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Pojo's Pokemon Card of the Day


Crystal Shard - EX Deoxys


Date Reviewed: 02.22.05

Ratings & Reviews Summary
Unlimited: 1.6
Modified: 4
Limited: 3.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Johnny Blaze
Crystal Shard – Today we are reviewing one of those cards that is reprinted back form the Wizards day – Crystal Shard.  It saw a lot of play then and continues to see a lot of play now.  This tool essentially turns your Pokemon into a Colorless type when it attacks.  Notice that Crystal Shard stays attached and only gets discarded when that Pokemon attacks. 
Crystal Shard is a great way to nail those Pokemon with Colorless weakness such as Rayquaza.  Not only that but Crystal Shard can make your Water Pokemon colorless to get through Water resistance on say Bellosom anyone? 
Unlimited: 2/5 – Mainly for techage here.   
Modified: 4/5 - Without this card, Salamence decks would be so uber-powerful.  Thanks for reprinting this card.  Also a great way to get through resistances.
Limited: 3.5/5 – With a lot of Rayquaza’s and Dragon Pokemon, Crystal Shard is a definite pull even if you include 1 in your 40 card deck.  It saw play in mine and I won 2 different matches by ko’ing their Rayquaza in 1 and then in another match I beat a Shining Latios by using Crystal Shard.


Name: Crystal Shard

Set: EX Deoxys

Rarity: Uncommon

Type: Trainer

Subtype: Pokémon Tool

Text: Attach Crystal Shard to 1 of your Pokémon that doesn’t already have a Pokémon Tool attached to it.  If that Pokémon is Knocked Out, discard this card.


As long as this card is attached to a Pokémon, that Pokémon’s type is (C).  If that Pokémon attacks, discard this card at the end of the turn.


Due to a shortage of time, I will forgo most of my normal formatting.


This is a Pokémon Tool, and as you can only have one such card attached to a single Pokémon at a time, it’s rare to see more than a few copies in a deck, let alone a few different types.  As such, Crystal Shard must be very useful or it will be very rarely played.


It does.  Crystal Shard has the advantage of not going away until you have attacked, which will usually be to your advantage.  The effect will usually be used to either bypass Resistance or take advantage of Weakness.  In Modified, several prominent cards are Weak to Colorless Pokémon, and this is the key to taking said Pokémon down quickly.  Bypassing Resistance is also nice, however the most Resisted types, Psychic and Fighting, have a Stadium to take care of that problem, plus several of those Colorless Weak Pokémon are also Resistant to one or both of those types.  Be careful not to attach this if it looks like Gengar ex or EX Deoxys Sableye are in a deck: both of those cards are Colorless Resistant, and I have seen careless individuals mess up with Shard in that instance.


There is very little competition (outside of some very, very deck specific combos) for Crystal Shard in Modified: Strength Charm is the only other Pokémon Tool that sees wide play.  In Unlimited, though, we have several much better options, like Focus Band and Gold Berry.




Unlimited: 1.5/5-Don’t use it unless your main attack a) you really face a lot of Resistance, b) you are not a Fighting- or Psychic-type, and c) you need to keep your own Resistance intact (ruling out some other options).


Modified: 4/5-Some of the strongest decks have Colorless Weak Pokémon.  This is the easiest way to exploit that, and there are few better choices for Pokémon Tools.  Getting around Resistance tends to be a nice bonus.


Limited: 3/5-Most of the time it won’t be too useful.  Still, there is some Colorless Weakness to exploit and Resistance to get around.  Just be careful if they drop Sableye. ;)


Jaeger Todays Card of the Day is Crystal Shard (85/107) from Deoxys.

-Get around Resistance
-Does double damage to anything weak to colorless (Dark Dragionite, Rayquaza, etc.) and can be used for easy KO them

-Useless against a deck thats not weak to colorless or does not have a resistance to you.

Summary: I'd say about 25% and up of the decks you will see in tournament play will be Dark Dragionite and about 50% of the decks you play against Crystal Shard will come in handy and if they don't just throw them away with TV Reporter, just don't go crazy and run to many most decks will do fine with 1-2 Crystal Shard any more then that they will start to be bad draws and you will get them instead of more important stuff.

Unlimited 1.5/5

Modified 4/5

Limited 3.5/5

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