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When looking for matches, look for only one color at a time. Don't look at the whole puzzle.
If you are near the top and have found a combo/chain, increase the stack till the blocks are jumping, then, complete the chain/combo are a large stop!

After you get the basics, start looking for cambo of 4 and 5. They should just line up, but you must move them in the proper order. Do the sides first, then the inside ones, and finally the middle. You should be able to see these just jump out at you after a while. Use these at you advanage!
The next level is making simple (skill)chains. These are chains of 2 and maybe three. They are a bit harder, but if you go to the Mansion and play Very Easy (Which is very fun, I got a 15 chain there!). Consider this your homework. You're not doing anything really fun, but it'll help you in the long run.

After you master these simple tips, you should be ready for the (Very)hard mode in vs. However the Very Hard mode is...Well very hard. Tracy is a tough CPU to play against. So is Gary 2nd. But you'll be playing Gary a WHOLE lot, I tell you.

After you beat the very hard mode, you may get to play the SUPER Hard mode. This one is just simply impossible. Gary 1st will whip you couple times! If anyone finds a way to beat this mode tell me!

- CGChewie


Dear Readers:

Iím giving you some tips for the N64 game Pokemon Puzzle League.

Tip1:Practice makes perfect. Try practicing on Marathon so you can get much better on combos and chains.

Tip2:Never give up. The outcome of the game can change at anytime.

Tip3:Chains are much more important to learn than combos.In a vs. battle, chains are much more powerful than combos.

Tip4:Before going on to the Very Hard mode,try doing the Hard mode a few more times so that you can be even more powerful.

Tip5:If you have two controls, go to the Pokemon Center and chose options.Then go to the CPU option and put a difficulty from 1-10(10 being the hardest).Then go to 2P stadium and play against the computer.

Trick:If youíre trying to go a whole mode without getting a single loss,try this trick.If at anytime you do lose,when the computer asks if you want to try again,say no.Then return to 1P stadium and continue your game.Now it will be like you never lost.

These tips and tricks really helped me beat the Very Hard mode and the Super Hard mode pretty easily.I hope they help you to.

- Anthony White

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