy in play. 4/5

Limited - I'd take the risk and try to slow down the opponent. It's a good card here. 3/5

I enjoy making my own fun theme decks... and i remember making one based around this card believe it or not lol. I included the deck list in the article for you to have fun trying out.

Energy removal 2

A flippy card…


Why? There is no point to play this card in unlimited due to 2 cards - energy removal and super energy removal. Both give you the desired affect without a 50:50 flip! Unless you are desperate to completely max out on energy removing cards, I wouldn’t bother. Instead just run 4 energy removal, 4 super energy removal and 4 item finder.


I had to give it a 50% score, didn’t I?! When it works, it is GREAT. In modified, removing energy from play will usually hurt your opponent, especially when a lot of difficult-to-retrieve special energy cards are played. However, half of the time this card fails… I made a modified deck around this card believe it or not, was fun to play! Every basic can remove energy from your opponent…

Mc’s hyper energy-remover!

16 pokemon
4 minum (hl)
4 articuno ex (frlg)
4 makuhita (dx)
1 mudkip* (rr)
3 hariyama EX (dx)

24 trainers
4 energy removal 2 (frlg)
4 pokemon reversal (frlg)
4 super scoop up (frlg)
4 x lanettes net search (em)
4 x battle frontier (em)
4 x tv reporter (dr)

20 energy
12 water energy
6 fighting energy
2 lightning energy


Call me picky, but it gets same score, lol. Again, IF it works, it would give you a huge advantage in such a ‘ahem’ limited game. Regardless of 50:50 chance, you should still draft it, because it’s a trainer…and they are rare in limited! 

Energy Removal 2

Background: Ah yes, Energy Removal 2. Though the original one was better (as you didn’t have to flip), it’s still useful. Most decks that run this these days are Turn 2 decks, in which denying your opponent the ability to attack is important. Expect to see this card played at Worlds. For non-Turn 2 decks, it’s still useful. The greatest drawback to this card is its 50% chance of success. Of course if your good at flipping heads, it’s not a problem. But for those of use who suck at flips (like me), it’s risky to use.


Unlimited: 1/5: Use the original Energy Removal or SER instead. Both are better.

Modified: 3/5: If you’re good with flips, use it. If not, use with caution.

Limited: 4.5/5: This card is excellent here because of the lack of trainers. Though a lot of decks here are energy-heavy, Energy Removal 2 is still useful.
Prime Energy Removal 2 – EX: Fire Red / Leaf Green - #89/112

Hopefully everyone’s day is going well.

The card we will be reviewing today is Energy Removal 2.

It’s a trainer that allows the player to flip a coin, and if heads, discard an energy card off of one of the opponent’s Pokemon. This is such a powerful card if you can flip heads. Energy Removal is such a deck-breaking card in Unlimited, so the creators of the game added a flip to the card to even out it’s potent ability. I honestly feel that the flip doesn’t go far enough to make the card fair. It’s still a trainer, meaning that you can easily play 4 of them back to back, if you have 4 in your hand, and flipping tails with one won’t change a thing. I don’t see this card going well with most decks, but decks like T2 , Energy Removal 2 goes perfect with. I’ve even thought about throwing it into Ludicargo but that’s a bit of a stretch.

Unlimited: 0/5 – Why play this when you can play Energy Removal?

Modified: 2/5 – This a card that doesn’t really work in most decks. It works well with T2 because it has the space to fit it in without losing anything. Even then, it’s very flippy. On a bad day, it’s useless.

Limited: 2/5 – Hey, it can come in some use, but because you most likely won’t draft 4 of them, the flippy-ness of the card can really lower how useful the card is. But it can be useful to slow the opponent down.

Have a nice day everyone and a pleasant tomorrow.


X-Act Energy Removal 2 COTD by X-Act

Energy Removal, but with a flip. Everyone knows that Energy Removal is a broken card because it delays the opponent at least one turn to setup the opponent’s Pokemon, and sometimes more than one turn. Does adding a flip make it less broken? If you are lucky, no. If you are unlucky, yes.

Energy Removal 2 is seeing much more play in Modified than before, usually in T2L decks. The idea is to, besides locking down the opponent with your power, you delay them from setupping too. It works… if you land your flips, that is. This renders a T2L deck into almost a gamble, in my opinion, since an Energy Removal 2 flip (or a Pokemon Reversal flip, but that’s beyond the scope of this review) can win or lose you the game.

Unlimited: Unless you want to play a 12 Energy Removing deck containing 4 SER, 4 ER and 4 ER2, stick to the flipless removals. 1/5

Modified: It’s broken if you flip heads, and useless if you flip tails. Thus, it gets halfway the rating, and that’s 3 (not 2.5, folks). 3/5

Limited: I’d draft it only if there was nothing else to choose, personally. In Draft, you should always go for the sure-fire cards whenever possible. 1/5
Pidgeot5 Energy removal 2

This card is one I don’t like to use, but don’t like to face either. It’s a 50% nothing card however while it may not be my style it could be yours and it performs better in certain decks as opposed to others. Also while removing an energy card from your opponent can be decisive, failing to do so

can also be decisive, play at your own risk.

Unlimited: Uh no, stick with Energy removal and Super energy removal. Only use it if you really want to play 12 cards that remove energy but with the main things being played in this format resistant against removal anyway it would seem kind of pointless and only played for fun, which am I all in favour of but in all seriousness the card is worthless here.

Modified: Stronger here, if only because ATM rock is the only other trainer card that can potentially discard certain special energy cards from the opponent’s pokémon. However energy removal 2 is much more direct of what you

want it to do, but of course ATM rock serves other purposes too. ER2 is more

effective against some decks then it is against others but almost always if heads it will usually cause your opponent some kind of inconvenience, which is usually good. Of course if it always worked like the first energy removal

it would be a perfect card to use and every deck would play it, but because it has that 50% thing about it, I must give it half its rating.

Limited: Not bad, but I wouldn’t be jumping for joy over it, there are other

trainer cards I would have rather pulled. Still I would use it if I drew it.

Energy Removal 2: EX Fire Red/Leaf Green

Energy Removal 2 is a pretty straightforward card. Flip a coin, if you get heads you get to discard an energy on your opponents side of the playing field, if you get tails then the trainer does nothing. It, like most flip based trainers, is pretty powerful if it works, but pointless otherwise and up until recently cards like haven’t been used widely. The introduction of turn 2 decks has created a resurgence of popularity for this card since those decks are some of the few that can really take a chance on a card like this. When the card works, especially early in the game it can really slow your opponent’s set up, which is often needed for quick decks that don’t have the longevity of other decks.

Unlimited 1/5 All but pointless here unless you want to max out the number of energy removing cards you can have, but energy removal (the first one) is in everyway shape and form a better card.

Modified 2.5/5 Even with the advent of T2 decks this card is still luck based and not as powerful as some other alternatives, when it works the card is worth more like a 4.5-5, but when it fails it has no point other than emptying your hand, so I rate is squarely in the middle.

Limited 3.5/5 In this format making your opponent lose and energy can be the deciding factor of a game very easily, but this card can still fail so it may not ever get to have a point. Still almost every trainer is worth using in limited and this is no exception.

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