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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day



EX Fire Red/Leaf Green


Date Reviewed: 08.09.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.1
Modified: 2.75
Limited: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


If you find the review is too long, skip straight to the Ratings and Summary! 


Name   : EXP.ALL

Set       : EX Fire Red/Leaf Green (most recent)

Card#   : 91/112 (most recent)

Rarity   : Uncommon

Type    : Trainer

Sub-type: Pokémon Tool

Effect Text: Attach EXP.ALL to 1 of your Pokémon (excluding Pokémon-ex and Pokémon that has an owner in its name) that doesn’t already have a Pokémon Tool attached to it.  If that Pokémon is Knocked Out, discard this card.


During your opponent’s turn, if 1 of your Active Pokémon is Knocked Out by your opponent’s attack, you may take 1 basic Energy card attached to that Knocked Out Pokémon and attach it to the Pokémon with EXP.ALL attached to it.  If you do, discard EXP.ALL


Attributes: EXP.ALL is a Pokémon Tool.  This Trainer sub-type used to be more cut-throat than even Supporters, but that’s no longer the case.  The good news is that we don’t have as many “broken” Pokémon Tools as we used to.  The bad news is that’s rumored to change with the next set or two and also that we have far too many seemingly underpowered ones in their stead.  Anyway, with the current English card pool, the main competition EXP.ALL faces for deck space are Strength Charm and Crystal Shard, and they tend to be short term drops and no something you lay down and “forget about”, so it’s not impossible for a deck to use another Pokémon Tool even if it is using those two already… well, assuming said deck has room for another card at all.


Abilities: This is basically a conditional extra Energy attachment: if a Pokémon is Knocked Out and had at least one Basic Energy attached, then you can move it to the Pokémon that EXP.ALL is attached to (then discard EXP.ALL).  Pokémon attack costs have recently been “stream lined”, at least in my evaluation.  Attack costs now are either less costly or its just one big attack that needs three or more Energy and usually there is a smaller attack for just one or two Energy.  As such, this seems rather fair: the commonly used Special Energy cards can’t be transferred, but the now equally or more prolific Basic Energy cards can be.  Just remember that it won’t work with Pokémon-ex or Pokémon with owners in their name.


Uses and

Combinations: The actual ability of EXP.ALL was horrid when it first was released in the days of the Neo sets.  Back then, aside from the Pokémon Tool competition I already mentioned, many, many decks used mostly Special Energy cards, or needed so much Energy that the single one gained usually wouldn’t make enough of a difference.


While most decks today also use a heavy amount of Special Energy cards, instead of clashing with EXP.ALL, they enhance it.  Double Rainbow Energy, Scramble Energy, and Boost Energy all mean that single Energy can be the difference between being fully powered and just shy of shrugging off the loss.  Double Rainbow Energy and Scramble Energy are especially significant.  Many Pokémon now are good to go with just three Energy… so one Energy claimed from a fallen comrade and a Double Rainbow Energy played from hand means you’re all set.  Scramble Energy is less reliable (you can lose a Pokémon and still be ahead) but does combo wonderfully.  Let Dunsparce be Knocked out: its Basic Energy that fueled Strike and Run can go to whatever non-Pokémon ex attacker then drop a Scramble Energy and now you’ve got the majority of attack costs in the game covered (so few need five or more Energy).


You can even get around the “no Pokémon-ex” requirement.  Just attach EXP.ALL to a lower level, and hold off Evolving into the Pokémon-ex form until it’s done its thing.  Considering Pokémon-ex tend to get devolved a bit more (due to their higher HP scores) and/or are more likely to suffer if they enter play too soon (Pokémon Reversaled up prematurely, hurt by Desert Ruins, etc.), its more practical than you’d think.


On and off Hidden Legends Lanturn has seen play because it basically is a Stage 1 with a built in EXP.ALL, but only for itself.  Granted, EXP.ALL won’t let you exploit Lighting Weakness, but having a Trainer that can be run single slotted over a Stage 1 that requires at least two cards to use sounds like a nice alternative.


Oh, and remember that the Pokémon must be Knocked Out by an opponent’s attack, and on the opponent’s turn.  This can be tricky, since you can’t combine it with things like Deoxys Weezing and Special Conditions can get around it.




Unlimited: 1/5-Just stinky here.  We have better Pokémon Tools and almost nothing uses Basic Energy, at least to the point where this has a chance of going off consistently.


Modified: 3.5/5-It’s not for every deck, but there are a lot that could make good use of it, even if they run Pokémon-ex: in addition to just using it before Evolving into the Pokémon ex, good “old” ZapDOS decks and their variants might like it because they can just use it on a different Pokémon and let Legendary Ascent move it to Zapdos ex.


Limited: 4/5-Most Trainers are extra useful here, and an extra Energy attachment rivals even the use of draw and search cards.  With it, you can likely avoid missing a beat between your attackers going down… a feat an opponent lacking EXP.ALL would be hard pressed to match.



EXP.ALL is a nice little trick for Modified (and Limited) decks that run at least 8 Basic Energy cards (give or take) and don’t rely on Basic Pokémon-ex or Pokémon with owner’s in their names, at least as the bulk of their forces.  Just remember those restrictions and the rest (the Knock Out must have been dealt to one of your Pokémon by an opponent’s Pokémon’s attack).



Hi everyone, this is my first COTD! I hope you enjoy it and find it a good read! J



Exp all, a card that helped me win the UK nationals this year… hmmmmm ;)



Why play a card to keep a basic energy in play when energy removal is everywhere?! Also, plenty of special energy used here (and exp all doesn’t absorb specials…)



This is, in my opinion a very under used card. If you have built a deck carefully, this tool can help you maintain a steady flow of decent quality attacks. For example, try playing it on a voltorb with 1 energy. Then, once activated you have 2 energy on it at the start of your turn. Evolve to dark, EX(!) or even hidden legends electrode and blow it up for a free prize (at the sacrifice of your own). How about playing them in order to keep energy in play for you to use the legendary bird ex’s poke-power on? I have even seen this used in a gorbyss deck to keep a lot of psychic energy in play. Heck, play it with lanturn and combined with its poke-power you can power it up in one turn! It is kind of like having an extra energy attachment that turn, and that is ALWAYS good.



A trainer! Use it! Due to KO’s tending to happen fast, this means EXP.ALL will activate fast, allowing you to fight back quicker, easier and harder!



EXP. ALL – EX: Fire Red / Leaf Green - #91/112


Hopefully everyone is having a good day.


Today’s card that we will be reviewing is EXP. ALL.


It’s a Pokemon Tool, and its effect is that it allows you to move a basic energy from your active pokemon onto the pokemon with EXP. ALL attached to it, if that active pokemon is knocked out by an opponent’s attack. I feel this is an awesome card. Not every deck can use Poke-Powers to lay extra energy or move energy around. So for those decks that can’t do that, EXP. ALL allows them to conserve the energy they do get onto the field. Because it’s a tool, you can attach it at anytime and forget about it. This Pokemon Tool cannot be attached to Pokemon-ex or Pokemon with a trainer in their name, but I feel there are many pokemon that fit those requirements that can take effect of this card.


Unlimited: 1/5 – I don’t really see this being that useful. If your opponent wants to really get rid of your energy, they can just use cards like Energy Removal. Energy Removal and such cards like it do not activate EXP. ALL, so EXP. ALL is pretty much useless.


Modified: 3/5 – I think it can work well with many decks, especially T2.


Limited: 4/5 – Although this isn’t game breaking here, this does help a lot more in this format as your not always able to get out the basic energy you need in play. So saving that energy could really help.


I hope everyone has a good day and a pleasant tomorrow.


I’m out.




Jermy101 EXP. ALL

This card is pretty good, I don't know why more people don't use it. It's like Lanturn's Energy Grounding Poke-Power. This card can take the place of an energy in your deck. But now that I think of it, maybe that's why people don't use it. Since it takes the place of an energy, you're giving yourself less of a chance of even drawing into an energy during the game. But it's quite good how with EXP. ALL you can save a turn of attachment.

Unlimited - No way. I'd rather use this spot for my 3rd SER. 1/5

Modified - Some decks may be able to use this, but the only one I can think of is Dark Slowking. You can toss it for more damage, or attach it to a benched Dark Slowking in case your active one dies and you need another energy right away in order to attack with the Benched one. 3/5

Limited - It's really good here. Since your deck will have a ton of energy anyway, you'll save yourself a turn of attachment and be a turn ahead of the game. 4/5
Pidgeot5 EXP. ALL

I have always thought EXP.ALL to be an interesting card, useful in the right deck as it allows for an extra attachment from an energy that’s going in the discard anyway. Perhaps in modified it is slightly underused and probably gets most of its usage by it being thrown at your opponent in Dark Slowking or Primeape. If you use it, generally it’s a situational card, it’s either helpful or it’s not.

Unlimited: In unlimited this card is a novelty at best. It may have been okay if Gust of wind didn’t exist as if the EXP. ALL pokémon is a potential threat they just gust and remove it as they can’t attach Focus Band at the same time. Maybe in Ampharos ex to get it running faster should a sudden knock out occur but seriously there are better tools you would attach and I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot Sudowoodo here.

Modified: Aside from throwing it at your opponent’s pokémon with Primeape or Dark Slowking it could be useful if actually attached. Like in Hariyama ex, if something gets ko’ed and you have a Makuhita with EXP. ALL attached you get your Hariyama going one turn faster, whether it originally had 1 energy or none. Not bad in decks that revolve around cards that need 3 energy without any energy boosting bonuses, but not a must have.

Limited: It’s a trainer card, almost always you will want to use one if you have it. This one is no exception; extra energy attachment in draft can be potentially game winning. Knock outs are usually more common here and this allows you to spring back into action very quickly indeed.

Johnny Blaze
EXP. All ? Another nifty tool that is seeing re-emergence in play especially Turn 2 decks.  As a matter of fact all of the trainer cards that we are reviewing this week are beneficial to Turn 2 decks.  EXP. All like other Tools can only be attached to a Pokemon that doesn?t already have a tool attached to it.  When your active Pokemon is knocked out by an opponent?s attack you can take a basic energy card attached to your active Pokemon that was knocked out and then attach it to the Pokemon with EXP. All, then discard EXP. All.
So what is so good about this card?  Well 1st it acts like a mini-energy grounding from HL Lanturn saving your basic energy and attaching it to a benched Pokemon that will be attacking next turn and letting you attach an energy from your hand to another Poke.  Also if you started with specific tech basic energy and need to save that for later in the game then EXP. All will help you save that energy.
Unlimited: 2/5 ? In some low energy intensive decks maybe useful.  But really there are many other ways to get energies back in this format.
Modified: 3/5 ? Can really be used in all decks but in the right deck this is a gem.  Fits really good with Dark Slowking and PrimeTool decks.
Limited: 2.5/5 ? I wouldn?t put too many if you draft them.  But EXP. All can help out in a pinch when all you are drawing are Pokes and need that energy that was going to be discarded just attach that energy to a Poke on your bench that has EXP All.

EXP.ALL is an interesting Pokemon Tool that seems to be in the ‘good, but not good enough’ category. Whenever your Active Pokemon is Knocked Out, you get to select one of its attached Basic Energy cards and attach it to the Pokemon that has this tool attached to it, and EXP.ALL is discarded. This gives you an extra energy attachment to your reserve Pokemon, which could be decisive, especially in decks where it is crucial that Energy cards are not discarded for the deck to continue to run smoothly even after a Knockout (like Zap-turn-dos). Indeed, some Zap-turn-dos players insert a few copies of this card in their decks, and I daresay Medicham ex would also benefit from the use of this card… if you manage to find space for it, that is.

Unlimited: Here, EXP.ALL is not too useful. Few decks play with enough Basic Energy anyway, and those that do usually have a mechanism of attaching multiple energy quickly (Blastoise). Also, this format contains Energy Removal, which limits the successful use of this Pokemon Tool even further. Not to mention that a Pokemon having EXP.ALL attached cannot have Focus Band attached, so it becomes a huge Gust bait for the opponent. 1/5

Modified: As I said before, in Modified it has its uses, but most of the time it is still overlooked, and other, more powerful, cards, are played instead. It helps that this format barely plays Pokemon Tools (although this will probably change with the release of Unseen Forces), but basically, EXP.ALL is not good enough in most decks, especially those that don’t contain enough Basic Energy in the first place. 2/5

Limited: It’s a great card in Limited. Basic Energy is played in abundance in Limited, of course, and saving one for one of your Benched Pokemon never hurts, and could actually prove decisive. 4.5/5
Travis EXP. ALL

Background: EXP. ALL is one of those cards that’s useful, yet hard to fit in a deck due to there being other more useful trainers. EXP. ALL allows you to essentially get a free energy attachment if your active Pokemon is KO’ed. And since more decks these days run lower counts of energy (15 is common), it can save you if you are in an energy draught or running low.


Unlimited: 1/5: Not worth it. There are better Poke Tools and trainers to use.

Modified: 3.5/5: EXP.ALL is useful, just hard to fit in. It’s surprising more decks don’t use this useful card.

Limited: 4/5: As usual, use any trainers you can get. This trainer is somewhat limited by the fact that most limited decks are energy-heavy, but EXP.ALL is still useful.

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